German Integration Course

Information about getting the German integration certificate

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What is the course for?

This is a course specially aimed to foreigners wishing to remain in Germany for longer periods and integrated into the German lifestyle, where upon successful completion and passing its final exam candidates get the integration certificate.

Typically, the integration certificate is required by the foreigners wishing to settle in Germany – to apply for settlement permit, through which they confirm their level of integration in the German way of life.

The course brings knowledge of the German language, law and order, history, politics, gender equality, culture and other information about the Germans and Germany.

Particulars about the course

This course includes 660 – 960 lessons of German language as well as orientation course.

Participation in the course can be done only having applied for involvement on the address of the Federal Office for Migration, offices of the region where the foreigner lives in Germany.

The course is held in full and part-time basis (meant for working people), held either in the day as well as in the night time.

At the beginning, prior to the course, an assessing test of knowledge applies to understand which is the appropriate module of course that the candidate must participate in.

Generally the costs to attend the course of 660 lessons is the following:

  • 95 Euro / lesson, or 1,287 Euro in total
  • 55 Euro/ lesson, or 1,023 in total – if registered in the course before 1 July 2016
  • Free – to persons in receipt of unemployment benefit II “Arbeitslosengeld II” social assistance “Sozialhilfe”

Additional payment must be made for any lesson taken in special integration course.

The final integration test consists of:

  • German language test “German test for immigrants” (DTZ) language test – The knowledge of language to be evaluated by the test is B1 of the CEFR
  • Life in Germany” test – taking place following the end of the orientation course completion, assessing knowledge about the political system, gender equality rights, political system and so on

The German language course

In this course, learning and further practicing of the everyday German language is carried. The course has 600 general lessons and 900 special lessons. During the course intermediate preparatory assessments take place, as of to prepare for the final language test.

Topics covered in the German language course of the level B1 are:

  • Applying for studies
  • Birth and rise of kids
  • Completing forms
  • Elementary and advanced training
  • Health and hygiene
  • Human body
  • Housing
  • Job applications
  • Leisureliness time and social interface
  • Mass media and their use
  • Phone dialogues
  • Shopping/trade/buying
  • Work-related issues
  • Writing letters and e-mails

The orientation course

Following the completion of the German language course, follows participation in the orientation course which has 60 hours of lessons included, and at the end of which a final exam takes place.

Topics to be brought in this course are:

  • Interaction with the German society
  • Law, history and culture in Germany
  • Rights and responsibilities there
  • Substantial values of Germany

Special integration courses

There are also courses specially designed for specific groups of people, subject on their integration necessities, such as:

  • Integration course to improve literacy skills
  • Integration course for women
  • Integration course for parents
  • Integration course for young adults
  • Catch-up course
  • Intensive course

Download: The application form to apply for admission

Download: The application form to apply for re-participation into 300 additional German language lessons

Download: The application form to apply for re-participation into 300 additional German language lessons – as a literacy student