Most of the Iceland Visa applicants will need to pay a fee upon submitting their visa application. The visa fee is required to cover the expenses for its processing. Depending on your age, nationality, and Iceland visa type that you are applying you may have to pay a lower fee. You may even be exempt from paying the fee at all.

Iceland Visa Fees

Following find the fees one is required to pay for an Iceland visa application, according to these factors:

Visa Type  Category of Applicant Fee
Short-stay visa  Applicants over the age of 12 €80
Short-stay visa  Applicants 6 to 12 years old €40
Short-stay visa  Applicants under the age of six Free
Short-stay visa  Holders of diplomatic, official or service passports traveling for official purposes Free
Short-stay visa  Family member of a EU/EEA national Free
Short-stay visa  Pupils, students and accompanying teachers during a school trip Free
Short-stay visa  Researchers traveling to perform scientific research Free
Short-stay visa  Nationals from, Georgia, Kosovo, Russia, and Ukraine €35
Short-stay visa extension  All categories
Long-stay visa  All categories €80


Persons aged 25 years old or less, wishing to visit Iceland in order to participate in a seminar, conference, sports, cultural or educational event organized by a non-governmental organization may also be eligible for a visa waiver. All applicants belonging to this category should check whether they need to pay a fee or not with the Icelandic representative bodies in their country of residence.

Please note that the fee is non-refundable in any case, including in case of visa application rejection or application withdrawal by your side.

Iceland Residence Permit Fees

On the other hand, applicants who wish to remain in Iceland more than six months will have to pay a residence permit fee. The Iceland residence permit fees are as follows:

 Type of Residence Permit Fee
 Application for a residence permit €90
 Application for a residence permit renewal €90
 Application for a permanent residence permit €90
 Application for a temporary residence and work permit €90
 Application for a registration card for family members of EEA-citizens who are not EEA- or EFTA-citizens €90
 Application for a long-term visa €80
 Accelerated procedure for a residence permit application based on work €350
 Reissuance of a residence card €27

Please note that the fees may change according to currency exchange rates at the time of application.