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According to Article 13/2 of the Federal Law No 86 of May 19, 2010 “The Alteration in the Federal Law”, “Legal position of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation” and other legislative acts of the Russian Federation since July 1st, 2010, Russian Consulates will receive applications and will also grant visas to foreign citizens that claim to be highly skilled specialists, in accordance with the following:

A foreign citizen can apply to a Russian Consulate with the intention to work as a highly skilled specialist in the Russian Federation.

The application form should be filled in the Russian language, legibly handwritten or printed. The information about the applicant will then be placed on the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation website.

The following information must be provided in the application form:

  • Passport data in Russian and in Latin letters (as are in the passport),
  • Information that confirms the experience of the foreign citizen – skills or achievements in a specific field
  • Application should contain recommendations if any, that will confirm expert knowledge and qualification
  • All names should be written in full, without any corrections or abbreviations
  • The visa will be granted based on the invitation by an employer or a sponsor to enter the Russian Federation

The invitation by employer or sponsor should contain:

  • A job vacancy that the invited is supposed to fill, accompanied by the conditions of labor and social support
  • The name of the person invited, date of birth, gender, passport number, and citizenship
  • The full name of the legal entity (employer or contractor)
  • Legal actual address of the employer
  • Taxpayer number and Tax Registration Code
  • Primary state registration number also known as PSRN
  • If employer is a branch or a representative office of a foreign company in the Russian Federation, then information on registration should be provided
  • Expected date of entry and itinerary in the Russian Federation
  • Signed by the director or his deputy, sealed and certified by the legal entity
  • The highly skilled migrant should present a one-month bank statement with a current balance of minimum 6000 €

Upon arrival in the Russian Federation:

  • Signing of the contract will provide the highly skilled migrant with a multiple entry work visa.
  • Visas for the family members of a highly skilled migrant are issued based on the existing procedure; the original visa support letter issued by the Federal Migration Service branch.
  • In case of no contract concluded, then the migrant has to leave the Russian Federation before expiry date of the Business Visa.