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What is an Iceland Long-Stay Visa?

An Iceland long-term visa is a type of Iceland visa for foreigners to remain in Iceland beyond 90 days when the purpose of their stay does not conform to any of the Iceland residence permit types.

While with an Iceland short-stay visa one can remain in Iceland for a maximum of 90 days, an Iceland long-term visa permits its holder to remain there up to 180 days.

It also gives to the holder the right to travel within the Schengen area. However, note that a person on a long-term visa in Iceland cannot work.

Who Is Eligible for an Iceland Long-stay Visa?

All those in Iceland, either in an Iceland short-stay visa or in a visa-free stay can apply for a long-term visa if they have strong reasons to remain or they belong to one of the following groups:

  • Relatives, as defined in para. 1 of art. 69 of the Act on Foreigners, who wish to extend their visit to Iceland. The minimum age requirement of parents may be waived.
  • Witnesses or parties to a court case who need to stay in Iceland for a court appearance.
  • Foreigners who are in Iceland for a legitimate purpose, such as artists, scientists or athletes, if they do not require a residence and work permit.

How to Apply for an Iceland Long-Stay Visa?

The application process for a long-term Visa to Iceland is quite simple and similar to the application for a short-stay visa. Find this process listed below step by step:

  1. Check if your current situation permits you to apply for an Iceland Long-stay visa.
  2. Fill-in the application form for an Iceland Long-Term visa.
  3. Collect the required documents.
  4. Pay the fee at the reception desk of the Directorate of Immigration. The fee for an Iceland Long-stay Visa is €60.
  5. Submit the required documents at the reception desk of the Directorate of Immigration.

Required Documents for an Iceland Long-Stay Visa

You need to submit a few of documents for an Iceland long-stay visa. These documents will help the responsible body to decide whether you should be granted with a visa or not.

The required Documents for an Iceland Long-Stay Visa are as follows:

  • Application Form. Fully completed and printed. The form contains questions on your identity, like your name, surname, passport number, ID number, date and place of birth etc. It also contains questions in your criminal/police record.
  • Copies of all passport pages.
  • A recent photo. It should be in this size: 35mmX45mm.
  • Proof on the purpose of intended stay. This could be an invitation from a host residing in Iceland, a confirmation of a stay in an artist residency, court documents, or a written statement explaining the purpose of the stay.
  • Proof of financial support. Documents that confirm you can continue to financially maintain yourself in the period you have required to stay. Note that you will need to prove you have at least around €29 per each day that you plan to spend in Iceland.
  • Travel Health Insurance.
  • Return flight ticket or proof you can buy it.
  • Criminal record check. A document issued by police or other relevant authorities in your country of residence that prove you have a clean record.

Note that the Directorate of Immigration in Iceland may ask you for additional documents upon these ones. Make sure you submit them on time in order to get a response on your application as soon as possible.

When to Apply for an Iceland Long-Stay Visa?

Please make sure to apply on time for your Iceland long-term visa. You must apply at least 14 days before the expiration date of your current visa, or your visa-free stay.

If you apply later than that, the processing of your application may be delayed and you will have to leave Iceland before you get an answer.

Iceland Long-Stay Visa Processing Time

The processing time may take as long as 14 days upon the submission of the required documents. However, if you do not submit all of the required documents this period will be extended until you submit them. The same will happen if you are required to submit additional documents.

Iceland Long-Stay Visa Rejection

The application for an Iceland long-term visa will be rejected if:

  • The reason why you wish to remain in Iceland conforms to any of the Iceland residence permits
  • You are seen as a threat to public security.
  • The authorities in Iceland are suspicious that you will not leave the country when the endorsement expires.
  • You do not meet the requirements for a long-term visa.
  • You provide incorrect information on a criminal case.

Iceland Long-Stay Visa Validity

An Iceland long-term visa permits you to remain in Iceland for a maximum of 180 days. Note that you cannot extend your stay more than 180 days. You can also apply only once every 12 months for an Iceland long-term visa.