Europe and Schengen visas

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Europe is considered to be one of the most attractive continents to live, study, work and travel to. This is partly because of the high level of development of the large majority of countries but also because of its cultural diversity, historic significance and beautiful cities and landscape.

Travelling across Europe may require a visa for citizens of many countries. There are some countries that are a part of free-travel zone called the Schengen Area. To travel to states that are a part of this area you are required to get a Schengen Visa, which is a short term visa and is issued only for travelling and tourism purposes. For longer stays you are required to obtain a specific visa that is issued only by the host country. In the other hand, some countries are not part of this area yet and have their own visa requirements.

In this page, we have listed visa information for all the European countries along with the Schengen Visa.

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