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Learn about what is the Letter of Commitment that is required for Germany visa, what it covers, the supporting documents that go with it and more details.

A Declaration of Commitment is a document required for a Germany visa. It shows that a resident in Germany is willing to host another person coming to Germany and cover their expenses during their stay in Germany.

The document may also be referred to as:

  • Letter of Commitment
  • Letter of Support
  • Affidavit of Support

In German, this document is called “Verpflichtungserklärung”.

A Declaration of Commitment is proof that the applicant’s means of subsistence are secured for their duration of stay in Germany. By signing this document, the host pledges to cover for the guest the following:

  • Their accommodation.
  • Their food expenses.
  • To refund any public resources if the guess by chance needs and uses social assistance.
  • The costs of removal procedures, in case the visitor is sent back to their country.

Who Can Get a Declaration of Commitment?

Every person legally residing in Germany can get a Declaration of Commitment. Even foreigners on a temporary German residence permit.

Note that the persons who have no income, or low income, cannot get a Declaration of Commitment.

Types of Declaration of Commitment for Germany Visa

According to the visa type that the guest is applying for, there are two types of German Declaration of Commitment.

  • Declaration of Commitment for a German Short-stay Visa. It is for guests who intend to stay in Germany for a maximum of 90 days within 6 months.
  • Declaration of Commitment for a German Long-stay Visa. It is for guests who intend to stay in Germany for more than three months.

Note that a Declaration of Commitment for a German long-stay visa can be obtained only for those who intend to travel to Germany for the following:

How to Get a German Declaration of Commitment

A Declaration of Commitment can be downloaded at the website of the German immigration authorities. First, it should then be completed by the host by filling in all the required data and signed.

Second, the host should submit the letter at the relevant German authorities in their city of residence. He or she should also submit several documents alongside with this letter.

Finally, the German authorities will process the application for a Declaration of Commitment. This usually takes a couple of minutes. The host will then receive the letter stamped and signed. He/she should then send the original letter to the guest, who needs it for visa application.

Required Documents for a Declaration of Commitment

When applying to get a Declaration of Commitment, the host should submit the following documents at the German Immigration Office near their home:

  • The completed and signed form for a declaration of commitment.
  • Their passport.
  • A valid residence title, if the host is a non-EU citizen.
  • Personal information on the guest, as their:
    • Name & Surname
    • Date & place of birth
    • Nationality
    • Their living address in their home country
    • A copy of their valid passport.
  • Proof of having the financial means to support the guest during his/her stay.
    • Employed workers: salary statements of the past three months.
    • Freelance and self-employed workers: current tax certificate, tax consultant’s statement of your net profit after tax covering the previous three months.
  • Proof of the relationship with the guest.
  • Home registration certificate.

German Declaration of Commitment Costs

A fee per a letter of commitment, for both long-stay and short-stay guests, is €29.

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