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How to Freelance in Germany?

Most people will need a visa to freelance in Germany. Freelancing has become a popular employment method, especially among young professionals, because it gives them the opportunity to have more control over their life and their work. The German government has updated laws and regulations to cater to the ever-increasing freelance workers in the country. Expats can also freelance in Germany, but they will have to go through quite a lengthy process. Who Can Freelance in Germany? [...]

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How to Become a Citizen of Norway?

In order to apply for Norway citizenship, you have to fulfil a set of requirements, which depend largely on your nationality and your immigration status (i.e. under what circumstances you initially entered Norway). As of January 2020, it is possible to obtain Norwegian citizenship without having to renounce your current nationality. Who Can Apply for Norway Citizenship? You can apply for Norwegian citizenship if you have lived in Norway continuously for at least seven years. If you [...]

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Britain finally left the European Union on January 31, 2020 - almost 4 years after 52% of the British citizens voted to leave. So far, British citizens have been able to enjoy the same rights and liberties as all other EU citizens, but with Brexit, some things are bound to change, including the freedom of movement. Although for short-term trips to the EU, British citizens will still be able to travel visa-free (as long as they do [...]

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How to Move to the UK?

If moving to the UK is your main goal at the moment, the most important step to getting there is also the most boring and tiresome: getting a visa. Visiting the UK for a short trip may be as easy as hopping on a plane and setting off on your way (if you are visa-exempt, that is), but if you want to actually move to the UK there’s a longer process involved. We all know that nobody [...]

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Transferring an O-1 Visa to a Green Card

The O-1 visa is comparable to the H-1B visa as they both require a petition from an employer, but the O-1 visa requirements are much more extensive. Because of these extensive requirements, few people manage to get the O-1 visa which allows the visa holders to stay in the U.S and work for 3 years in their field of expertise. Besides this advantage, O-1 visa holders also get an additional benefit. The O-1 visa is a dual [...]

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Visa Free Countries for Canadians

Canada has the 9th most powerful passport in the world. By passport strength we mean, how many places can the holder travel without visa restrictions? And according to the 2019 Henley Passport Index, Canadians can travel to 183 countries applying for a visa at an Embassy. To put things into perspective, there are 195 countries in the world. This list would be easier to compile if we were to mention the countries where a visa is required [...]

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Visa Free Countries for Filipinos

Filipino citizens can travel to more than thirty countries completely visa-free, and they are eligible for a Visa on Arrival or eVisa for another fifty-plus countries. This rounds up the number to over 80 countries where Filipinos can travel without needing to deal with excessive bureaucratic procedures at different Embassies. Visa Free Countries for Filipinos Filipinos don’t need a visa to travel to the following countries: Barbados - up to 90 days Bolivia - up [...]

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How to Get a Temporary Passport?

A temporary passport or limited validity passport is a travel document issued by the relevant authorities of your country in urgent cases. So for example, you are abroad, and for some reason, your regular passport is just gone - you misplaced it, or it was stolen, or damaged. Or, you have to travel abroad in an emergency, you don’t have a valid passport, and you don’t have time to wait a few weeks until a regular passport [...]

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Becoming a Citizen of Thailand

Many expats who have been living in Thailand for a considerable amount of time decide to undergo the long process that leads to becoming a Naturalized Thai Citizen. Obtaining Thai Citizenship through naturalization is a long and often tiring process, which requires you to submit mountains of paperwork, deal with bureaucratic office after bureaucratic office, sing the National Anthem, and - mostly - wait, wait, and wait… However, those who have chosen to make Thailand their home, [...]

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Bank Account Verification Letter for Sponsoring US Visa

If you are sponsoring someone’s US visa application, you must send the applicant several documents, including a Bank Account Verification Letter. The Bank Account Verification Letter for sponsoring a US visa serves to prove to the Embassy or Consular services that you are capable of supporting your guest financially during their time in the US. Your bank has to issue your letter (it usually involves a fee) and you have to send it to the applicant abroad [...]

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