List of visa fees that you need to pay to apply for a Spain visa.

When applying for a Spain visa, to either visit the country or settle here temporarily or permanently, you will need to pay a fee. The Spain visa fee must be paid in order for an application to be processed.

The visa costs for Spain differ, depending on the visa type you are applying for, your age, and a few other more specific factors.  In addition to the visa fee payment, you will also need to pay a fee to the visa application center.

Following in this article, find a list of all Spanish visa fees and the exempt categories.

Spain Short-Stay Visa Fees

If you are traveling to Spain for a short-term visit, and you need to apply for a Spain Schengen visa, then you will most probably need to pay the fee.

Spain Schengen visa fees are as follows:

  • Adults need to pay a fee of €80.
  • Minors under the age of 12 years old need to pay a fee of €40.
  • Children under 6 years of age are exempt from the visa fee.

In addition, the nationals of several countries also pay lower visa fees due to reciprocal agreements with the EU. Some other categories are exempt from paying the fee at all due to their purpose of the application. Check our article on Schengen visa fees for a full list of these categories.

Spain Long-Stay Visa Fees

On the other side, if you are applying for a long-stay visa to Spain, you will need to pay other fees, which are higher than the short-stay visa fees.

The Spanish long-stay visa fees are as follows:

 Visa typeFee for USA citizensFee for Canadian CitizensFee for Other nationalities
Student Visa€141€83€80
Employed Work Visa€167€100€80
Residency (Non-Lucrative)€123€507€80
Family Reunion€123€507€80
Work Visa Except from Work Permit€123€507€80
Religious Activities€123€507€80
Self Employed Work Visa€238€674€80
New Entrepreneurial Law 14/2013€167€100€80

Where Should I Pay the Spain Visa Fee?

Payment methods for a Spain visa application differ from one country to the other. It all depends on how Spain has regulated visa submission in your country of residence.

In most countries, you will need to pay the fee at the consulate or visa application center, wherever you are submitting your application. They accept only money order or cashier’s check. Personal checks, credit cards, and debit cards are not accepted.

When Should I Pay the Spain Visa Fee?

In most countries, you will have to pay the fee on the day of your visa appointment. Yet, in several others, i.e. in Morocco, you will need to pay the fee on the day you make a visa appointment, or your appointment will be canceled.

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