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Getting a German residence permit for family reunion, what are the types, requirements, eligibility and more details.

The German Family Residence Permit is an authorization to stay in Germany, for family members of German citizens and legal foreign residents.

Foreigners, who wish to join their family members living in Germany, should get a German Family Residence Permit to be able to stay.

Who Needs a Germany Family Residence Permit?

Not everybody who wishes to join a family member or a relative in Germany can do so. To be eligible to apply for a Germany Family Residency Permit you must be:

  • Spouse or registered partner of a German citizen/resident.
  • Unmarried and minor child of a German citizen/resident.
  • Parent/legal guardian of an unmarried, minor German citizen.

Yet, if you are a national of one of the following countries, you do not need to get a residence permit to join your family members. You only need to get registered with the German authorities upon arrival.

  • European Union countries
  • European Economic Area countries
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Republic of South Korea
  • United States of America

Application Process for a Germany Family Residence Permit

To apply for a Germany family Residence Permit you will need to complete some procedures. The steps of the application process are usually the same for all world nationals.

Listed below, find the steps required to complete the application process for a Germany Family Residence Permit.

If you would like expert legal advice with the application process for a German family residence permit, please consider the services of the immigration lawyers at Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte. As experienced immigration attorneys they will oversee your application and ensure that it fulfils the requirements as provided by the German immigration authorities.

Get a Germany Family Reunion Visa

If you are not a national of any of the countries listed above, you first need a visa to Germany.  Remember that you cannot apply for a residence permit if you enter Germany with a tourist or other type of visa.

You will need a Germany Family Reunion visa to travel to the country. There are steps you will need to follow to get this visa. The application process for a German Reunion visa consists of the following steps:

  • Completing the application form.
  • Gathering the required documents for a Germany Family Reunion Visa.
  • Setting attending a visa interview appointment.
  • Paying the €75 visa fee.

If you succeed on getting this visa, the German embassy will affix it in your passport. With it you can travel to Germany.

Register your address in Germany

After you reach Germany, you should register at a registration office. To do so, you should present a document that shows where your address in Germany is, i.e. a bill or a rental contract.

There are registration offices all across the country. Find the nearest one to your home in Germany. Note that you should complete this task within two weeks of arrival here.

Apply for a Germany Family Residence Permit

You can apply for your German Family Residency Permit as soon as you register your address. First, you should make an appointment with the German Immigration authorities. Since there are always a lot of people at their offices, they do not accept walk-in applications.

On the day of your appointment, show there up on time. You may have to wait a little bit due to the flux of people. Make sure you take with you all of the required documents for a Family Residence Permit in Germany. You will also have to pay a fee and attend a meeting with an immigration officer.

Germany Family Residence Permit Requirements

The required documents for a Family Residency Permit in Germany are crucial for every application. To make sure your application is successful you must submit these documents as required. Make sure they all meet the criteria set by the German Immigration Authorities.

The required documents for e German Residence family Reunion Residence Permit are as follows:

  • The standard required documents for a German Residence Title.
  • Registered address. Bring the confirmation that you have registered your address in Germany, on the day of your residence permit application.
  • Health Insurance. Health insurance in Germany is mandatory for everyone applying for a residence permit here. Make sure your insurance is acceptable in Germany, and that it covers accidents, illnesses and repatriation in case of death.
  • Proof of German language skills at least level A1.
  • Proof for spouse / registered partner:
    • A registration or marriage certificate attested by a foreign officer. It should be translated into German and legalized by the Germany embassy.
    • If your spouse is of German nationality, then a copy of their German passport and identity card must be submitted.
    • If your spouse is a non-German residing in Germany, proof of legal residence and their passport must be submitted.
  • Proof for children:
    • Birth certificate.
    • Proof of child’s nationality.
    • Proof of the right of care and custody of the parent residing in Germany.

If you require additional assistance in the assessment of such documents or in obtaining such documents, please consider the professional assistance of expert legal counsel. Reliable immigration lawyers can accelerate the process by ensuring that all the stated requirements are fulfilled.

Germany Family Residence Permit Fee

You will need to pay a fee for the processing of your application for a residence permit in Germany. The cost of a Germany Family Residence Permit is between €56 and €100. Children will need to pay lower fees between €28 and €50.

Turkish citizens wishing to reunite with a family member in Germany will need to pay at most €28 for a residence permit.

Germany Family Residence Permit Application Processing

The application processing of a Family Residence permit takes about three weeks. However, depending on your case, this period may take longer.  You will be able to remain in Germany with your family while your application is being processed.

Germany Family Residence Permit Validity

The German Immigration Authorities may issue you a family residence permit valid for one year initially.

Note that the Germany Family Residence permit may lead to a permanent residence permit in Germany. After some time on this residence permit, you may apply for a permanent one. You will also need to complete some other conditions, as well.

Can I Work in Germany With a Family Residence Permit?

German law permits those with a family reunion residence title to work, given they meet one of the following:

  • Their family member in Germany is on a residence permit authorizing employment for themselves
  • Their family member in Germany is on an EU Blue Card
  • Their family member in Germany is on is in Germany as a researcher or a highly skilled person.

German Language Requirement for Family Residence Title Applicants

There is a requirement to know at least basic German, in order to have your family residence title application approved. Yet, you can be exempt if you meet any of the following:

  • Your family member in Germany has an EU Blue Card.
  • Your family member works in Germany as a highly-qualified person, a researcher or self-employed person and you were already married when you moved to Germany.
  • You have a disability that prevents you from learning.
  • You have a university degree.
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