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Complete guide to obtaining a temporary and permanent residence permit in Czechia

Whether you plan to visit, study, work or even live in the Czech Republic for a more extended period than 90 days, you must apply for a Czech Republic residence permit.

Types of Residence Permits for the Czech Republic

There are two types of residence permits: 

  • Temporary residence permit.
  • Permanent residence permit.

The Czech Republic Temporary Residence Permit

A temporary residence permit (also known as a Registration Certificate) allows you to live, study, and work in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days to a maximum of 365 days. You can apply for a temporary residence permit repeatedly as long as the conditions of your stay in the Czech Republic are the same. 

Czech temporary residence permits are issued alongside a long-stay (national) visa. They have different conditions depending on the purpose of their stay. For example:

  • A temporary residence permit for studying allows the holder to live in the Czech Republic while they pursue an educational course in a Czech university/school. They can work part-time.
  • A temporary residence permit for work allows the holder to live and work in the Czech Republic. This type of permit is linked to an employer and work position.
  • A temporary residence permit for family reunification allows the holder to join a family member living in the Czech Republic. During this time, they can work and study.

The Czech Republic Permanent Residence Permit

You can apply for a Czech Republic permanent residence permit after five years of holding a temporary residence permit.

Applying for a permanent residence permit gives you the benefits of studying, working, and living in the Czech Republic for as long as you want to. This type of permit does not expire and can be extended indefinitely. 

How to Get a Temporary Residence Permit for the Czech Republic?

To obtain a temporary residence permit in the Czech Republic, you must initially apply for a long-stay (national) visa from the Czech embassy in your home country. The Czech embassy forwards the application to the Ministry of Interior, who makes the final decision. After arriving in the Czech Republic with a long-stay visa, you must apply for a temporary residence permit (Registration Certificate) at a local MOI office.

Document Checklist for the Czech Republic Temporary Residence Permit 

To apply for a temporary residence permit, you must submit these documents:

Note: You must translate all the documents into Czech or Slovak language. And make sure you submit your original documents or notarize your copy documents.

Your public documentation must be verified with an apostille stamp or certified. 

The documents required must not be older than 180 days except the traveling document.

How Long Does It Take to Process?

When applying for a temporary residence permit, the processing time is usually 90 days. Depending on your case, the extending time can go to 120 days. After that, you shall receive a response from the embassy.

Difference Between a Czech Long-Term Visa and Residence Permit

The difference between a long-term visa and a residence permit is:

The Long-Term Visa Residence Permit
Issued for multiple entries for a maximum of one year. Issued for stays longer than one year. Initially, you receive a single-entry visa which allows you to enter the Czech Republic for the purpose of collecting the residence permit.
It is issued for health, sport, study, scientific research, culture, family, entrepreneurship,  etc.  It is issued for employment (blue or employment card), study, scientific research, and family unification.

Document Checklist for the Czech Republic Permanent Residence Application

For a Czech permanent residence permit, you must submit the following documents:

  • Valid passport. Passport with a validity time of three or six months.
  • One passport-size photo. Your passport photo must be recent (taken in the last six months), and it must be passport size 35mmX40mm.
  • Proof that you have stayed in the Czech Republic for the past five years. 
  • Accommodation proof. You must prove that you have an apartment or a house to stay in the Czech Republic. For example, rental agreement or real estate purchase.
  • Bank account statement. Evidence that you are financially secure, for example, documents that you have a stable job and can finance yourself.
  • The Czech language passed exam certification. Document proof that you have passed your exam for the Czech language.
  • Criminal record. Certificate showing that you have no criminal record.

Citizens and family members of the EU need to provide these documents:

  • That they are a family member of a citizen from the EU.
  • That they have been a family member of an EU citizen for at least one year.

Note: When applying for a permanent residence permit visa, all the required documents must be in the Czech language or translated into Czech or Slovak. 

How to Get Permanent Residence in the Czech Republic?

When applying for a Permanent Residence permit, you must submit your application in person at the Ministry of Interior (MOI) of the Czech Republic. Make sure you apply at the MOI branch, responsible for your address and location. 

When you apply for permanent residence, you must submit all the required documents, including a document proving that you have passed the Czech Language exam.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Residence Permit in Czechia?

The Czech permanent residence permit is issued within 60 days of submitting it. If you submit your application at a Czech embassy abroad, you will hear a decision within 180 days.

You will receive a text message or an email with your response from the Ministry of Interior.

How Long After Permanent Residency Can I Apply for Czech Republic Citizenship?

Five years after staying in the Czech Republic with a permanent residence visa, you can apply for Czech Republic citizenship.

You must be able to apply in person for your citizenship. Depending on where you live and where you have your permanent residency, you must apply at the Regional Authority of the Czech Republic.

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