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Complete guide to obtaining a business visa for Switzerland, the required documents, eligibility, and FAQs

Because Switzerland is part of the Schengen area, the Swiss business visa is one of the types of Schengen visas for Switzerland.

But not everyone needs a visa to travel to Switzerland for business. Some countries are exempt. If you are not sure whether you need a visa or how to apply for one, here are the answers to some of the most frequent Switzerland business visa questions.

Do I Need a Switzerland Business Visa?

If you want to travel to Switzerland for business purposes, you may need to apply for a Switzerland business visa. Before you start your Swiss business visa application, you should check if you have to apply for this visa beforehand.

Whether you need a Switzerland business visa depends on your country.

Since Switzerland is a Schengen-area member, all nationals from a Schengen-area country can travel there freely and without a visa.

Other groups of people who do not need a visa for entering Switzerland include nationals from an EU or EEA country.

Other than those, citizens from certain non-EU, EEA, or Schengen countries can also enter Switzerland without visa applying for a visa.

What are the Switzerland Business Visa Requirements?

The requirements for Switzerland visas depend a lot on the purpose of travel. So if you are traveling for business purposes, there will be a number of business-related requirements that may not be necessary for other types of visas.

The documents you will have to provide when you apply for a Switzerland business visa are:

  • A completed and signed Switzerland Business Visa application form.
  • Two pictures in accordance with the photo specifications for a Schengen visa.
  • Your valid passport. Along with photocopies of current (which must have a three-month validity period) and previous passports/other travel documents.
  • Travel medical insurance that covers your entire stay in Switzerland.
  • A cover letter that proves that the reason for going to Switzerland is for tourism or a short term visit.
  • Proof of civil status.
  • Evidence of sufficient financial means. You must provide at least 100 CHF or €92.34 per day for every day you spend in Switzerland.
  • Proof of paid Swiss Business visa application fees.
  • Proof of previous trade relations between the companies. (If applicable).
  • Business bank statements for the last six months.
  • Short profile of your workplace.
  • Invitation letter from your sponsor (The Swiss company you will visit). The invitation letter has to be written by the Swiss company that your company is partnered with.
    • It has to describe the business relationship between the companies.
    • It must also include the company’s details, address, the dates you will visit, and the meetings/conferences/training that you will attend while you are there.
  • Letter from your employer. It has to include confirmation you are an employer of the company, state your travel purposes and that you have permission to go on the trip.
    • Your employer’s letter must also state your position in the company, your salary, and the reason you will be leaving for the business trip to Switzerland.
    • Other than that, it should also state the date when you are expected to return.
  • Coverage of expenses.
    • If your sponsor will be covering your expenses, they have to state this on their invitation letter.
    • If your employer will be covering the expenses of your trip, they must state this in their letter as well.
    • They must also attach bank statements along with their letter.

Keep in mind: The Swiss authorities have the right to ask for any additional documents that they see as necessary before processing your application.

Switzerland Business Visa Application Steps

You can submit your Switzerland business visa application at the Swiss embassy or consulate in your country. If your country does not have a Swiss embassy or consulate, then you have to submit your application to the embassy/consulate of the Schengen country they have outsourced visa submissions to.

The application process for a Switzerland business visa goes as follows:

  1. Book a Switzerland business visa appointment. You cannot simply show up at the Swiss embassy/consulate.
  2. Download, fill in and sign the Swiss visa business application form.
  3. Gather the required documents for a Business visa to Switzerland.
  4. Show up to the Swiss embassy/consulate in person to submit your application.
  5. Enter the visa interview.
  6. Pay the Swiss business visa fee.
  7. Wait for your application to be processed.

When Will I Be Notified About my Swiss Business Visa Application?

If you receive your Swiss business visa, you will get a visa sticker on your passport which states the validity of the visa and when you can enter the country.

If your application is rejected, you will get a rejection letter. It states the reason why your application was declined, whether you are eligible to appeal the decision or not, and, if you are, informs you how to file an appeal.

How Long is the Switzerland Business Visa Valid for?

The Switzerland business visa, just like other Swiss Schengen visa types, is valid for a maximum of 90 days within a six-month frame.

There are single-, double-, and multiple-entry Schengen Business visas for Switzerland, so depending on the type, you can enter and leave the Schengen area accordingly. Even if you receive a multiple-entry visa, the total amount of days that you can stay in Switzerland (or other Schengen countries) on all combined entries cannot be longer than 90 days.

If you have a single-entry visa, you cannot re-enter after leaving, even if you did not spend all the days you were issued.

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