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Applying for the EU Blue Card as a highly-qualified worker depends on whether you have already found a job or are currently seeking for a job within the EU member states.

If You Have Not Found a Job

To obtain the EU Blue Card as a highly-qualified worker you should first find a company that is willing to bring foreign employees within their work environment and could benefit from the skills you provide. In this way, the company becomes the sponsor for the candidates’ EU Blue Card application.

If you do not find an employer while in your home country, then you can apply for a Job-seeker/Employment visa. For the Job-seeker or Employment visa, you should apply in the corresponding Embassy or Consultancy while in your home country. Regarding the preparation of documents, check with the appropriate authorities and prepare accordingly.

Obligatory documents:

  • University degree and
  • Sufficient funds to maintain yourself.

The Job-seeker Visa grants you a period of 6 months in order to look for a suitable job in the desired EU member state.

In case you find a job, you do not need to leave the EU member state while your EU Blue Card application is being processed, which may last up to 90 days.

If You Have Found a Job

If you have already found a job – either while in your home country or while in the hosting state, then the following are the documents you need when applying:

  • For unregulated professions  – a recognized university diploma
  • In case of regulated profession – present the acquired certificate
  • A work contract of at least one year in the hosting state
  • Proof that your salary exceeds the average in the hosting state by 1.5 times or 1.2 times for professions in shortage
  • A written declaration by your employer
  • A valid travel document
  • Proof of no threat to the public policy, security or health of the hosting state
  • An application form, filled either by you or your employer
  • Two passport-size personal photos, not older than 6 months
  • Proof of application fee payment
  • Health insurance proof

You should apply by post at the authorized Federal Office for Migration or Employment in the hosting state.

The EU Blue Card holder is entitled to the same rights as citizens of the hosting state after two years of work and residency, excluding:

  • Loans,
  • Grants, and
  • Housing rights

Highly-qualified workers may be restricted to the following occupations:

  • Safeguard
  • Public authority
  • General interest of state

Activities reserved for nationals are protected by the national law.

To change your job during the first two years of arrival, you have to make a request at the competent authorities and proceed in accordance with their decision.

Unemployment for highly-qualified workers may not last longer than 3 consecutive months. Notify the competent authorities of your unemployment period.  If unemployment recurs, you may be withdrawn the EU Blue Card by the competent authorities.

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