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Melvina Kelmendi is the Content Editor of VisaGuide.World. She is responsible for providing our readers with easy-to-digest information about worldwide travel visas.

European Parliament gives green light to Kosovo visa liberalization

The European Parliament has given the green light to Kosovo visa liberalization, by approving the opening of visa talks. With 420 votes pro, 186 against, and 20 abstentions, now the proposal for the amendment of the regulation to move Kosovo under the Annex of visa free entities, moves to the Council of Ministers for adaption. If the EU Council adapts the change of the regulation by a qualified majority, Kosovo citizens may be able to travel visa-free [...]

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‘Passport babies’ growing problem in Canada

The Canadian Conservative Party is calling for changes to a law that says all those born in Canadian soil have the right of Canadian citizenship. The highly debated law gives the right of citizenship to babies born in Canada, even if their parents are not Canadian citizens. The Conservatives, which is one of the three main parties in Canada voted last Saturday at the party’s convention in Halifax to end a birthright citizenship. Alice Wong, British Columbia [...]

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Albanian citizens no longer need a visa to visit Armenia

Albanian passport holders will soon be able to visit Armenia without the need to obtain a visa first. The 3 million nationals of the Southeastern European country will have the chance to enter Armenia visa-free, and remain there for a maximum of 180 days per year. Such decision was taken today on August 30, during a session of the Armenian government, in which the respective draft decision was adopted. The move is part of an attempt to [...]

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USCIS Extends Suspension of Premium Processing for H-1B Petitions

The Unites States Citizenship and Immigration Services announced on Tuesday that the temporary suspension of premium processing for cap-subject H-1B petitions will be extended until February 19, 2019. On March this year, USCIS announced that the Trump administration had temporarily suspended premium processing for the Fiscal Year 2019 cap-subject petitions, until September 10, 2018. The suspension came into force on the same day that USCIS started accepting H-1B visa applications, on April 2. The premium processing is [...]

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Bajans to get US visa renewal interview waiver

Barbados passport holders wishing to remain longer in the United States will now have it easier to renew their visas. The US government plans to wave the interview process by the end of August, for all qualifying Bajans who apply for a US visa renewal. According to a press release issued by the US Embassy in Wildey, St Michael, the decision has been taken as a part of ongoing efforts to improve and facilitate the visa process. [...]

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