France Visa Application Requirements

Information about the required documents for different types of France visa application

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Besides visa specific documents that have to be sent for application to get a respective French visa, there are also several common documents, regardless of visa type.

All these supporting documents have to be offered in an original form with a photocopy attached. When a document is not in a French language, it has to be submitted as a translation from a foreign language into a French or English language. That translated document needs to have attached the original document in the foreign language should be included.

Required Documents for a France visa

Standard required documents for a France visa include the following:

  • A duly completed standard short-stay visa application form.
  • A passport or a standard travel document. You must also include photocopies of all important pages of it (picture, previous Schengen visas, entry stamps, other) – issued earliest 10 months before, and valid for minimum 3 months after the end of the visa period, holding at least 2 blank pages.
  • Paid visa fee confirmation.
  • Two recent passport photos.
  • The legal document to confirm the right to stay in a foreign country  (only third-country nationals applying for this visa from a foreign country).
  • Covered French health insurance.
  • A document to confirm having a reserved round trip transportation.
    • Round Trip flight, railroad booking.
    • A document of a booked organized tour (where transportation is included)
  • Documents to confirm a reserved accommodation in France within the visit period.
    • Hotel or hostel reservations for the places to visit.
    • Letter from the employer confirming covered accommodation, inviting organization’s letter of invitation confirming covered accommodation (for professional visits)
    • Certificate of reception “Attestation d’accueil”, issued by the person to accommodate the visa candidate, stamped by the city hall (for private visits)
  • Documents to confirm having enough money to cover costs of living and accommodating in France during the visit/stay.
    • Cash
    • Traveler’s checks
    • Certified checks
    • International credit card
    • Recent bank statements

Documents Required at French port of entry

Every single foreigner entering into France must keep with them some specific documents, since the officials at the port of entry will ask for them, and make the final decision whether the traveler shall be allowed to enter or not.

These documents are as following:

  • A reserved accommodation in French territory (hotel booking, letter of invitation to stay over at a friend or relative etc.)
  • A document showing the reason for traveling
  • A reserved transportation ticket to show that the traveler has the intention to return to their homeland (and not to settle- live permanently in the French or Schengen territory)
  • A document showing that traveler had the financial means to cover the living or study costs during their stay in France or the Schengen Area
  • A covered medical insurance for any possible sudden health problem or accident while abroad, as well as to return to the home country of not less than 30,000 Euros