UK Visa for Turkish Businesspersons and Workers

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Turkish Businessperson Visa

For Turkish citizens who want to open a new business, or to direct an existing business in the UK.

This visa is given for 1 year and it can be extended for 3 additional years. The application cannot be done earlier than 3 months before the planned travel.

With this visa a holder can bring their dependents, can switch to this visa from another one while being in the UK, and can apply for ILR (settlement permission) after living in the UK for at least 5 continuous years with this visa (if also met other criteria, i.e. did not break visa rules).

Persons who apply for this visa can enjoy benefits such as opening a new business in the UK or managing an existing one.

A person applying for this visa must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Must pass general grounds for refusal;
  • Is truthful about their reason to apply for the visa;
  • Has the needed money to open a business;
  • Has the needed money to cover their portion of costs for directing a business;
  • Is expected to have enough portion of profit from directing a business so to cover their own costs and of their dependents (without having to use public funds or get another job);
  • Is ready to constantly direct the business;
  • The business they seek to open, is in demand in the UK

Required documents for Turkish Businessperson Visa

Documents to apply for a Turkish Businessperson Visa are:

  • A valid passport or travel document;
  • Documents to confirm the needed maintenance (money) to support himself without needing to get public money; Evidence that you will be able to maintain yourself financially, as well as any dependant, for your whole stay. Generally, a bank statement or pay slips from the recent 6 months are required.
    Each visa has its own required fixed amount of money that the candidate must prove having for living costs when applying for a visa.
  • Documents to confirm living costs
  • Documents of transferring money to relatives in a foreign country
  • Utility bills;
  • Rent agreement;
  • Council tax statement;
  • Bank statement
  • Documents to confirm maintenance (money) for themselves and any dependent for the period of stay in the UK
  • Police certificate for himself and any dependent (taken once in the UK);
  • Documents to confirm the intention to open or direct a business in the UK
  • The business plan;
  • Documents to confirm possessing the building for the business;
  • Partnership agreements
  • Insurance agreements;
  • Business accounts;
  • Documents from HM Revenue and Customs;
  • Documents to confirm the needed education and experience related to the business they will open or run;
  • Documents to confirm the needed money for investment
    • Foreign bank statement;
    • Foreign money transfer;
    • Bank credit;
    • Money from someone else
    • Bank statement or other financial documents;
    • Legal documents to confirm their part in investment
  • Legal document with terms of engagement in the business

There is no money involved to apply for this visa.

For Turkish citizens working in the UK for a minimum 1 year as the husband or wife of a British citizen or one settled to work without any limitation, as someone holding a work permit, as someone who is a student in the UK (with the permission to work 20 hrs. per week during the semester period and indefinite hrs. during semester breaks).

How long can you stay in the UK with this visa?

This visa is given:

  • For 2 years (only if working for the same employer they worked before, and if having a work experience in the UK of 1 up to 3 years);
  • For 1 year (only if working same job position, not necessarily the same employer, and if having a work experience in the UK of 3 up to 4 years);
  • For up to 3 years (not necessarily the same job or the same employer, and only if having a work experience in the UK of 4 years or more)

With this visa, a holder cannot settle in the UK permanently.

Turkish Worker Visa

This visa allows the holder to include any dependents (partner or a child younger than 18) who are within (switch from another visa to this one as a dependent) or out of the UK. In addition, a holder of another visa can switch to this one.

Required documents to apply for a Turkish Worker Visa

Documents to apply for the Turkish Worker Visa are:

The main applicant:

  • A valid passport with a visa to work in the UK, or other valid travel document;
  • Two passport sized photographs;
  • Documents to confirm your earlier work experience in the UK, displaying the receipt of the salary from the employer (for the entire period of work)
  • Pay slips;
  • Bank statements
  • A letter from the host family (if being an au pair)


  • A valid passport or a travel document;
  • Two passport sized photographs;
  • Certificate of marriage, or documents to confirm living together for minimum 2 years (for a partner);
  • Birth certificate (for a child);
  • Documents to confirm that the dependent child is permanently living with you
  • Bank statements;
  • Utility bills;
  • NHS letters showing the address
  • Maintenance (money) to cover costs of living and accommodation for dependent (s)
  • Bank statements;
  • Pay slips
  • Police registration certificate;
  • Written permission from the other parent (when the child is younger than 18 and when having a single legal responsibility for the child)