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The Single Permit, officially implemented in 2011, is a complementing directive to the EU Blue Card, which regulates and combines both the residence permit and the work permit into a single permit enabling non-EU citizens to reside and work within the country of issue. Instead of applying in separate entities for the work permit and the residence permit, you can apply for the Single permit at one authorized entity only.

Once you apply, the response should not take up more than 3 months to arrive.

After being granted the Single permit, it may take:

  • 2 years ¬†until able to change your job
  • 18 months to change the EU member state

More or less the same rules apply within all EU member states.

The Single permit provides rights for non-EU workers legally residing in the hosting state but who have not obtained the long-term resident status yet. These rights include:

  • Equal working conditions
  • Education
  • Vocational Training
  • Recognition of Diplomas
  • Social Security
  • Tax benefits
  • Access to goods and services (housing, grants, loans, employment advice services)

Either you or your employer should apply for the Single permit at the appropriate authorities, stating the period and conditions of work.


Excluded from benefits like:

  • Family benefits if working for less than 6 months

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