Complete guide to obtaining a digital nomad visa for Croatia, the required documents, the fees, and FAQs

Historical and blissful, the beautiful country of Croatia offers plenty of attractions for those who wish to live in the Mediterranean paradise. If the beautiful blue waters of Croatia have convinced you to move there but you do not want to leave your business behind, the Croatian digital nomad visa should be perfect for you.

What Is A Croatia Digital Nomad Visa?

The Croatia digital nomad visa is a type of residence permit that you can apply for if you want to work as a freelancer or entrepreneur in Croatia.

A Croatian digital nomad visa lets you, as a foreigner, live in Croatian territory while working remotely as a freelancer or private business owner. In reality, although it is called a digital nomad visa, it is more of a temporary residence permit issued for foreign freelancers.

The Croatian digital nomad visa can be issued for a maximum of one year and can be renewed before your visa expiration date.

The digital nomad visa does not allow you to seek labor for a Croatian company or business. If you are interested in working for a Croatian employer you must either obtain a Croatian work visa or EU Blue Card.

History of the Croatian Digital Nomad Visa

Amongst many European countries, Croatia offers a digital nomad visa as well. The Croatian digital nomad visa was established in January 2021 and the idea for it came from Jan de Jong, who visited the country in April 2020 and noticed the economic struggle of the country due to the pandemic. De Jong initially mentioned the idea of allowing tourists to stay for one year in Croatia which would then help boost the Croatian economy. The Dutch entrepreneur then made an open and public request to speak to Croatia’s minister and the meeting was successful. 

With a few tweaks, de Jong’s idea was accepted and today, the Croatian digital nomad visa is available for all non-EU/EEA nationals who work as freelancers.

Am I Eligible for a Croatian Digital Nomad Visa?

To be eligible for a Croatian digital nomad visa, you must prove that you: 

  • Are a citizen of a non-EU/EEA country.
  • Have a stable monthly income of around €2,300/month (or HRK 17,822.50/month). If you would like to take your family members with you, the bank statement of your monthly income statements must showcase an additional 676,30 kuna/month (around €90/month).
  • Are either self-employed or a freelancer outside of a Croatian workforce.

Benefits Of Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

While living in Croatia itself sounds convincing enough, here are some extra benefits that you will be entitled to once you obtain a Croatian digital nomad visa:

  1. Exemption from double taxation. Croatia allows you to be exempted from double taxation, meaning that as a digital nomad, you will not be required to pay additional Croatian tax if you do not work for a Croatian employer.
  2. Staying longer in Croatia. Considering the digital nomad visa is valid for one year and can be renewed, it is an amazing opportunity to fully bask in Croatia’s glory as you will have plenty of time to do so.
  3. The chance to work where and when you want. Being a digital nomad allows you to work at your own pace and at your own place with no pressure as you are working for yourself and have no additional worries.
  4. Road to Croatian citizenship. The best and most important benefit of acquiring a Croatian digital nomad visa is the fact that it enables you to start the path to Croatian citizenship. If you reside in Croatian territory for five years, you will be eligible for permanent residency which then enables Croatian citizenship eligibility.

Croatia Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

Here is the list of documents that you need to submit, when applying for a Croatian digital nomad visa:

  • Application form. If you want to apply in person through a Croatian diplomatic mission, print out the 1a form.
  • Your valid passport. Your travel document must be valid for at least three months after your digital nomad visa expiration date.
  • Monthly income proof. The bank statements you provide must also prove that you get your monthly income as a freelancer or entrepreneur that works for a company outside of Croatia. The monthly income requirement for the Croatian digital nomad visa is €2,300/month (or HRK 17,822.50/month)
  • Health insurance. Your medical insurance must cover your complete stay in Croatia. 
  • Visit purpose. You are required to state the reason behind your planned visit to Croatia, in this case for freelancing purposes.
  • Clear criminal record. You must submit a clean criminal certification which you can obtain from your home country. 
  • Temporary place of residence in Croatia. You must either submit a booking confirmation or a rental agreement with a Croatian landlord.

How To Apply For A Croatian Digital Nomad Visa?

A step-by-step guide on how to obtain a Croatian digital nomad visa is as follows: 

  1. Determine the method of application. Applications for the Croatian digital nomad visa can be made and submitted online through the Croatian Ministry of Interior website, or in person through a Croatian embassy or consulate.
  2. Fill in the application form. The application form you must submit depends on where you would like to apply. If you decide to apply online, the application form is part of the online application, whereas if you want to apply in person, you must print and fill out the 1A application form.
  3. Check and collect the required documents. Just like applying for any other type of visa, you must collect some requirements for the Croatia digital nomad visa as well.
  4. Enter Croatia and register your residence. If your digital nomad visa is accepted, congratulations! You can now enter Croatia. Once you enter, you will be required to register your temporary place of residence within three days of your arrival.

How to Register the Residence in Croatia?

To register, head to the closest police station and submit the following:

  • The Obrazac 8a form.
  • Rental Agreement or proof of a booked hotel  or Airbnb.

Once your registration process is complete, you will receive a Croatian residence card which will contain your personal information, a picture, and your fingerprints. You must take the residence card with you at all times.

Can I Apply for a Digital Nomad Visa if I’m Already in Croatia?

If you are currently residing in Croatia, you can apply for the digital nomad visa through the local police station ( Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova or MUP ) as well.

How Much Does The Croatia Digital Nomad Visa Cost?

If you apply through a Croatian diplomatic mission, the costs for a digital nomad visa are as follows:

TypeCost of applying at an Embassy/Consulate
Granting Temporary Stay.HRK 420 (Around €55)
Digital Nomad Visa.HRK 460 (Around €60)
Residence Card.HRK 310 (Around €40)

If you apply through a police station, the costs are:

TypeCosts of applying at a police station
Granting Temporary Stay.HRK 350 (Around €45)
Administrative Fees.HRK 70 (Around €10)
Residence Card.HRK 240 (Around €30)
Urgent Issuing of the Residence Card.HRK 450  (Around €60)

If you apply online, the costs are:

TypeCosts of applying online
Administrative Fees through Internet Banking.HRK 350 (Around €45)
Residence Permit through Internet Banking.HRK 240 (Around €30)
Urgent Issuing of Residence Permit through Internet Banking.HRK 450 (Around €60)

Once your payment is successful, you will be issued a document that shows that you have finished the payment process. You must attach this document to the other requirements that are needed for your Croatian digital nomad visa application.

Processing Time For A Digital Nomad Visa In Croatia

Usually, it takes one month to get an answer on your Croatian digital nomad visa. The processing time depends on a number of factors such as the verification time needed from the police station or the diplomatic mission you applied to. 

The processing time can be extended if the officer or counselor sees that additional information or documentation is needed.

Paying Taxes As A Digital Nomad In Croatia

The number one benefit of the Croatian digital nomad visa is that you are exempted from paying income taxes in Croatia, if you are working for a non-Croatian company. 

This benefit, however, is not available to everyone. Whether you are eligible for the tax exemption benefit depends on:

  • The tax requirements of your home country. Some countries (such as the US) may require that you pay taxes back home, even if you are not living there.
  • Whether you are a citizen of a tax treaty country that has an agreement with Croatia. A tax treaty country is considered a country that is exempt from double taxation if its national wants to move to Croatia temporarily.
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