Complete guide to obtaining a digital nomad visa for Estonia, the eligibility criteria, the required documents, and FAQs

If you work as a freelancer and want to explore other countries, you might as well visit the beautiful country of Estonia. However, to work there as a freelancer, you must apply for an Estonia Digital Nomad Visa. 

The Estonia digital nomad visa is a visa that is specifically designed for people who want to work remotely while residing in Estonia.

Estonia Digital Nomad Visa Conditions 

To apply for an Estonian digital nomad visa, you must fit the following criteria: 

  • Be older than 18. 
  • Have flexible work time so that you can work remotely.
  • Be an employer, partner, or shareholder of a company registered outside Estonia. 
  • Be a freelancer or consulting services to companies and clients abroad, and you must have a contract with them. 
  • Prove that you are a freelancer or a digital nomad.
  • Verify that you are financially stable and that your monthly salary or income is at least €3,500.  

Benefits of an Estonian Digital Nomad Visa

With an Estonian Digital Nomad Visa you will be able to:

  • Work remotely for different companies outside Estonia.
  • Visit other Schengen countries. 
  • Have flexible working hours.
  • Work and stay in Estonia for one year. 
  • Work remotely in different places in Estonia since Estonia has free access to the internet. 

Document Checklist for Estonian Digital Nomad Visa Application

You must submit these documents when applying for a Digital Nomad Visa: 

  • Valid passport. Your passport must be valid at least three months after the return date, with two blank pages, and in good condition. Include a copy of previous visas (if any). 
  • Application form. You must fill out the application form online, print a hard copy, and sign it at the end. Make sure you complete the application form with all the requested and truthful information. Keep in mind that any false information can lead to your visa refusal. 
  • Work contract. Document proof that you have a valid work contract with companies or clients outside of Estonia. 
  • Letter from your employer stating that you intend to work remotely.
  • Bank statement. Document issued from the last six months from your bank. The document must prove that you have enough monthly income to finance yourself while staying in Estonia. 
  • Proof of accommodation. Document proof that you have a place to stay while being in Estonia. This document can be a rental agreement, hotel reservation, invitation letter, etc. 
  • Criminal record. Document issued from the police of your home country. This document must prove that you don’t have any criminal record in your home country and that you will not be a thread for the Republic of Estonia. 
  • Proof of health insurance coverage. You must have valid health insurance that covers the whole Schengen area. Your health insurance must have coverage of €30.000. 
  • University degree. Certificate of your studies (diploma), training certificate, and other certificates (if any).  

How to Apply for an Estonian Digital Nomad Visa?

Here are the steps you need to follow to apply for an Estonian digital nomad visa: 

  1. Book an appointment with the nearest embassy/consulate of Estonia in your home country.
  2. Fill out the application form online, print a hard copy of it, and sign it. 
  3. Gather all the requested documents and submit them to the nearest Estonian embassy in your home country.
  4. Wait for a response.
  5. After entering Estonia, apply for an E-Residency card.

What is the E-Residency Card?

The E-Residency card is a card issued by the government, and it allows you to access Estonia’s e-government services and business environment. It is also needed to verify the user of it online.

Therefore, E-Resident users can access a broader environment of e-services; this card allows them to manage business anywhere and open a new business while working online only. 

How Long Does it Take to Get an Estonia Digital Nomad Visa?

You should get a response from the embassy of Estonia within 15 to 30 days of submitting your application. However, it may take up to two months for your application to be processed.

How Much Does an Estonia Digital Nomad Visa Cost?

It costs 60 euros to apply for an Estonian digital nomad visa. Make sure you have this amount ready before you start the application process.

How Long Can I Stay in Estonia With a Digital Nomad Visa?

You can stay in Estonia for 12 months with a digital nomad visa.

Am I Allowed to Visit Other Schengen Countries With an Estonian Digital Nomad Visa?

Yes, as a digital nomad ni Estonia you are allowed to visit other Schengen countries. But, you are only allowed to stay in those countries for a period of 90 days within a 180-day period. 

Estonia Digital Nomad Visa Denial

If you fail to meet certain conditions, your application for an Estonian digital nomad visa may be denied. The reasons for denial may be:

  • Providing false information or documents.
  • Not meeting the eligibility criteria.
  • Incomplete or incorrect documentation.

If your Estonia digital nomad visa application is denied, you can always reapply. You will need to go through each of the steps from the begining. However, if the reason for denial is your inability to meet the eligibility criteria, you may have to consider other options, such as obtaining a tourist visa or getting an Estonian work visa.

Can You Extend an Estonian Digital Nomad Visa?

You can not extend a digital nomad visa, but you can apply for another visa while in Estonia. However, even if you decide to re-apply for a digital nomad visa, you cannot stay in Estonia for more than six additional months. After staying for a year and a half with a digital nomad visa, you will be required to leave Estonia. 

To re-apply for a digital nomad visa while in Estonia, you must apply and appear in person at the Police Border Guard Border. 

Can I Bring Dependents?

Yes, you can bring dependents with you if you have an Estonian digital nomad visa. Since you are allowed to stay for 12 months, your dependents can stay with you during this time, as well. You’ll need to provide additional documents to prove that you will have dependents to accompany you during your time in Estonia.

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