A very important part of your Iceland Visa application process is filing your application at the right place.

When it comes to filing your Iceland visa application, you should note that Iceland embassies across the world do not admit visa applications. Instead, Iceland has outsourced visa admission to other Schengen countries.

Where to Apply for an Iceland Visa?

Depending on how the other country has regulated visa submission in your country of residence, you may have to apply at one of the following:

  • The Embassy of a Schengen member country
  • A consulate of a Schengen member country
  • A service provider

Please note that you should file a visa application to Iceland only if one of the following statements corresponds to your situation:

  • Aside from Iceland, you will not visit any other Schengen country.
  • You will visit more Schengen states, but Iceland is your main destination, which means:
    • You will be spending more days in Iceland, than in other countries.
    • You will be spending an equal amount of days in each country, but you will enter the Schengen Zone through Iceland.

In addition, you will be permitted to file an application for a visa to Iceland, only if you are:

  • A citizen of the country from where you are applying
  • A foreign citizen on a permanent/temporary residence permit in the country from where you are applying

You cannot apply for a short-stay Iceland visa from a country in which you are currently on a visa.

Diplomatic Bodies Responsible for Iceland Visa Application

You can find the list of embassies and consulates around the world that process Iceland visa applications below:

Country City Embassy/Consulate
Algeria Algiers Royal Norwegian Embassy
Angola Luanda Royal Norwegian Embassy
Argentina Buenos Aires Royal Norwegian Embassy
Armenia Yerevan French Embassy
Aruba Oranjestad Cabinet of the Governor
Australia Sydney Royal Danish Consulate General
Australia Canberra Royal Norwegian Embassy
Azerbaijan Baku Royal Norwegian Embassy
Bahrain Manama German Embassy
Bangladesh Dhaka Swedish Embassy
Belarus Minsk French Embassy
Bolivia La Paz VFS Global on behalf of the Swedish Embassy in Bogotá
Brazil Brasilia Royal Norwegian Embassy
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Royal Norwegian Consulate General
Bulgaria Sofía Royal Danish Embassy
Burkina Faso Ouagadougou Royal Danish Embassy
Cambodia Phnom Penh French Embassy
Cameroon Douala French Embassy
Canada Ottawa Royal Danish Embassy
Cape Verde Praia Portuguese Embassy
Chad N’Djamena French Embassy
Chile Santiago Swedish Embassy
China Guangzhou Royal Danish Consulate General
China Hong Kong Consulate General of Finland
China Shanghai Royal Danish Consulate General
China Beijing Embassy of Iceland
Colombia Bogota Swedish Embassy
Côte d´Ivoire Abidjan French Embassy
Croatia Zagreb Royal Norwegian Embassy
Cuba Havana Swedish Embassy
Curacao Willemstad Cabinet of the Governor
Cyprus Nicosia German Embassy
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo French Embassy
Ecuador Quito VFS Global on behalf of the Swedish Embassy in Bogotá
Egypt Cairo Royal Danish Embassy
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Royal Danish Embassy
Georgia Tbilisi French Embassy
Ghana Accra Royal Danish Embassy
Guatemala Guatemala City Swedish Embassy
Guinea-Bissau Bissau Portuguese Embassy
Haiti Port-au-Prince French Embassy
India New Delhi Royal Danish Embassy
India Bengaluru VFS Global on behalf of the Royal Danish Embassy
India Chennai VFS Global on behalf of the Royal Danish Embassy
India Kolkata VFS Global on behalf of the Royal Danish Embassy
India Mumbai VFS Global on behalf of the Royal Danish Embassy
Indonesia Jakarta Royal Danish Embassy
Iran Teheran Royal Danish Embassy
Ireland Dublin Royal Danish Embassy
Israel Tel Aviv Royal Danish Embassy
Jamaica Kingston German Embassy
Japan Tokyo Royal Danish Embassy
Jordan Amman Royal Norwegian Embassy
Kazakhstan Almaty Lithuanian Embassy
Kazakhstan Astana VFS Global on behalf of the Lithuanian Embassy
Kenya Nairobi Royal Danish Embassy
Korea (DPR) Pyongyang Swedish Embassy
Korea (Republic of Korea) Seoul Swedish Embassy
Kosovo Prishtina Royal Norwegian Embassy
Kuwait Kuwait City German Embassy
Lebanon Beirut Royal Norwegian Embassy
North Macedonia Skopje French Embassy
Madagascar Antananarivo French Embassy
Malawi Lilongwe Royal Norwegian Embassy
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Royal Danish Embassy
Mali Bamako Royal Danish Embassy
Mauritania Nouakchott French Embassy
Mauritius Port Louis French Embassy
Mexico Mexico City Royal Danish Embassy
Mongolia Ulan Bator German Embassy
Morocco Rabat Swedish Embassy
Mozambique Maputo Finnish Embassy
Myanmar Rangoon German Embassy
Namibia Windhoek Embassy of Finland
Nepal Kathmandu VFS Global on behalf of the Royal Norwegian Embassy
Niger Niamey French Embassy
Nigeria Abuja Royal Norwegian Embassy
Oman Muscat German Embassy
Palestine Ramallah Danish Representative office
Pakistan Islamabad Royal Danish Embassy
Papua New Guinea Port Moresby French Embassy
Peru Lima Embassy of Finland
Philippines Manila Royal Norwegian Embassy
Qatar Doha French Embassy
Republic of the Congo Brazzaville French Embassy
Republic of the Congo Pointe-Noire French Embassy
Romania Bucharest Royal Danish Embassy
Russia Arkhangelsk VFS Global on behalf of the Consulate General of Finland
Russia Kaliningrad Lithuanian Consulate General
Russia Moscow Embassy of Iceland
Russia Murmansk Consulate of Finland
Russia St. Petersburg VFS Global on behalf of Embassy of Iceland
São Tomé and Príncipe São Tomé Portuguese Embassy
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Royal Danish Embassy
Senegal Dakar French Embassy
Serbia Belgrade Royal Danish Embassy
Singapore Singapore Royal Danish Embassy
South Africa Pretoria Royal Danish Embassy
Sri Lanka Colombo Royal Norwegian Embassy
Sudan Khartoum Royal Norwegian Embassy
Tanzania Dar es Salaam Swedish Embassy
Thailand Bangkok Royal Danish Embassy
Timor-Leste Dili Portuguese Embassy
Togo Lomé French Embassy
Trinidad and Tobago Port-of-Spain Embassy of the Netherlands
Tunisia Tunis Embassy of Finland
Turkey Ankara Royal Danish Embassy
Turkey Istanbul Royal Danish Consulate General
Uganda Kampala Royal Norwegian Embassy
Ukraine Kiev Royal Norwegian Embassy
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Royal Norwegian Embassy
United Arab Emirates Dubai Royal Danish Consulate General
UK London Royal Danish Embassy
USA New York Royal Danish Consulate General
USA Chicago Lithuanian Consulate General
USA Houston VFS Global on behalf of Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York
USA San Francisco VFS Global on behalf of Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York
USA Washington Swedish Embassy
Uzbekistan Tashkent French Embassy
Vietnam Hanoi Royal Danish Embassy
Vietnam Ho-Chi-Minh City German Consulate General
Zambia Lusaka Swedish Embassy
Zimbabwe Harare French Embassy