Complete list of Czechia visa application fees for each visa type

When applying for a visa in the Czech Republic, the final step is to pay the Czech visa fee. If you do not pay the visa fee, the Czech embassy will not process your visa application.

There are various payment amounts, depending on where you live, your age, or the type of visa you need.

Czech visa fees are non-refundable even if your application is rejected!

The Czech Republic Visa Fee List

These are the Czech Republic visa fees:

Visa Type Fee
Czech Schengen Visa (standard fee)  €80
Czech Schengen Visa for children between 6-12 years €40
Airport Transit Visa €80
Schengen Visa Fee for citizens of (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, and Russian Federation). 


Schengen Visa Extension for citizens of Ukraine and the Russian Federation. €70
Residence Permit (type D) CZK 2,500 (Appx. €102)
Employee and Blue Card (type D) CZK 5,000 (Appx. €204)
Long Term Visa (type D)  for entrepreneurship.  CZK 5,000 (Appx. €204)
Long Term Visa (type D) CZK 2,500 (Appx. €102)
Long Term Visa for the Republic of Congo citizens. CZK 17,000 (Appx. €694)
Long Term Visa for citizens of Uzbekistan. CZK 5,000 (Appx. €204)

How to Pay the Czech Republic Visa Fee?

If you are applying for a visa abroad, you must pay the visa fee at the Czech embassy or consulate accepting your application. Depending on the embassy, you may be asked to pay the fee on the day of your appointment or through a bank transfer beforehand.

Either way, you must attach the visa fee payment receipt to the rest of your Czech visa documents, or your application will not be processed.

If you are applying for a Czech visa within the Czech Republic (i.e., residence permit or long-stay visa), you must pay all visa fees in the Ministry of Interior (MOI). The payment needs to be done with:

  • A Bankcard.
  • Online with a debit card and 
  • Through a transfer from the international bank.

The Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic generally does not accept fee payments via cash.

Who Is Exempted From Paying the Czech Republic Visa Fee?

Applicants listed below are exempted from the Czech Republic visa fee:

  • Children between 0-6 years.
  • EU and Swiss citizens and their family members. 
  • Scientific researchers, traveling for scientific reasons.
  • Postgraduate students, pupils who are traveling to personal training or studying.
  • Diplomatic holders of passport and services passport. 

How Much Does a Visa Extension in the Czech Republic Cost?

To make a visa extension in the Czech Republic, you have to make a payment depending on what type of extension you need. 

  • For a long-term residence permit: CZK 2500 approx. €101.
  • For a long-term residence permit for a foreign national citizen underage: CZK 1000 approx. €40.
  • For a permanent residence card: CZK 2500 approx. €101.
  • For a permanent residence card for underage foreign nationals: CZK 1000 approx. €40.
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