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Best Places to Visit In Winter

When the end of the year is quickly approaching, many of us are planning on taking a much-needed break away from work or school responsibilities. While sometimes, the idea of a perfect holiday involves spending time at home with your family, other times you just want to take a nice trip somewhere. Everyone’s idea of the best places to visit in winter is different: some want to enjoy the holiday spirit, some want to get away from [...]

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Healthcare Costs in the USA for Expatriates and Visitors

Every traveller who is planning on taking a trip abroad is always advised to purchase health insurance. In fact, travel health insurance is an obligatory requirement for visa applications to many countries, including the Schengen Area. That’s because without health insurance, the doctor visit costs may add up higher than your entire trip; in some countries more so than others. With recent media coverage of healthcare cost nightmares in the US, foreigners travelling there have understandably started [...]

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One Visa For Multiple Countries (It’s Not Just Schengen!)

We all know it is important to travel - you discover new cultures, meet new people, learn about different lifestyles from your own. You discover that there is so much more to the world than your little corner of it. However, although reading a motivational piece of writing on the importance of traveling can inspire most people, for many of us, traveling to far-off countries is not as easy as grabbing your passport and being on the [...]

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Brazil and Argentina to Introduce New Joint Visa for China

Brazil and Argentina are examining the possibility of a new visa joint for China, which would allow Chinese nationals to visit both countries with only one tourist visa. Speaking at the 8th Global Tourism Economy Forum held in Macao this week, Argentina’s Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Santos, said that the visa could be extended to include other South American countries as well. Marcelo Alvaro Antonio, Brazil’s Minister of Tourism also spoke at the forum, saying that they [...]

Over 50 US Business School Deans and CEOs Call For H-1B Visa Reforms

More than 50 US business school deans and company CEOs have signed an open letter calling on President Donald Trump and Congress leaders to reform the current H-1B visa cap. They worry that their current immigration policies are hurting the economic growth of the country. More specifically, they believe the 85,000 cap on annually-issued H1-B visas is too low, and will not produce the necessary talent that the US economy needs to strive. “We are needlessly capping [...]

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UK’s New Innovator Visa Gets Only Four Applications in Three Months

The UK’s new Innovator Visa has been called too limiting after only two applicants (out of a total of four applications) received the visa in the first three months of its launch. In contrast, the Start-up visa, which was introduced at the same time, received 32 applications in its first three months, out of which 23 were successful. The Innovator Visa is part of the changes which the UK government has made to its immigration rules in [...]

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Saudi Arabia Extends Tourist Visas to US and Schengen Visa Holders

Holders of Schengen and US visas are now eligible for the new Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa. Last month, Saudi Arabia launched a new Tourist e-Visa which is available to a select few nations, including the US, EU, United Kingdom, and several Asian countries. Now, the Kingdom has extended the possibility of a tourist visa to those who already have a visa for the US or Schengen. Ahmad Al-Khateeb, chairman of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National [...]

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Canada’s Liberal Party Supports Granting Visa-free Travel to Ukrainian citizens

Canada’s ruling party, the Liberal Party, seemingly supports the possible introduction of visa-free travel to Ukrainian citizens, reports Ukrainian media outlet, Ukrinform. This is stated on the official response of the Liberal Party directed to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, which reads: “During the visit of President Zelensky to Canada in July, our government discussed facilitating the requirements that Ukrainian citizens need to meet for traveling to Canada. Our party is convinced of the need to continue these [...]

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China to Restrict Visas for US Citizens with ‘Anti-China’ Links

The Chinese government intends to ban US nationals who have so-called “anti-China” links from entering the country. China’s Ministry of Public Security has been planning to restrict the travel of anyone who is linked to U.S. Intelligence Services and human rights groups for months now. However, the decision at this time is likely a result of rising concern in Beijing that the US and other governments are using these organizations to encourage the anti-government protests in mainland [...]

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How to Get Israel Citizenship?

Israeli citizenship is a status that enables a person to live in Israel, work, study, hold an Israeli passport and vote here, among others. Israeli citizenship comes with a lot of benefits for those living here. However, not everyone can become an Israeli citizen. In fact, there are only three main routes, through which one can apply to become a citizen of Israel. These are: Jus sanguinis -citizenship by descent) for Jews. Jus soli - citizenship by [...]

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