Additional Clarifications about UK visas

Information about the terms used throughout the UK visa applications

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General clarifications

  • If the submitted documents are not considered a trustworthy evidence – the staff in charge for evaluation of visa application will not give the candidate their needed application points, or, the staff can refuse to evaluate the application, in case it does not the general grounds for refusal (yet, a reconsideration of this decision can follow later on);
  • The candidate should attend the visa interview under the agreed circumstances;
  • When the candidate fails to give documents such as the criminal record certificate or other official letters  – the evaluating officer can require from the candidate to send them in 28 days from that day;
  • Specific visa documents or information in addition can be required by the candidate – as it will be needed to evaluate the visa application (depending on candidate’s circumstances) and they should be submitted to the visa authority in charge within 28 days after the request;
  • Eligible certificates of criminal record – are those that are issued six months before the visa application, or within the valid period of such document;
  • The date of the application – generally, for those applying from outside the UK is considered the date the candidate pays the application fee, while, for those applying from inside the UK is the date the home office receives your application by post;
  • Leave – is the other word used for the permission (Visa) to enter or stay in the UK;
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) – is called the permanent residence permit, or settlement permission, allowing the holder to stay in the UK for an unrestricted period;
  • Leave to Remain (LR) – is called the visa to stay in the UK temporarily;
  • Entry Clearance (EC) – is the visa to enter in the UK from outside;
  • Extension of visa – is the visa application to stay in the UK for longer periods (to lengthen their stay in the UK), before the end of the existing visa;
  • Switch of visa– is the application from inside the UK to change the existing visa category to another visa category;
  • The entry clearance officer – is the person in charge to make the examination of the visa application for EC;
  • The secretary of state – is the person in charge to make the examination of the visa applications for leave to remain and indefinite leave to remain;
  • The home office – is the ministerial department of the UK, which deals with national issues related to immigration, law and order, as well as to national security.

Parents’ or Legal Guardian Letters

When the candidate is under the age of 18 one parent, both or the legal guardian must give in writing both of the following letters:

  • The support letter – The approval for their child visa application.
  • The consent letter – The approval to cover costs of their child for traveling, arrival and maintenance in the UK.

Accompanying documents with letters:

 The birth certificate with the names of candidate’s parent(s),

  • The certificate of adoption with the names of the candidate’s parent(s) or legal guardian,
  • The court verdict with the candidate’s legal guardian.

Such documents must be original or notarized copies.

Letters for Child’s Care in the UK

When a foster carer or a relative will be taking care of the candidate while in the UK, the following letters should be provided to show that the child would be taken care from an authorized person in the UK:

Carer’s consent letter

The approval to cover costs of their child for traveling, arrival and maintenance in the UK. The letter should include identification and contact information of the carer, the UK address of the visa candidate and the confirmation that the accommodation is a private type not a hostel or hotel, relationship type between candidate’s parents or legal guardian with the carer, the consent to cover all needed costs of the candidate, including the intent to provide to the candidate £570 per each month for mostly nine months of stay, to cover their study and living and accommodation costs, and other money to cover other costs as they may arise.

Parent’s or Legal Guardian approval letter

Through this letter, parents or legal guardians must express their approval to the care offered for their child, the relationship between parents or legal guardian with the carer, the address where their child will stay, guardian’s passport, travel document or certificate of neutralization which shows that carer is settled in the UK.

Permission from private foster Carer’s UK local authority

If the candidate is about to stay in a private foster care arrangement with the local authority in the UK should give the approval for that first.

If the candidate is below 16, they must also have:

  • Parents’ approval letter for letting their child to be under the arrangement of a private foster carer;
  • The UK local authority confirmation of notification of receiving the foster care arrangement 

Documents to Confirm Education

Documents accepted to confirm the candidate’s education level are:

  • Awarding certificate of the qualification – Original not a copy, holding candidate’s name and their given title and date of the award, and the name of the awarding educational institution) – for the graduated candidates;
  • An academic reference from the university and the academic transcript – Are accepted if the candidate has finished all exams, and expects to undergo the graduation ceremony. The academic reference should include the candidate’s name, date and title of the award, name of the awarding institution, the approval that the candidate was given a title, the estimated graduation date, or, confirmation that the certificate cannot be reproduced by the institution;
    • The academic transcript should include the candidate’s name, name of the awarding institution, and title of each course and confirmation of the award;
  • The academic reference from the university – In some exceptional cases, when the candidate holds a qualification in important research fields (i.e. Ph.D. as a doctor) – if failing to give the original graduation certificate, the evidence must be solely the academic reference (not combined with the academic transcript).
  • The aforementioned (some or all) and a NARIC Letter of comparability (confirming the equality of the foreign university degree with that of the UK)

If the candidate took the university degree from a foreign institution

  • The aforementioned (some or all) and a letter from a respective UK professional authority (confirming the equality of the foreign professional degree with that of the UK) – Original not a copy, if the candidate took a professional or vocational degree from a foreign institution, holding the name of the received qualification, the country where this institution is placed, as well as confirmation about the qualification equivalence with UK level).

