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List of all the documents that are required when applying for a Slovak visa, and guidelines of the documents

Before applying for a Slovakia visa, compiling all the documents on the application checklist is mandatory. A completed application with all documents will increase your chance of getting your visa approved. Remember that you may also be required to submit additional documents depending on the type of visa you are applying for. Additionally, the embassy or visa center reserves the right to ask you for additional documents as they see fit. 

What Are The Requirements for a Slovakia Visa?

To apply for a Slovakia visa, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Slovakia visa application form.
  • Passport. 
  • Two passport-sized photos.
  • Cover letter.
  • Flight ticket information.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Proof of accommodation in Slovakia.
  • Means of subsistence.
  • Payment of Slovakia visa fee.

Slovakia visa application form

The application form for a Slovakia visa contains 32 questions. You can fill out the application form at the embassy or consulate where you apply for the visa. If for any reason, you can not go to pick up a physical copy of the application, you can find the online visa application form on the official webpage of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic. After filling out the online version, you must print it for submission.

The Slovakia visa application form contains four sections:

  1. Personal Information Questions
  2. Travel Information
  3. Invitation Information
  4. Date and Signature

Prepare beforehand how to fill in the visa application form to avoid making any mistakes. 


Your passport must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have at least six months of validity at the time of your visa application.
  • Must not be older than ten years.
  • Must be valid for at least three months after your Slovakia visa expires.
  • Must have two blank pages for stamping.

Two passport-sized photos

The required photos you submit must meet the Schengen visa photo requirements as follows

  • Your pictures must not be older than six months.
  • The photo format should be 35 x 40 mm.
  • The background should be white, with no distracting objects behind you.
  • The photos should be in color.
  • Your face needs to cover 80% of the photograph.
  • You need to have a neutral facial expression.
  • You need to look at the camera directly.
  • You need to cover your tattoos.
  • You must keep your eyes open.
  • Do not cover your face with hair.
  • Colored eye lenses are forbidden. 
  • Avoid accessories that cover your face (hats, sunglasses, etc.) unless for religious purposes.
  • If you wear glasses, avoid flash reflection or remove them.

Visa Photo Requirement for Children

There are specific guidelines you can follow to take pictures of your child depending on your age: 

  • Children under six months old— are allowed to be photographed lying down or sitting on a baby chair. Do not use a colorful background or show your hands holding the baby.
  • Children under five years old— the eye color must be visible for children under five. They are not required to look straight at the camera or have neutral facial expressions.
  • Children under 12 years old— must look straight at the camera, and their forehead and hairline should be visible.

Cover letter

The application process requires you to write a cover letter to the embassy or consulate of Slovakia, and it must include the following information:

  • The reason for your visit.
  • The date of your arrival and departure.
  • An itinerary of your activities.
  • The place you will accommodate.
  • If you plan on visiting other Schengen countries.
  • Your employment status.
  • The reason if there are any of the required documents missing.

Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, you might be required to include additional information. Look at sample cover letters to get more information about each type of visa. 

Flight ticket information

A flight ticket will prove that you have booked or paid for a flight seat— your flight ticket contains:

  • Your first, and last name
  • A flight name
  • A reservation number or Booking ID
  • Arrival and Departure date
  • Airport IATA codes
  • The price of your ticket
  • Details of any connecting flights (if applicable)

Travel insurance

Travel health insurance is mandatory for anyone who wants to apply for Slovak Schengen visaand must meet the following:

  • It should cover at least €30,000 for medical expenses and emergency evacuation.
  • It should be valid in all countries of the Schengen Zone.
  • It should be valid for the entire duration of time you are in Europe.

Note: If you don’t have an insurance policy, the embassy or consulate will reject your application

What Should a Travel Insurance Plan Cover?

Basic travel insurance for your Slovakia visa must include:

  • Cost of medical treatments (doctor visits, hospitalization, surgery, etc.)
  • Cost of repatriation or evacuation (severe illness or accident)
  • Trip cancellation 
  • Flight delay
  • Loss/theft of baggage
  • Personal liability abroad

Proof of accommodation in Slovakia

On your visa application process, you will be required to submit proof of accommodation to the embassy or consulate. This means that you have to prove you have a place to stay/live or can afford a place to live in Slovakia— the following documents serve as proof of accommodation:

  • Hotel booking or reservation
  • Host invitation (family, friends, relatives):
  • Rental contract:
  • Confirmation by tour coordinator:

Means of subsistence

Means of subsistence is a document that serves as proof you have sufficient funds for your trip, and that you can support yourself financially during your stay in Slovakia. In order for foreign nationals to enter the territory of the Slovak Republic, they must be able to spend an amount of 56€ per day during their stay. You must carry the document proving sufficient financial means for the period stated in the visa because the border might request it.

Some ways to show you have enough money to support your stay in Slovakia include:

  • Traveller’s cheques.
  • Bank account statement confirming regular income for the period of the past 6-12 months  (salary, retirement pension).

Payment of Slovakia visa fee 

The Slovakia visa fees list is presented below. The visa fee payment is made at the diplomatic mission where you apply and is non-refundable. Paying the fee doesn’t mean that your visa will be granted.

Category FEE (EUR)
Schengen visa application 80 
Children between the age of 6 – 12 years 40 
National of a third country which has concluded a visa facilitation agreement with the European Union 35 
National of Ukraine, Russian Federation or Belarus (if the visa is to be issued in an accelerated procedure) 70
National visa necessary in connection to a residence permit 60
National visas with granted residence permit 10
Children younger than 6 years old FREE
The spouse of a Slovak citizen FREE
EU citizen’s spouse FREE
Students, pupils, postgraduate students, and accompanying teachers who travel or training or study FREE
Researchers FREE

Slovakia Visa Requirements For Minors

The requirements for underage children are:

  • The birth certificate of the minor
  • Proof of parent’s regular income 
  • Consent of the parent or legal guardian to independent traveling of the child

Parents or legal guardian should submit the above-mentioned documents or accompany the child.

Slovakia Visa Document Guidelines

The document guidelines for a Slovakia visa are as follows:

  • Original documents must be submitted with a photocopy.
  • All documents must be in English or Slovak or translated into English by a certified translator.
  • The following documents must have an apostille stamp (to be recognized internationally)
    • Birth certificate
    • Marriage certificate
    • Death certificate
    • Powers of attorney
    • University (any academic) diplomas
    • Business registration
    • Court orders

What if I Don’t Have All The Documents When I Apply?

If you don’t have all the documents when applying for a Slovakia visa, your application will most likely be rejected. However, depending on the embassy or consulate they might contact you and ask you to submit the rest of the documents. But, you’re still highly encouraged to receive a full list of the required documents from the embassy and submit them correctly the first time. 

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