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Types of Icelandic residence permits, the application process for an Iceland residence permit, the required documents and more relevant details.

What Is an Iceland Residence Permit?

An Iceland residence permit allows its holder to enter Iceland and remain There for more than three months. The permit is granted to the applicant if he/she fulfills all the conditions of the application, as set by the Icelandic Directorate of Immigration.

An Iceland residence permit enables its holders to enjoy many of the same benefits as Icelanders. Working is permitted for the holders of several types of residence permits. In some particular cases, a work permit will be required.

Who Needs an Iceland Residence Permit?

Not every world citizen will need an Iceland residence permit. There are some privileged categories that do not need to apply for a residence permit in order to travel to Iceland to settle there.

Nationals of the following do not need a residence permit to settle in Iceland:

  • EU Member States
  • Iceland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Norway
  • Switzerland

However, note that the nationals of these countries will still need to register within three months of arrival in Iceland at the Registration Office.

Types of Iceland Residence Permits

According to your purpose of residence in Iceland, there are a couple of types of residence permits. It is very important to select the right type of residence permit. You will be collecting the required documents according to it. It also defines what you can and what you cannot do in Iceland.

The Iceland residence permit types are as follows:

  • Family reunification
    • Spouse /cohabiting partner
    • Child under 18 years old
    • Parent 67 years of age or older
    • Parent of a child under 18 years
  • Work
    • Work requiring expert knowledge
    • Shortage of workers
    • Athletes
    • Qualified professionals on grounds of collaboration and service contracts
  • Study/Education
  • Au pair
  • Volunteers
  • Missionaries
  • Special ties
  • Legitimate and special purpose
  • Remote workers residence permit
  • Permanent residence permit

Required Documents for Iceland Residence Permit

The main part of your application for an Iceland residence permit is collecting the required documents. These documents are grouped in two:

  • The basic requirements – which you will need to collect regardless of the type of residence permit you are applying for.
  • The detailed requirements – which you will need to collect according to the residence permit type you are applying for.

Basic Requirements for a Residence Permit

The basic requirements for an Iceland Residence Permit are as follows:

  • Payment receipt. If you pay the fee for a residence permit at the bank, you will receive a payment receipt. Make sure it has your name on it.
  • Application for a residence permit. Download the correct residence permit application form according to the permit type you are applying for. Save it in your computer, fill it out and then print it. Do not forget to sign it as well.
  • Passport photo (35 mm x 45 mm).
  • Photocopy of passport. Photocopy all the pages of your passport. Make sure your passport has a minimum validity of three more months beyond your intended stay in Iceland.
  • Criminal record certificate. Obtain a criminal record certificate from the relevant authorities of the country where you have lived at least for the last five years. It must not be older than six months and it must contain an apostille confirmation or double authentication.
  • Health Insurance. Submit a certificate of insurance from an Icelandic insurance company or a foreign insurance company authorized to operate in Iceland. The insurance shall be valid for six months from the date you register in Registers Iceland.
  • Proof of financial means. You will need to show proof you have the adequate financial means to support you or your dependents while in Iceland, which is:
    • Individual, ISK 189,875 per month.
    • Couple, ISK 284,813 per month. Note that in the instance of cohabitation the support criterion for individuals applies.
    • Additional support for family members 18 years of age or older, ISK 94,938 per month.

Detailed Requirements for a Residence Permit

According to the type of Iceland residence permit you are applying for, you will need to submit the following documents:

Iceland Family Reunification Residence Permit requirements

  • Marriage certificate.
  • Marital status certificate.
  • Certificate on cohabitation.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Child custody documents.
  • Death certificate.
  • Divorce documents.

Iceland Working Residence Permit requirements

  • Employment contract.
  • Application for the appropriate work permit.

Iceland Study/Education Residence Permit requirements

  • University admission certificate or University acceptance letter.
  • If the applicant intends to work as a student:
    • Application for work permit.
    • Employment agreement.

Iceland Au Pair Residence Permit requirements

  • An original written contract between an au pair and the host family.

Requirements for Iceland Residence Permit for Volunteers 

  • A contract with an acknowledged NGO working on charity or humanitarian issues.
  • Copy of a travel ticket from Iceland.

Iceland Missionaries Residence Permit requirements

  • Confirmation of an invitation to an unpaid position for a religious society or the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland.

Iceland Special Ties Residence Permit requirements

  • Proof of sufficient financial support during the entire stay.
  • Report on ties, i.e. family ties, social and cultural ties.
  • Application for a work permit.
  • Employment contract.

Iceland Legitimate and Special Purpose Residence Permit requirements

  • Statement and documents confirming that the applicant needs a residence permit on grounds of legitimate and special purpose.
  • Application for a work permit.
  • Employment contract.

Iceland Permanent Residence Permit requirements

  • Documents on Support, including income-tax payment overviews for the last 12 months, employment contract or other documents showing secure support.
  • Confirmed copies of recent years’ tax-return forms, i.e. in accordance with the time requirements that apply to the applicant.
  • Original certificate on an Icelandic-language course, stating that the applicant has completed at least 150 hours with 85% class attendance, a status test organized by an acknowledged party, a written exemption request or a medical certificate regarding an exemption request.

Iceland Residence Permit Application Fee

If you are applying for an Iceland residence permit, you will need to pay a fee. The fee is required for the processing of your application. The costs of a residence permits application are as follows:

Residence permit15.000 ISK
Residence permit renewal15.000 ISK
Permanent residence permit15.000 ISK
Temporary residence and work permit15.000 ISK
A registration card for family members of EEA-citizens who are not EEA- or EFTA-citizens15.000 ISK
Accelerated procedure for a residence permit application based on work45.000 ISK
Reissuance of a residence card7.500 ISK

Iceland Residence Permit Application Processing

The Icelandic Directorate of Immigration takes up to 180 days to be processed, from the day of application submission. When you apply for the renewal of your residence permit, its processing will take a shorter period of up to 90 days.

Refusal of Residence Permit Application

You will be rejected from getting an Iceland Visa if you do not meet the requirements set by the Directorate of Immigration.

The refusal of an Iceland Residence permit will take place if:

  • You are not authorized to stay.
  • You do not meet the requirements for a residence permit.

Upon receiving a negative decision on your application, you will have 15 days to appeal it. If your appeal is considered as just, then the rejections of your residence permit will be suspended.

Can my residence permit be revoked?

Your residence permit may be revoked on several occasions, in particular, if:

  • You have given wrong or misleading information in your application and the information is vital to the granting of a permit.
  • The conditions of a residence permit or permanent residence permit are no longer met by you.

If the Directorate of Immigration revokes your residence permit, you will have to leave the country within a given time.

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