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Complete list of embassies and consulates where you can submit your Iceland visa application depending on your country of citizenship.

A very important part of your Iceland Visa application process is filing your application at the right place.

When it comes to filing your Iceland visa application, you should note that Iceland embassies across the world do not admit visa applications. Instead, Iceland has outsourced visa admission to other Schengen countries.

Where to Apply for an Iceland Visa?

Depending on how the other country has regulated visa submission in your country of residence, you may have to apply at one of the following:

  • The Embassy of a Schengen member country
  • A consulate of a Schengen member country
  • A service provider

Please note that you should file a visa application to Iceland only if one of the following statements corresponds to your situation:

  • Aside from Iceland, you will not visit any other Schengen country.
  • You will visit more Schengen states, but Iceland is your main destination, which means:
    • You will be spending more days in Iceland, than in other countries.
    • You will be spending an equal amount of days in each country, but you will enter the Schengen Zone through Iceland.

In addition, you will be permitted to file an application for a visa to Iceland, only if you are:

  • A citizen of the country from where you are applying
  • A foreign citizen on a permanent/temporary residence permit in the country from where you are applying

You cannot apply for a short-stay Iceland visa from a country in which you are currently on a visa.

Diplomatic Bodies Responsible for Iceland Visa Application

You can find the list of embassies and consulates around the world that process Iceland visa applications below:

