Germany Tourist/Visitor Visa

Visas for the purpose of tourism and visiting family/friends in Germany

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  • A German tourist visa is meant for foreigners who wish to make a short-stay entry in Germany and Schengen zone for the purpose of tourism.
  • A German visitor visa is for foreigners requiring to make a short-stay entry in Germany and Schengen zone to visit their family members or friends who are living, studying or working there.

Required Documents to apply for a German Tourist or a Visitor Visa:

For both visas:

For the tourist visa only:

  • An official cover letter from the employer with the name of the candidate, their job position and employment length, the reason for their travelling, detailed programme of the visit, (signed and stamped) + documents to confirm partnership with the inviting business in Germany (i.e. Export documents) – for an employed candidate
  • An official cover letter from the university/college of the candidate (signed and stamped) with the name of the candidate, their study subject and their enrollment in studies (for a student candidate)
  • An official self-employment letter with the name of the candidate and the position of them in the company (for a self-employed person)

For the visitor visa only:

  • An official letter of leave of the company – to express employer’s consent for the candidate’s break from the job for the period of their visit to Germany (for an employed candidate)
  • An official consent letter from the university/college, expressing their consent for the candidate’s to break from studies for the period of their visit to Germany (for a student candidate)
  • Documents showing that candidate has enough money to cover their living and accommodation costs during the visit
  • A signed letter of commitment “Verpflichtungserklärung” (for a candidate formally invited by a person already living in Germany: costs of living and accommodation, and costs of forceful return by authorities to the home country (in case of violating visa conditions))
  • A simple letter of invitation (for a candidate informally invited by a person already living in Germany)
  • A copy of the identity card “Personalausweis”, or registration card “Meldebescheinigung” of the inviting person (when the inviting person is a German or EU national)
    Candidate’s bank statements of the past 3 months showing enough money (for a self-supported candidate).

** Please note that these are the standard required documents. The Germany Embassy maintains the right to ask for further documents or information if necessary. 

*** Please consult the Germany Embassy in your country for the updated requirements!


German short-stay tourist and visitor visa


To explore Germany or visit a friend/relative in there.

Who is it for?

This visa for foreigners wishing to make a short-stay entry in the Germany/Schengen for exploring attractive places there, or for making a visit to their family members/friends currently living, studying or working there, either as foreigners with residence permit or as German citizens.

Documents to apply


  • Documents showing the education level of the candidate (if required)
    • Diploma
    • Certificates of the academic degree
    • Transcript of grades
  • Documents showing the consent of the host to invite the candidate
    • A non-formal invitation from the host
  • Documents showing the residence status of the inviting person in Gsmany
    • A passport, or a personal ID document “Personalausweis” + a recent registration card “Meldebescheinigung” (copies) – if the host person is a German or EU citizen
    • A residence permit + a recent registration card “Meldebescheinigung” (copies) – if the host person is a foreigner
  • Documents showing consent of parents or legal guardian of a minor (under 18) to travel alone
    • A letter of consent from both parents or legal guardian (signed in the diplomatic office), and
    • Parents or legal guardian passports
    • The death certificate of a parent (if related)

Specific for tourist visa

  • Documents showing the reason for travel
    • A reserved tour package
    • A complete travel itinerary, showing the program of the tour and the related dates

Specific for visitor visa:

  • Documents showing the reason to travel
  • A cover letter from the candidate – showing the exact reason for visit, i.e. family visit
  • Detailed travel program and related dates (instead of reserved travel tickets)
  • The full address of the place of residence in Germany of the host
  • A simple letter of invitation from the host – showing the reason for inviting, their address, and the period of intended visit (only if there is no formal letter of commitment)
  • Documents showing the relationship between the candidate and the host
    • Certificate of marriage
    • Birth certificate of the host/sponsor
    • Communications in writing between host and candidate