Table of fees that you need to pay when applying for a Belgium Visa

For most adults, the Belgium visa fee is €80, and you have to pay it when you submit the visa application.

However, some applicants may not have to pay the Belgium visa fee at all or at least pay a reduced fee. The exact amount you have to pay depends on your age and nationality.

How Much Does a Belgium Visa Cost?

These are the Belgium short term visa fees:

Children aged between 6 and 12 years old€40
Children younger than 6Free 

According to visa facilitation agreements, citizens of these countries pay a lower fee, which is €35.

  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Cape Verde
  • Georgia
  • Moldova
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia
  • Russia
  • Ukraine

Belgium Long-Stay Visa Fee

The visa fee for a Belgium D Visa (long stay) is €180. This fee includes the student, work, dependent, and any other visa which allows a stay of longer than 90 days.

How To Pay the Belgium Visa Fees?

You can pay the visa fee at the Belgium Embassy/Consulate or visa application center when you apply for the Belgian visa. Depending on where you apply, you can pay via cash, credit, or debit card. If your country uses a currency other than the euro, you can probably pay in your currency with the applicable currency exchange rates.

The Embassy/Consulate or visa application center lets you know how to pay and when.

Exemptions from the Visa Fee

Applicants who belong to one of these categories do not have to pay a visa fee when travelling for a short period of time:

  • Children under six years.
  • A family member of an EU/EEA national.
  • School pupils, students, postgraduate students, and accompanying teachers who undertake stays for the purpose of study or educational training.
  • Researchers traveling to accomplish scientific research.
  • Representatives of non-profit organizations aged 25 years or less participating in seminars, conferences, sports, cultural or educational events organized by non-profit organizations.

Fees for Extending Belgium Visa

The Schengen visa extension fee is different from the Schengen visa when you initially applied. Whether you need to pay a fee or not depends on the reasons that you are applying to extend your short-stay visa or if it is the first or second extension:

Visa extension purposeFee 
If your extension application is due to important personal reasons or late entry.If you are a minor seeking a second extension.€30
If you are an adult seeking a second visa extension.€60
If your extension application is due to humanitarian reasons or a force majeure.No fee

Belgium Residence Permit Fees

These are the fees for Belgium residence permits:

The subject of the requestsFee
If you apply for a residence permit after you’ve got long-term resident status in another Schengen country.€63
If you apply for a residence permit as a foreigner’s family member who is allowed to stay in Belgium for more than three months after having got long-term resident status in another Schengen country.€63
If you apply for a residence permit as a partner, as the spouse, or another family member of a foreigner who is staying in Belgium for an unlimited time.€209
If you apply for a resident permit to study in a private educational establishment, to do research work, for humanitarian reasons etc.€366
If you need to return to Belgium after a long absence and if you need to recover the long-term resident status.€366
If you need to return the visa application as the result of the stolen, lost, or expired residence permit.€366

What if I Paid The Wrong Application Fee?

If you have made a mistake in the application, for example, you have applied for a work residence permit, but instead, you have paid for a student residence permit, you can ask for a refund. You should contact the embassy, consulate, or Belgian immigration authority office in which you applied. It is preferable to contact them via email. They will review your application and will let you know soon.

Do I Get a Refund If My Belgium Visa Gets Rejected?

No, the fee you had paid when you applied for the Schengen visa will not be refunded. Wherefore, before you submit your visa application, make sure you have collected all the documents as required.

Can Someone Pay For My Belgium Visa On My Behalf? 

Some embassies or consulates may allow you to authorize someone to deal with your visa process if you give them permission and notify the Belgian embassy or consulate. But, in most cases, you have to apply and pay for the visa on your own.

Do I Need To Pay To Get Biometric Data For Schengen Visa?

Usually, the cost of your biometric information is included in your Belgium visa application fee. Schengen countries may have different demands from one another when it comes to the visa application process. Either way, you need to confirm it with the Belgian embassy. 

Remember that it will most likely be necessary for you to submit your first application in person so that you have your biometric data recorded, including fingerprints and a photo.

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