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Detailed list of documents that you need to submit to support your Ireland visa application, and guidelines of each document

If you want to travel to Ireland, depending on your country, you may be required to apply for an Ireland visa.

The Irish visa is a pre-entry requirement, which people from certain countries have to get in order to be allowed to travel to Ireland. In addition, after arriving, they have to get permission to stay from an Immigration Officer before they can enter Ireland. When you apply, you must have several documents to support your application.

Ireland Visa Requirements

When you submit an Ireland visa application, you must have the following documents:

  • Ireland Visa Application Form.
  • A valid passport.
  • Passport-sized pictures.
  • Proof you have paid the Ireland visa fee.
  • Proof of legal residence in the country from which you are applying.
  • Letter about your purpose of travel.
  • Proof of accommodation in Ireland.
  • Details of your family or friends in Ireland.
  • Details of previous visas.
  • Employment or study documents.
  • Proof of sufficient funds.
  • Proof you will return to your country.
  • A self-addressed, pre-paid envelope.

Ireland Visa Application Form

When you apply for an Ireland visa, you have to fill in an online application form via AVATS, the Irish Online Application facility. Upon completion, you have to print the application, sign it, and date it.

A valid passport

You must submit your original passport which:

  • Is valid for another six months starting from the date you intend to leave Ireland.
  • Has at least two blank visa pages.

In addition, you must also submit photocopies of the bio-data pages of your passport and any previously issued visas.

If this is not your first passport, you must include any other previous or existing passports in your application. If you cannot, include a letter explaining the reason why.


You have to include two passport-sized pictures of yourself, which:

Make sure the pictures meet the Ireland visa requirements, otherwise it could delay the processing time.

Proof You Have Paid the Ireland Visa Fee

When you submit the Ireland visa application, you must pay an Ireland visa processing fee. You have to include proof of payment if you are applying by post. If you are applying directly at an Irish Embassy or Consulate, you will pay in cash, therefore no proof of payment is required.

Learn more about Ireland visa fees here.

Proof of Legal Residence in the Country From Which You are Applying

You have to include documents that prove you are a legal resident in the country from which you are applying. You must also have the right to remain there for at least another three months starting from the date you leave Ireland.

Include a front and back photocopy of the document allowing your legal residence in said country (such as a residence card or a sticker/stamp).

Letter About Your Purpose of Travel

You have to write a detailed letter explaining the reason for which you are traveling to Ireland.  If you have any family and friends there, mention them in the letter as well, regardless of whether you are staying with them or not.

If you are traveling for business purposes or to attend a conference/training, also provide evidence.

Proof of Accommodation in Ireland

Depending on where you are staying for the duration of your trip, you have to include proof you have made a reservation. It must include your name, the dates in which you are staying, and the address of the venue.

Details of Your Family or Friends in Ireland

If you have been invited and will be staying with a friend/family member in Ireland, including the following:

Details of Previous Visas

If you have ever applied for an Irish visa before, you must include details of the application, even if they were refused.

Also include details of all other visas (from any country) that you were refused, as well as photocopies of any documents related to the refusal.

Employment or Study Documents

Depending on whether you are employed or a student, you must submit a letter from your employer/school which:

  • Is written on a headed letter and includes their contact details (name, address, phone number, email).
  • States the details of your position in the company, or of your course of study.
  • Confirms that you will return to work/school after the end of your trip to Ireland.
  • If you are applying for a business visa: The letter must also state you are taking the trip on behalf of the company.

For self-employed individuals

If you are self-employed, include these documents:

  • A letter from your solicitor, accountant, or tax consultant which is written on a headed paper. The letter has to be dated and signed by them.
  • Your company’s letter/certificate of incorporation.
  • Bank statements of your business bank account from the past six months.
  • Correspondence you have had recently with the appropriate government authority in your country regarding your self-employment.

Proof of Sufficient Funds

There is no predetermined amount of sufficient funds you must have. It is the officers handling your application who decide whether you meet the requirements, depending on the case.

If you are funding yourself

You must submit the following documents:

  • The three most recent payslips
  • Bank statements from the past six months, which:
    • Show recent transactions, such as your salary.
    • Are dated up to the date of your application.
    • Are original, issued by the bank and hold their stamp.
    • State your current address.
    • Show you have sufficient funds to cover your stay.

If a sponsor if funding your stay

If someone else in Ireland or your employer such as in the case of Ireland Business Visa, will fund your stay in Ireland, submit the following documents:

  • A signed and dated letter from them which confirms that they will fund you.
  • Bank statements, which.
    • Show recent transactions, such as their salary.
    • Are dated up to the date of the application.
    • Are original, issued by the bank and hold their stamp.
    • State their current address.
    • Show they have sufficient funds to cover your stay.
  • Proof of your relationship.

Proof You Will Return to Your Country

The Irish authorities need to have proof that you will return back to your country after your trip to Ireland ends. This could include a letter from your employer/school (as stated above), or marriage certificate, birth certificates of your children, proof of property, home rental contract etc.

Self-addressed envelope

If you are applying by mail, you have to include a pre-paid and self-addressed Special

A delivery envelope which the Irish visa officers will use to return your passport and original documents back to you.

Ireland Visa Requirements for Minors

If you are traveling with a minor, you must include the following documents in the Ireland visa application:

  • The child’s birth certificate, which states the names of both parents.
    • Original and a photocopy.
  • A letter from the child’s school which states they are enrolled there.
  • Consent from both parents/legal guardians for the child to travel.
    • If you have sole custody of the child, documents proving this (original and a copy).
  • Identification documents of both of the parents/legal guardians, which show their pictures and signatures.
    • Original and a photocopy.

Keep in mind: There may be additional visa-specific requirements based on your purpose of travel, so check the relevant Ireland visa page to find more information.

Guidelines of Irish Visa Documents

All of the documents you submit have to be in English. If they are not, they must be translated by an official translator and notarized.

For any documents that have been translated, you must include both the original and the translation.

You have to submit the originals of all the documents unless it is stated otherwise. Therefore, you have to include a return address for your submitted documents.

Any letters you include have to be dated no earlier than 4 weeks from the date you submit your application.

The officers in charge of processing your application may require additional documents, depending on the case.

You must gather all of these documents and place them in a large, strong envelope before you submit them for processing.

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