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A Transit Visa is not required for as long as you remain in the transit zone of the airport to catch a connecting flight or an onward flight within 24 hours of arrival.

Transit Visas are valid for 3 days when travelling by air, whereas 10 days if travelling by train!

Make sure you check with your travel agent or airline if you will stay in the same terminal or transit zone to catch a connecting flight in order to understand whether you need a transit visa or not.

*Note: Passengers travelling to and from Belarus through the Russian Federation must obtain the transit Russian visa irrespectively of the length of stay in the airport!

Additional Documents Required for Russian Transit Visa:

Except for the general documents required, you will also need to attach:

  • A covering letter explaining the purpose and routes of journey, accompanied with the photocopy of the car registration certificate (details upon the owner and vehicle) in case you are travelling by car. The average daily distance that you cover by car should not be less than 500 km.
  • A valid visa to the country you want to enter after transit through Russia.