Spain doesn't have a special visa for digital nomads

Home to Picasso and Dali, delicious food, and outstanding architecture, Spain is the second most visited country in the world, ranking with over 80 million visitors per year. Everyone who has laid eyes on the beauty that Spain offers claims that they never wanted to leave.

While the Spanish government offers many options for foreigners who wish to live in Spain (with either a long-stay visa or a residence permit), many have shown interest in the development of an additional option known as a digital nomad visa.

The Spain digital nomad visa has been a widespread topic since the start of the pandemic as digital nomad visas allow people to move to another country while still working remotely for either themselves or for a foreign company or business.

Can I Work Remotely While Living in Spain?

As of June 2022, Spain does not offer a digital nomad visa yet, but it is expected to be launched in the near future. The Spanish digital nomad visa will allow foreigners to live in Spain temporarily as long as they work remotely for themselves. Any freelancing work will not require an additional work permit as long as you can prove that you will not be working for a Spanish employer.

Whoever wishes to work for a Spanish establishment must acquire a Spanish work visa and a work permit.

The Spain digital nomad visa will also only be available for non-EU/EEA/EFTA nationals.

Requirements for a Spanish Digital Nomad Visa

Although the visa is not available yet, here are some general requirements you should consider before the applications for the Spanish digital nomad visa are open:

  • Make sure you can provide the income amount set by the Spanish government. Although this information is not public yet, you can expect to see a sum of around €1,000 – €3,000.
  • Make sure you submit a rental contract. Proving your accommodation is one of the most important requirements as it will essentially become your work office as well.
  • Make sure you can provide information about yourself. A thorough background check should state who you are, what you work as, and what your visit purpose is.
  • Collect all required documents. Usually, a digital nomad visa application will ask you for documentation such as an application form, your passport, health insurance as well as a CV, and/or a cover letter.

Is Spain a Good Place for Digital Nomads?

Spain would be the perfect spot for digital nomads as it provides a more than fulfilling lifestyle. Spain is known for its warm weather that will quench your thirst for vitamin D, its beautiful coastline, as well as breathtaking cities that are a must-see for everyone. As Spain is also known for having a high internet connection coverage as well as stable wifi connectivity, it is an ideal place for digital nomads to live in.

Not only does the Spanish digital nomad visa give you the opportunity to live in a Mediterranean paradise, but once you arrive with your DNV visa, for the first four years of your stay, all corporate taxed payments will be decreased from 25% to 15%, allowing you to properly enjoy all of the attractions Spain has to offer without worrying about their pricing.

Spain is also known for the open-minded people and safe environment, which will surely make your stay more than pleasant. Night-life is highly encouraged as everyone leaves work at around the same time and has the opportunity to sit back and relax while enjoying the calm and collected atmosphere.

Alternatives to The Spanish Digital Nomad Visa

As the Spanish digital nomad visa is not established yet, there are other visa options you can consider to move to Spain such as:

  • The Spain Au Pair Visa. The Au Pair visa enables students to live with a Spanish family during their studies, provided they help with household chores and/or babysitting.
  • The Spain Entrepreneur Visa. Just as the name suggests, the Entrepreneur visa is a perfect fit for entrepreneurs or researchers., who wish to reside and work in Spain.
  • The Spain Working Holiday Visa. Although the working holiday visa is not renewable, it is a perfect fit for young foreigners to come and work in Spain during their holidays.

Although Spain has not announced the digital nomad visa yet, make sure you stay on the lookout for any news or developments, so you do not miss your chance to move to Spain while working remotely!

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