Certified Documents

Visa candidates are asked to provide copies of the documents that are certified as true copies of the original.

They must give to the certifying individual the original and copy of the document for certification.

The certified document must contain the mark “certified to be a true copy of the original seen by me”, together with the name, signature and contact details of the certifier.

Certification can be made by a lawyer or notary, member of local government council, bank or financial institution, minister of religion, a doctor, a teacher or professor, or other respected figure in the community with which the candidate does not have a relation either as a neighbor, partner, relative or else.

Documents whose copies must be certified are:

  • Passports;
  • Driving licenses;
  • Governmental letters;
  • Regular monthly bills;
  • Bank or other financial institutions’ statements or credit card statements;
  • Medical letters 

Payment of Visa Fee

Each visa has its own visa application fee that differs depending on the candidate’s situation (i.e. If the application is made from outside or inside the UK).

The payment should be made in the amount required in the application form of specific visa category, and in a form as requested. 

Medical Certificate

If the candidate claims they want to go to the UK for medical care, they need to first get a medical certificate from a medical instructor.

Documents to Confirm Maintenance (Money)

Evidence that you will be able to maintain yourself financially, as well as any dependant, for your whole stay

Generally, a bank statement or pay slips from the recent 6 months are required.

Each visa has its own required fixed amount of money that the candidate must prove having for living costs when applying for a visa. 

Translated Documents in English or Welsh

To apply for a UK visa the candidate should have visa documents provided in English or Welsh language. If originally the issuing authority does not provide documents in any of such languages, they must be translated.

Translation must be made by a translation company and must be certified.

To certify a translated document the translation company should put in the document the mark “a true and accurate translation of the original document”, the name and contact details of the representing translator of the company, signature and stamp as well as the date of the translation. 

The Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS)

The candidate is often obliged to cover the payment of the immigration health surcharge as a part of the UK visa application, the amount of which can vary depending on the candidate’s situation and the leave they is applying for.

The candidate needs to pay the IHS when booking the visa appointment, if submitting your visa application through a premium service center. The reference number of the payment of their must be included in the visa application form you will submit later.

Visa application can be submitted in person at a premium service center (PSC) – if the candidate is in the UK, or using super priority services outside of the UK.

Documents to Confirm Legal Departures From the UK

Accepted documents that prove the candidate has left the UK during their visa period, only upon the authorization are:

  • An employer explanation letter– if the candidate is an employee in the UK;
  • A personal explanation letter – if the candidate is self-employed, establishing a business, or, in search for a job in the UK;
  • A personal explanation letter (with medical certificates, birth/death certificates, or else) – in other cases than the aforementioned

The Endorsement Letter for Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent)

The letter proves that the candidate is qualified either as an exceptional talent or as a premise. Such letter is required when applying for a Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent). Such a letter is issued only by an authorized body from the home office and is given only to the candidates who can meet the related criteria.

Documents to Confirm Previous Earnings (Incomes)

Accepted forms to confirm the money that the candidate has generated in a period of twelve consecutive months, right before the application.

For the earnings generated by the candidate within the period of their absence in the workplace, the following documents must be presented:

  • Birth or adoption certificate – If the candidate’s absence is because of an adoption, or, the birth of a child, or, a shared parental care;
  • A confirming letter of absence from the employer and/or pay slips or other payment or remittance document – If the aforementioned documents cannot be provided for such cases of absence;
  • Other documents – In other cases, when the candidate for any rational reason cannot give any of the above evidences, the following documents are accepted as a substitute:
    • Official adoption documents;
    • Related medical documents;
    • Any official birth related extract;

These documents will only be accepted if they will be original, and if they have the following elements included: the name of the issuing authority, the name of the candidate, official letterheads, official stamps, dates and other relevant related information. Non-formal and personal documents are not given a consideration.

Recognized earnings

Recognized earnings are:

  • Earnings from a paid part-time job, paid full-time job, self-employment, temporary job, short-term job;
  • Earnings from business operations;
  • Earnings received in the period of absence in maternity, shared parental or child adoption;
  • Allowances for accommodation, education (maintenance) – only if they are not given to recompense money spent earlier by the candidate;
  • The dividend of the candidate – if the candidate is a shareholder and active day-to-day management of a business;
  • Rental incomes – only if this is part of the business of the applicant;
  • Earnings from in lieu of notice;

Any of the aforementioned earning must be supported through at least two different types of the document and in the amount as declared.

A document that is issued by an accountant or accountancy firm can be accepted only if the accountant is a qualified chartered accountant, or is certified and member of a registered accountancy institution.

Profits (earnings) that candidate made in the UK, should be documented by an accountant or accountancy firm in the UK, where both should be members of a recognized supervisory institution.

