Costs of Netherlands visa and residence permit applications

In order to receive a Netherlands visa, you will have to apply for one at the appropriate Dutch embassy or consulate in your country. Some countries may not have to apply for a visa at all – see here to find out if your country does!

The requirements for a Dutch visa may vary based on the duration and purpose of stay but there is a standard set of documents everyone is required to provide.

Along with the required documents, everyone applying for a Dutch visa will have to pay a Netherlands visa fee. This fee is paid at the time of application and is non-refundable even if your application is rejected. However, some people, such as children under six years of age, may be exempt from paying a Dutch visa fee.

Netherlands Visa Fees

The short-stay Netherlands visa fees are the same as for all other Schengen area countries, though they may be subject to change based on exchange rates.

Currently, the Dutch visa fees are as follows:

Netherlands Schengen Visa Fees

Minor aged 6-12€40
Minor under 6 years oldFree
Family members of EU/EEA nationalsFree
Citizens of Georgia, Kosovo, Russia, and Ukraine35€
Students and teachers on a school tripFree
Holders of diplomatic/official/service passport on official visitFree
Academic researchers traveling for scientific research purposesFree

Depending on the case, visa fees may also not be required for people under 25 who are traveling to partake in non-profit organisational events.

Long-stay Netherlands visa fees

The long-stay Netherlands visa (MVV) fees are currently as follows:

Staying with a family member or partner (married or unmarried)€171
Minor traveling to stay with a parent€57
Staying with a family member who is a long-term EU resident or a long-term EU resident in another EU member stateAdults – €171


Minors – €57

Staying with a Turkish family member under the Association Agreement EG-TurkeyAdults – prices range from €57 to €66


Minors – prices range from €30  to €57

For all education levelsFirst application – €171


Long-term EU resident – €171

Au pair/Exchange programFirst application – €285


Long-term EU resident – €171

Association Agreement EG-Turkey residence permit with MVV – €66

Association Agreement EG-Turkey residence permit without MVV – €57

Working Holiday (WHS/WHP)First application – €57


Long-term EU resident – €171

Intra Corporate TransfereesFirst application – €285


ICT Mobility – €171

Highly skilled migrantFirst application – €285


Long-term EU resident – €171

EmploymentFirst application – €285


Long-term EU resident – €171

Job searching after end of studies, a promotion, or researchFirst application – €171


Long-term EU resident – €171

As a trainee or apprenticeFirst application – €285


Long-term EU resident – €171

Trainee or apprentice: Young Workers Exchange Program (YWEP)First application – €57


Long-term EU resident – €171

Cross-border service providerFirst application – €285


Long-term EU resident – €171

Seasonal laborFirst application – €171


Long-term EU resident – €171

As holder of a European blue cardFirst application – €285


Long-term EU resident – €171

Researcher under Directive (EU) 2016/801First application – €171


Long-term EU resident – €171

Working in connection with the ICC LebanonFirst application – €66
Work as (non-)privileged NATO personnel/Personnel JFCHQFree
Self-employedFirst application – €1348


Change in purpose of stay (after start up) – €361

Long-term EU resident – €361

Start upFirst application – €326


Change in purpose of stay (from self-employed) – €361

Association Agreement EC-TurkeyResidence permit with MVV – €66


Residence permit without MVV – €57

Foreign investor€2173
Temporary humanitarian purposesFree
Continued residence after temporary humanitarian purposes stay€382
Medical treatment€1033
Inability to leave the Netherlands€326
Re-entry before migrating back to native countryAdults – €57


Minors – €30

Long-term resident minors and their family members€164
Applying for verification against EU community lawAdults – €57


Minor – €30

Long-term resident EUAdults – €57


Minor – €30

Netherlands Permanent Residence Permit Fees

Permanent residence document EUAdults – €57


Minors – €30

Regular permanent residence and asylum/ long-term resident EUAdults – €171


Minors – €57

Adult Turkish citizen – €57

Minor Turkish citizen – €30

Five-year renewal residence document (adults) – €57

Five-year renewal residence document (minors) – €30

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