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Shkurta Januzi is the News Editor of VisaGuide.World. She is an experienced journalist, content and news editor with an expertise in Traveling, Free Movement, Visas, and Immigration. At VisaGuide.World, she holds the responsibility of providing accurate and relevant news and updates regarding worldwide travel and immigration.

TikTok’s Tech Workers Facing Unusual US Visa Approval Delays

Aspiring TikTok employees who are not US citizens have been stranded in a difficult situation, after the US government is holding up approvals of work visas, which they need, in order to start their jobs. This problem appeared soon after President Trump’s administration threatened to shutter the operations of the company, which are located in the US. TikTok’s CEO also quitted its job after three months of working, VisaGuide.World reports. International engineers play an essential role in [...]

By |2020-09-17T16:51:46+02:00September 17th, 2020|US Visa/Passport News|

Filipino Couples Separated by Travel Bans Urge Government to Help Them Reunite

When the Philippines closed its doors, back in March, hoping to stave off the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, a large number of couples were left separated, and haven’t seen each other for over six months now. Even though married couples are permitted to meet again in the Philippines, internationals who maintain a relationship with Filipinos, which usually were allowed to enter the country as tourists, are now included into the non-essential travel regulation, therefore are still [...]

China Introduces New Visa Restrictions on US Media Workers

China will apply new visa restrictions for international journalists who work for US media organizations in China, the local authorities in China have revealed. US journalists in China seeking to renew their press credentials that usually are valid for a year have received a letter stressing that their applications are being processed, instead of receiving a new press card, VisaGuide.World reports. International journalists in China have also been urged to carry the letter together with their expired [...]

By |2020-09-11T15:27:27+02:00September 11th, 2020|China Visa/Passport News, US Visa/Passport News|

Trump Cancels Visas for Over 1,000 Chinese Nationals to Prevent Visa Abuse & Research Theft

Under a presidential proclamation announced on late May by Donald Trump, the United States has decided to cancel visas for over 1,000 Chinese nationals, specifically students and researchers, citing that they are considered harmful for the country’s national safety due to a possible connection to the Chinese military. According to the State Department, this decision has been taken“to stop them from stealing United States technology, intellectual property and information to develop advanced military capabilities.” Regarding this issue, [...]

By |2020-09-11T14:54:17+02:00September 11th, 2020|US Visa/Passport News|

US Stops Health Screening Internationals of Certain Countries Arriving Through 15 Airports

The United States Government will no longer require international travellers to go through the screening process upon their arrival to 15 airports, after an evaluation that these screenings did not contribute to halting the spread of the virus. However, passengers will be advised regarding public health measures, in order to reduce the risk from the Coronavirus pandemic, VisaGuide.World reports. “Beginning September 14, 2020, the US government will remove requirements for directing all flights carrying airline passengers arriving [...]

By |2020-09-11T14:54:59+02:00September 11th, 2020|Coronavirus News and Updates, US Visa/Passport News|

Critical Purpose Visa Enables New Zealand and Australian Partners to Reunite

New Zealand's government intends to reunite Trans-Tasman couples who remain separated amid the Coronavirus outbreak, through new changes to the border and visa controls, from early October, the New Zealand government has announced. According to the Minister of Immigration Kris Faafoi, the country is in a position to permit a small number of persons in New Zealand, VisaGuide.World reports. "Many of these visa holders and their families have lived in New Zealand for years and have built [...]

H-1B Visa Program Amendments Under White House Review

The proposed amendment to the H-1B visa program by President Trump's administration, which would define what exactly "special occupation" would include, is close to publication, as the United States Department for Homeland and Security has already sent the proposed rule to the White House's Office of Management and Budget, VisaGuide.World reports. After the White House regulatory office reviews the regulation, it will be released by the federal agency and ready to be published for the public's comments. [...]

By |2020-09-08T15:16:58+02:00September 8th, 2020|H1B Visa News Portal|

Judge Urges Trump Administration to Grant Visas to Green Card Lottery Winners

President Donald Trump’s administration has been ordered by a federal judge in Washington to resume issuing immigrant diversity visas to persons who won them through the Green Card lottery 2020, after the latter procedures were frozen amid the COVID-19 ban on temporary US work visas, VisaGuide.World reports. More than 55,000 visas are issued annually by the United States to persons coming from other countries, a large share of them from the continent of Africa. Diversity visas’ winners [...]

By |2020-09-08T12:23:04+02:00September 8th, 2020|US Visa/Passport News|

UK to Facilitate Visa Rules for Incoming International Students

The United Kingdom will facilitate visa rules for international students coming to the country, according to an announcement issued by the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI). According to this announcement, there will be flexibility in visa rules, with health precautions throughout the visa procedures in order to facilitate experiences for all, especially international students, VisaGuide.World reports. Incoming international students are now allowed to apply for a study (Tier 4) visa when they plan to travel to [...]

By |2020-09-07T14:21:03+02:00September 7th, 2020|UK Visa/Passport News|

IATA Urges European Countries to Reopen Their Borders

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is calling on the governments of the European Union Member States to lift their border restrictions and continue to relieve their imposed measures due to the Coronavirus pandemic, in order to help the airlines recover from the devastation caused by the deadly virus. IATA has stressed that the travel demand continues to be annihilated by restrictions that a large share of countries have imposed in a bid to stop the virus [...]