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Guide to getting a German residence permit for humanitarian reasons, what are the types, requirements, eligibility and more details.

A Germany Humanitarian Residence Permit is a German residency permit for persons who have reached Germany to escape a situation at their home country.

Who Qualifies for Germany Humanitarian Residence Permit?

If you are in one of the following situations, then you qualify for a Germany Humanitarian Residency Permit:

  • You are recognized as being entitled to asylum.
  • You are eligible for refugee status or subsidiary protection status.
  • Your continued presence in the federal territory is necessary on urgent humanitarian or personal grounds or due to substantial public interests.
  • You are a victim of a criminal offense.
  • You are required to leave the federal territory but your departure is impossible. The obstacle to deportation, also, is not likely to be removed in the near future.

You may be considered for a residence permit in humanitarian grounds, even if your situation is not listed above. You just need to have a very strong basis for your application.

Application Process for a Germany Humanitarian Residence Permit

You should apply for a German Residence Permit from inside Germany. The application procedure, which little depends on you, consists of the following steps:

  1. As soon as you reach Germany, you should reach the border authorities. You will be transferred to the nearest reception center of the relevant German states.
  2. You will then be assigned to a reception center. You need to show all the documents that prove your identity and the reasons why you are seeking to get a humanitarian residence permit in Germany.
  3. Your asylum application will be submitted to the responsible branch of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) for examination.
  4. You will then receive a certificate, which permits you to reside in Germany throughout the processing of your application.
  5. You will need to attend an interview with the BAMF caseworkers. The interview is recorded in writing. It is then translated to your language, a copy of which you will receive.
  6. You will get a written notification on the decision on your application.

If you are granted with a German Humanitarian Residence permit, you will be given the same status as Germans within the social insurance system.

The Humanitarian Residence Permit in Germany also entitles you to social welfare, child benefits, integration allowances and language courses as well as other forms of integration assistance.

On the other hand, if your application is rejected, you will be required to leave the country.

Germany Humanitarian Residence Permit Requirements

You will be required to submit several documents to the German authorities as a part of your application for a Humanitarian Residence Permit. These documents shall prove your identity and the reason why you are seeking asylum or refugee status in Germany.

Since many people that seek humanitarian residency in Germany, leave their countries in a hurry, there is not a strict list of the required documents.

If you have enough documents to prove that your life is in risk at your home country, it will be easier for you to get a humanitarian residency permit in Germany.

Germany Humanitarian Residence Permit Application Processing

The processing of your residence permit application may take a few months to be processed. It all depends on the number of applications the BAMF is receiving at the time, and the complicity of your situation.

Yet, if the BAMF fails to take a decision within 6 months, then they are obliged to notify you upon request about when the decision is likely to be taken.

Germany Humanitarian Residence Permit Validity

The validity of your German Humanitarian Residence title depends on the status under which you get this permits. Depending on your status, the validity of a humanitarian residence permit is as follows:

  • Three years if you hold refugee status.
  • One year if you are a beneficiary of subsidiary protection, renewable for an additional two years.
  • At least one year if you are a beneficiary of humanitarian protection.

Can I Work in Germany with a Humanitarian Residence Permit?

You will be able to work in Germany with a Humanitarian Residence Permit, if you hold one of the following statuses:

  • Asylum status
  • Refugee status

Those with a subsidiary status or banned from deportation are not permitted to work.

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