AlgeriaAlgiersRoyal Norwegian Embassy
AngolaLuandaRoyal Norwegian Embassy
ArgentinaBuenos AiresRoyal Norwegian Embassy
ArmeniaYerevanFrench Embassy
ArubaOranjestadCabinet of the Governor
AustraliaSydneyRoyal Danish Consulate General
AustraliaCanberraRoyal Norwegian Embassy
AzerbaijanBakuRoyal Norwegian Embassy
BahrainManamaGerman Embassy
BangladeshDhakaSwedish Embassy
BelarusMinskFrench Embassy
BoliviaLa PazVFS Global on behalf of the Swedish Embassy in Bogotá
BrazilBrasiliaRoyal Norwegian Embassy
BrazilRio de JaneiroRoyal Norwegian Consulate General
BulgariaSofíaRoyal Danish Embassy
Burkina FasoOuagadougouRoyal Danish Embassy
CambodiaPhnom PenhFrench Embassy
CameroonDoualaFrench Embassy
CanadaOttawaRoyal Danish Embassy
Cape VerdePraiaPortuguese Embassy
ChadN’DjamenaFrench Embassy
ChileSantiagoSwedish Embassy
ChinaGuangzhouRoyal Danish Consulate General
ChinaHong KongConsulate General of Finland
ChinaShanghaiRoyal Danish Consulate General
ChinaBeijingEmbassy of Iceland
ColombiaBogotaSwedish Embassy
Côte d´IvoireAbidjanFrench Embassy
CroatiaZagrebRoyal Norwegian Embassy
CubaHavanaSwedish Embassy
CuracaoWillemstadCabinet of the Governor
CyprusNicosiaGerman Embassy
Dominican RepublicSanto DomingoFrench Embassy
EcuadorQuitoVFS Global on behalf of the Swedish Embassy in Bogotá
EgyptCairoRoyal Danish Embassy
EthiopiaAddis AbabaRoyal Danish Embassy
GeorgiaTbilisiFrench Embassy
GhanaAccraRoyal Danish Embassy
GuatemalaGuatemala CitySwedish Embassy
Guinea-BissauBissauPortuguese Embassy
HaitiPort-au-PrinceFrench Embassy
IndiaNew DelhiRoyal Danish Embassy
IndiaBengaluruVFS Global on behalf of the Royal Danish Embassy
IndiaChennaiVFS Global on behalf of the Royal Danish Embassy
IndiaKolkataVFS Global on behalf of the Royal Danish Embassy
IndiaMumbaiVFS Global on behalf of the Royal Danish Embassy
IndonesiaJakartaRoyal Danish Embassy
IranTeheranRoyal Danish Embassy
IrelandDublinRoyal Danish Embassy
IsraelTel AvivRoyal Danish Embassy
JamaicaKingstonGerman Embassy
JapanTokyoRoyal Danish Embassy
JordanAmmanRoyal Norwegian Embassy
KazakhstanAlmatyLithuanian Embassy
KazakhstanAstanaVFS Global on behalf of the Lithuanian Embassy
KenyaNairobiRoyal Danish Embassy
Korea (DPR)PyongyangSwedish Embassy
Korea (Republic of Korea)SeoulSwedish Embassy
KosovoPrishtinaRoyal Norwegian Embassy
KuwaitKuwait CityGerman Embassy
LebanonBeirutRoyal Norwegian Embassy
North MacedoniaSkopjeFrench Embassy
MadagascarAntananarivoFrench Embassy
MalawiLilongweRoyal Norwegian Embassy
MalaysiaKuala LumpurRoyal Danish Embassy
MaliBamakoRoyal Danish Embassy
MauritaniaNouakchottFrench Embassy
MauritiusPort LouisFrench Embassy
MexicoMexico CityRoyal Danish Embassy
MongoliaUlan BatorGerman Embassy
MoroccoRabatSwedish Embassy
MozambiqueMaputoFinnish Embassy
MyanmarRangoonGerman Embassy
NamibiaWindhoekEmbassy of Finland
NepalKathmanduVFS Global on behalf of the Royal Norwegian Embassy
NigerNiameyFrench Embassy
NigeriaAbujaRoyal Norwegian Embassy
OmanMuscatGerman Embassy
PalestineRamallahDanish Representative office
PakistanIslamabadRoyal Danish Embassy
Papua New GuineaPort MoresbyFrench Embassy
PeruLimaEmbassy of Finland
PhilippinesManilaRoyal Norwegian Embassy
QatarDohaFrench Embassy
Republic of the CongoBrazzavilleFrench Embassy
Republic of the CongoPointe-NoireFrench Embassy
RomaniaBucharestRoyal Danish Embassy
RussiaArkhangelskVFS Global on behalf of the Consulate General of Finland
RussiaKaliningradLithuanian Consulate General
RussiaMoscowEmbassy of Iceland
RussiaMurmanskConsulate of Finland
RussiaSt. PetersburgVFS Global on behalf of Embassy of Iceland
São Tomé and PríncipeSão ToméPortuguese Embassy
Saudi ArabiaRiyadhRoyal Danish Embassy
SenegalDakarFrench Embassy
SerbiaBelgradeRoyal Danish Embassy
SingaporeSingaporeRoyal Danish Embassy
South AfricaPretoriaRoyal Danish Embassy
Sri LankaColomboRoyal Norwegian Embassy
SudanKhartoumRoyal Norwegian Embassy
TanzaniaDar es SalaamSwedish Embassy
ThailandBangkokRoyal Danish Embassy
Timor-LesteDiliPortuguese Embassy
TogoLoméFrench Embassy
Trinidad and TobagoPort-of-SpainEmbassy of the Netherlands
TunisiaTunisEmbassy of Finland
TurkeyAnkaraRoyal Danish Embassy
TurkeyIstanbulRoyal Danish Consulate General
UgandaKampalaRoyal Norwegian Embassy
UkraineKievRoyal Norwegian Embassy
United Arab EmiratesAbu DhabiRoyal Norwegian Embassy
United Arab EmiratesDubaiRoyal Danish Consulate General
UKLondonRoyal Danish Embassy
USANew YorkRoyal Danish Consulate General
USAChicagoLithuanian Consulate General
USAHoustonVFS Global on behalf of Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York
USASan FranciscoVFS Global on behalf of Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York
USAWashingtonSwedish Embassy
UzbekistanTashkentFrench Embassy
VietnamHanoiRoyal Danish Embassy
VietnamHo-Chi-Minh CityGerman Consulate General
ZambiaLusakaSwedish Embassy
ZimbabweHarareFrench Embassy

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