Necessary documents to confirm earnings

Documents to confirm earnings of the candidate are:

  • Pay slips – Original and formal, issued by the employer;
  • Candidate’s personal bank statements – Original, issued by the bank, showing the receipt of the amount of the declared payment;
  • Confirmation letter from the employer – An official letter from the employer, which tells that the candidate was given the declared payment, by citing the amount, date and the employing company credentials;
  • A tax-related letter – Issued by a tax authority or the employer, stating earnings based on the tax paid or to be paid/per tax year;
  • Dividend vouchers – Issued by the business where the candidate is daily active in management, stating the amount of dividend, both gross and net given to the candidate;
  • Accountant’s letter – For self-employed candidates, issued by the accountant of candidate, confirming that the candidate has created the declared amount of incomes through self-employment activity;
  • Accountant’s invoice clarifications or payment extracts – Issued by the accountant of the candidate, including an analysis of the candidate’s gross payment and dividend payments;
  • Business accounts – Indicating the net profit created;
  • Business bank statements – Issued by the bank on behalf of the employer, indicating the amount of the salary the company paid to the candidate;
  • Invoices – In cases when the candidate submits bank statements and an accountant’s invoice clarification, they should also include referring original invoices;
  • Applicant’s national insurance bill – If paid by bill right before the application;
  • Evidence of direct debit payment of national insurance – The candidate has to provide the bank statement, which reveals that the candidate has paid the insurance through a direct debit;
  • Small earnings exception certificate – Issued by HM revenue & customs – in case the candidate has low earnings;
  • Letter of welcome from HM revenue & customs – Issued by HM revenue & customs to prove the candidate is a self-employer is a subject to corporation tax;

Note:Other documents or information might be required

Criminal Record Certificate

Candidates of the age of 18 and over must show having a clear criminal record through a criminal record certificate.

Such certificate is an official document, issued by all countries where the candidate lived for twelve months or more, whether consecutively or in total (if candidate is 18 – over).

Exceptions are applied in case the secretary of state considers so, under the candidate’s special circumstances – by submitting an acceptable explanation letter.

Documents to Confirm a Relationship

Accepted documents for such evidence are the followings:

  • Original marriage, or, civil partnership certificate (if married or in a civil partnership) – including names and other personal information of both involved parties in the relationship;
  • List of documents to confirm a stable relationship (if unmarried or in same-sex relationship) – the evidence must include all the following documents for the period of last two  years from the application:
  • Joint bank statement, or, bank confirmation letter for a joint bank account (when partners have the same account that both partners use and have access to)

The document must have both names and other personal information of both partners;

  • Joint loan agreement;
  • Joint assets documents (deeds)

Documents that confirm that partners share the existing assets, business, investment, land or so on;

  • Official mails (such as electricity bill, gas, water, cable)

Documents that can convey the relation between partners;

  • Life insurance of the candidate’s partner;
  • Child (ren) birth certificate

Documents that confirm that both partners are parents of the child/ren – if relevant;

  • Joint rent agreement (for shared homes);
  • Any other relating evidence

Qualifying relationship is considered whichever of the aforementioned statuses that continues to exist the time the candidate submits the application. Other earlier relationships must have ended forever (for unmarried or same-sex relationships), while between same-sex partners should not be any close relation that prohibits them from marriage in the UK.

Active and Trading UK Registered Company

Is the name used for trading companies in the UK that are now operating in business, not dysfunctional or non-trading companies.

Bank Documents for Visa

Any bank document that the candidate needs to submit during visa application, issued by a bank of any country, must have the following mandatory elements:

  • Bank statements should include a 90 day period, ending no earlier than one calendar month before the date of visa application;
  • Bank statements need to be original documents and not copies, printed in an official bank note paper;
  • The bank must be regulated by the appropriate home regulator

Bank Statements should have these specific elements:

  • Name of the candidate – The name that is in the passport, and if the candidate has jointed-money the name in the passport of the partner;
  • Bank account number of the candidate;
  • Dates where statements are produced

Statements must be not more than one months older from application time

  • The full amount of money must be shown on each statement;
  • The bank official notepaper where the statements are printed must have information about the regulatory body of the bank;
  • The official bank supporting letter – for electronic bank statements, to support the content of such statements

Supporting Bank Letters for Visa

These documents are used as replacing proof (when the candidate cannot give bank statements). Letters must be official, original and issued by a bank that is regulated by a Home Regulator of specific country where the bank is.

The letter should have these elements:

  • Name of the candidate;
  • The amount of money owned by the candidate;
  • The date when the letter is produced;
  • Bank Activity of the last three months before the application;
  • Should represent an official document (as aforementioned);
  • Display information on the Regulatory Body of the Bank (in the official notepaper);
  • Confirmation that the bank supports the content of the letter

Recognized Financial Institutions

Candidates must confirm their ownership of the money to be invested, kept in one or more regulated financial institutions.

If the candidate has their money deposited in any financial institution that is not recognized by the home office, then any document issued by such institution will be ineligible.

Documents to Confirm the Equivalence of a Foreign Degree With That of UK

Typically, the online calculator the UK Border Agency website provides information about the equivalence of foreign degree with that of the UK.

If not, the Original Letter or Certificate issued from NARIC must be provided.