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Iceland short stay visa to visit friends and relatives in Iceland

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With the revolution of technology especially in the 21th century, the number of people creating friendships with Icelandic people is also at its peak.

Knowing from close the natural beauties of Iceland, the nightlife and much more, the number of people wishing to visit their friends and relatives living in Iceland has thus increased. However, a huge share of the world population cannot just travel to Iceland with empty hands. Most of the world citizens need an Iceland Visit Visa even when visiting friends or family members.

What Is an Iceland Visitor Visa?

An Iceland Visitor Visa is a type of Icelandic Schengen visa, for people who want to visit family members or friends residing in Iceland. It comes in the form of a visa sticker affixed in a traveler’s passport. It permits its holder to stay in Iceland for up to three months within a six-month period.

An Iceland Visit Visa allows its holder to travel to the other Schengen countries as well. Excluded are those whose visa sticker is marked as LTV (Limited Territorial Validity). This means those with an LTV visa cannot leave Iceland and visit the other Schengen countries, with an Iceland visa.

Who Needs a Visitor Visa to Travel to Iceland?

The number of Iceland visa-exempt countries is higher than before 2001 when Iceland joined the Schengen Area. In spite of that many people need to apply for a visa to enter Iceland.

If you are planning to travel to Iceland, to visit some friends or family relatives, then you will need to apply for an Iceland Visitor Visa if:

Iceland Visitor Visa Requirements

If you need a visa to visit Iceland, then you must please several requirements. The Iceland Visit Visa required documents help the authorities processing your application to decide if you should be granted with a visa or not. It is the most important part of your application, alongside with the visa interview.

In addition, you will need to submit extra documents to show why you are applying for a visa to visit Iceland. The Iceland visa specific required documents are as follows:

  • Cover letter. In this letter, you should introduce yourself, explain the purpose of your trip, as well as the intended duration of your stay in Iceland. Give detailed information on your relationship with the host, and what you are planning to do while in Iceland.
  • Invitation letter from a host in Iceland. If you will be staying over at your friends’ or relatives’ house then you will need to submit an invitation letter written by them. The letter must contain the period of your stay, their address, and details on their identity.
  • ID of the host.
  • A copy of the passport data page and residence permit of the host if they are in Iceland on the residence permit.
  • Roundtrip flight reservation. A confirmation you have booked a flight, which contain your flight name, departure/arrival timings along with dates, your flight code, and your flight booking numbers.
  • Travel Medical Insurance that covers your entire visit in Iceland. Your insurance must cover any health incident in Iceland and the whole Schengen with a minimum coverage of €30,000.

Requirements for an Iceland Visitor Visa for Minors

Whereas, minors applying for an Iceland Visit Visa will need to submit additional documents, as follows:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Iceland application form should be signed by both parents.
  • Family court order, in cases where only one parent has full custody over the child.
  • Certified copies of ID / passport of both parents.
  • A notarized parental authorization to travel to Iceland, signed by both parents / guardians, if the minor will be travelling alone with another person.

Iceland Visitor Visa Application Process

To complete the application process for an Iceland Visitor Visa you will need to follows some steps one by one.

First, figure out the answer to the questions below, in order to proceed with the rest of the application steps:

  • Do I need an Iceland Visitor Visa?
  • Does my purpose of travel and the Iceland Visitor Visa match
  • Where do I need to apply?
  • When is the right time to file my Iceland visa application?

After having it all clear that you need an Iceland Visitor Visa, and having figured out where and when you need to apply, complete the procedures given below:

  1. Fill in the application form for an Icelandic Visitor Visa.
  2. Gather the required documents.
  3. Schedule a visa interview.
  4. Pay the fee for an Iceland Visit Visa.
  5. Attend the appointment for an interview with all the required documents with you.

After you complete the application process, you will have to wait to get a response on your visa application. If you get granted with a visa, you will receive it in the form of a sticker affixed to you passport.

The visa sticker contains all the information about your trip as the validity of your visa, the permitted duration of stay, the number of permitted entries etc.

Iceland Visitor Visa Application Processing Time

Upon the interview, your Iceland Visitor Visa application will take up to 15 days to be processed. Remember that is some special occasions this period may be extended, as during the times when the Schengen embassies / consulates receive a lot of visa applications.

The visa processing time may change from one country to another, since Iceland is represented by the embassies/consulates of different Schengen countries. However, in average you will receive an answer on your Iceland visitor Visa application within 15 days.

Iceland Visit Visa Validity

An Iceland Visitor Visa is valid for a maximum of three months, within a six-month period. However, the consulate/embassy that processes you visa may issue you a visa with a shorter validity. You will have this information in your visa sticker, including the number of permitted entries.

Learn here how to read a Schengen visa sticker!

How to Extend an Iceland Visitor Visa

If you are wondering if you can extend your stay in Iceland beyond the permitted duration of stay, then you should know an Iceland visa extension is permitted only in some very specific cases. I.e. if you show proof that you cannot leave Iceland because of force majeure or humanitarian reasons preventing your from leaving.