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What Is the Germany Business/Trade Fair Visa?

The German Business Visa is a short-stay Schengen visa to perform the key business founding activities and to participate in business events and meetings in Germany. German Trade Fair Visa is for the persons intending to visit or exhibit their goods/services for export in a trade fair exhibition in Germany.

Who Needs a German Business Visa?

If you are a national of a country with no visa waiver agreement with Germany, you need to get a German business/trade fair visa beforehand your travel.

Which Are the Preconditions to Take a German Business Visa as a Businessperson?

In order to get a Business Visa, you should not intend running a business, or completing the last stages of a business establishment process in Germany. There’s a German national visa for employment or self-employment for which you may be eligible in such case instead.

You can participate in a Trade Fair Exhibition in Germany, if you’re a foreign business owner, or foreign business representative of a company which generates products or services with adequate quality standards for exportation to Germany or Europe.

Where to Apply for a Germany Business Visa?

You are required to submit the application for the German business/trade fair visa, same as for other German visa types at the consular office of Germany in the country where you currently live. If otherwise, you may have to apply at the intermediary visa application center.

However, the final decision on your visa is taken by the German consular office.

When to Apply for a German Visa for Business Purposes?

The application for a German Business Visa has to be made at least 1 month right before the date you plan to travel to Germany, and not earlier than 3 months before that.

For a successful visa application you have to provide the right documentation to the German Embassy or Consulate when applying, as a form to confirm your eligibility to make the business visit, or participate in the trade fair in Germany.

Germany Business Visa and Trade Fair & Exhibition Visa Requirements

To apply for the Germany Business and Trade Fair visa you are required to provide the Germany Schengen visa documents and some extra documents for this type of visa. You should bring the following documents at your appointment:

Germany Business Visa Requirements

Specific documents you need to submit when applying for a Germany Business Visa are:

  • Your company bank statements. These statements should belong to the period of three previous months.
  • Business references. They could be either from your collaborators, clients or other competent persons.
  • Invitation letter from the business partner in Germany. This document should be either in English or German. It shall include your details, the dates and purpose of the trip with detailed schedule of the business meetings or trainings (day-to-day schedule), as well as information on the inviting business collaborator.
  • Detailed schedule of your business meetings. You need to submit this document only in case you will remain in Germany or other states of the Schengen Zone more than 30 days.
  • Company covering letter with entire travel plan. The letter should mention your position, duration of your service, the dates and purpose of the trip and if your expenses are being covered by the employer or not.
  • Certificate of Incorporation of the company.

Germany Trade Fair and Exhibition visa requirements

The additional documents that you need to provide to apply for a Trade Fair & Exhibition visa are the following

  • Proof of purpose behind applicant’s intended trip:
    • A bill of the voucher + a paid trade fair participant voucher – for a trade fair exhibitor candidate.
    • The official invitation for a visitor, or a paid entry pass as fair visitor – for a trade fair visitor candidate.
    • Marketing material of the trade fair about to visit – showing the information about the candidate’s concerned part in such event.
    • Documents showing the relationship between the company’s profile with the theme of the fair / exhibition (I.e. Company’s products/services related to such theme).
  • A cover letter from the host company. The letter must include the reason for travel and the detailed travel program.
  • Business license. This is a document showing the eligibility of the sending company to do business (business license).

How Much Does It Cost to Apply for a German Business Visa?

The application for a Business or Trade Fair Visa for Germany costs about 60€.

What Is the Processing Time for a Germany Business Visa?

A decision on a Business Visa for Germany is normally taken within 10 working days. At times, this can take up to 15 working days.

A German Trade Fair Visa application is commonly processed in 2 weeks.

In individual cases, when further investigation of the application may be required, this processing time may be up to 30 days.

Which Are the Activities You Can Pursue in Germany with This Visa?

With a Business Visa for Germany you can perform the following activities in Germany:

  • Finalizing and Notarizing Articles of the Business Partnership.
  • Apply “Handelsregister” Commercial Register Using a German Notary.
  • Registering the Business.
  • Opening a Business Bank Account.
  • Completing Purchase or Rental Contract of the Business Premises.
  • Participating in Negotiations Regarding Partnership Agreement.
  • Concluding a Partnership Contract.
  • Attending Business Meetings.
  • Buying Goods.

 With a German Trade Fair Visa you can perform the following activities:

  • Creating Personal Contacts with Buyers.
  • Making Deals with Other Businesses.
  • Gathering Information about Products, Services and Marketing Strategies of Competitors. Usually through the participant’s showcases in the fair trade.

What am I  Not Allowed to Do in Germany With a Business Visa?

These are the activities you’re not entitled performing in Germany as business visitor:

  • Attending Trainings.
  • Organizing Trainings.
  • Partaking in Business Operation Activities.
  • Offering Services.

How Long Can I Stay in Germany with This Visa?

As it is a short-stay visa, a German Business/Trade Fair Visa entitles you to stay in Germany for not longer than 90 days within a period of 180 days.

Can I Begin the Business Activity in Germany with a German Business Visa?

German business visa doesn’t entitle you to carry final activities of establishing a business, nor launching the business activity. Instead, you’ve to require a German visa for self-employment “Aufenthaltserlaubnis für Selbständige Tätigkeit”.

Can I Work in Germany with a Fair Trade Visa?

A German visa issued for participation in the Fair Trade Exhibition doesn’t authorize you to work in Germany or other Schengen countries.