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Information about the France Professional visa for short term employment in France.

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Citizens of some countries who wish to enter France and work for up to three months, will have to obtain a France visa. The France Professional Visa is a French short stay visa which allows foreigners of particular professions to engage in paid activity in France.

The categories following fall under the France short-stay professional visa:

  • Business visit.
  • Professional training.
  • Worker in the EU on a temporary posting in France.
  • Domestic staff.
  • Artist.
  • Sport.
  • Model.

Do I need a France Professional Visa?

Whether you need or you do not need a French profesional visa to work for less than three months European France or its overseas territories, collectivities, departments and regions, it all depends on your nationality.

If you are a national of Andorra, Monaco or Switzerland, of any of the European Union member states or the European Economic Area member states, then you do not need any type of visa to enter France and work there for up to three months, though you may need a work permit depending on your situation.

The same rules applies to the countries whose citizens do not need to get a French short stay visa as well, since they may need to obtain a work permit depending on you nationality and other factor. If you do not belong to any of the countries mentioned and listed above then you will probably have to obtain a visa in order to be allowed to enter France for professional purposes.

What are the France Professional Visa Required Documents

If you need a Professional visa in order to enter and work in France for up to three months, then there are some requirements that you must fulfill in order to obtain this visa. There are some commonly required documents for every French visa, and then there are the specific documents that each category needs to submit.

Visit the following article to find out what are the standard document requirements for every French Schengen visa. Some of these documents include:

France Professional visa requirements based on the purpose of travel

Meanwhile, category-specific required documents are as follows:

Business Visa

  • Formal invitation letter from the French company, stating purposes and frequency of the business trip

Visa for Professional training

  • “convention de stage” – which is a training agreement completed by the host and stamped by the DIRECCTE (French Department of Trade and Employment)

Visa for Workers in the EU on a temporary posting in France

  • A contract of employment signed by the worker
  • Employer’s attestation which must specify from which date to which the employee will be remaining in France
  • A1 form or E101 form obtained from the HM Revenue & Customs, as well as proof that this form has been requested from the HMRC and the NIN card.

Visa for Domestic staff

  • Working certificate – less than three months old
  • Letter from employer – stating the position the applicant holds at its company as well as for how long he or she has been working there
  • A1 form or E101 form obtained from the HM Revenue & Customs, as well as proof that this form has been requested from the HMRC and the NIN card.
  • Contract of employment
  • Employer’s valid passport

Visa for Artists

  • Event invitation -which confirms the even in France giving details on the dates, duration, as well as details on its organizer.
  • Invitation / agreement / contract of your participation in this event
  • Authorization – from the competent social services in France – as well as the contract of employment stamped by the DDTEFP

Visa for Sportspersons

  • Contract of employment which must state that the employee is in the service of his employer from a prior date of the service planned / labor contract with its sport’s club
  • Certificate from the employer stating the place and date of sport representation in France
  • A1 form (or E101 form) social security detachment
  • Itinerary of the planned events in France and in the Schengen States (with dates of stay in each country if known).

Visa for Models

  • Application form – related to the collaboration agreement of a foreign model for a performance in France
  • Agreement of collaboration

France Professional Visa Application Process

As per every other French visa type, there is an application process for France Professional visa that you should follow.. Follow this guideline in order to learn how to complete the application process more easily, step by step.

  1. Decide under which category of France Professional visas you fall. The first thing that you will have to do, is to figure out under which of the above mentioned categories your case falls.
  2. Collect the France Professional visa required documents. Start collecting the documents that you will have to submit at the embassy on the interview day.
  3. Book an appointment. This is a must. You cannot just show up at the embassy and ask for an interview. You will have to book an interview online, or go to appoint it at the embassy in case the first option is not available.
  4. Pay the France visa fee. When you go to attend the interview do not forget to pay the visa fee, which is required for the processing of your application. Save the receipt that you receive after the payment since you will have to present it to the interviewer as a proof of having paid the fee.
  5. Attend the interview. On the day of your appointment, show up on time at the embassy, consulate or visa application center. Getting late even for a few minutes might result with the cancellation of your visa. Wear something comfortable that looks a bit more official (but not too official). Try eating before attending the interview, and not be nervous. Arrange your documents according to the given order in the checklist.

The interview will last around ten minutes, and you will be asked a few questions regarding your trip. The interviewer has the right to ask you for extra documents, if they see it necessary, which you will have to submit in the given time.

France Temporary Work Permit

A France Temporary Permit is a must for people coming to France to engage in paid activity under the short-stay professional visa.

Only those coming to work in France under the following purposes are exempt from this requirement:

  • sporting, cultural, artistic and scientific events.
  • colloquia, seminars and trade shows.
  • cinematographic, audiovisual, entertainment and phonographic production and dissemination, as an artist or technical staff.
  • modeling and artistic pose.
  • services to the person (domestic worker) during the stay in France of a particular employer.
  • auditing and expertise missions in IT, management, finance, insurance, architecture and engineering as a contracted employee.
  • teaching as a visiting professor.

If you are coming under a short-stay professional visa to France for any other purpose then you will have to get a temporary work permit. The work permit has to be obtained by the employer at the DIRECCTE (French Ministry of Labor). The processing of the work permit takes 10 to 15 days. Usually the employer receives the forms stamped by mail, after this period.

The form then has to be send back to the applicant, since he / she will be asked to present this document at the France port of entry.

France Professional Visa Fee

You will have to pay the visa Professional visa fee before you attend the interview on the day of your appointment, at the embassy, consulate, or visa application center. French short-stay visa fees differ from each other based on the age of applicant as well as the location the traveler is applying to visit. You will have to pay the fee in euros or the local currency, according to the exchange rates applied by the embassy.

There is a standard fee of 60€ for a French Schengen visa application, however you may fall into a group of people that are exempt from this payment. Visit the following article for details on the French visa fees.

Please remember that you will not be reimbursed if your visa application is rejected, or you do not attend the interview.