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Melvina Kelmendi is the Content Editor of VisaGuide.World. She is responsible for providing our readers with easy-to-digest information about worldwide travel visas.

What is Virtual Travel and How Can I Exploit It During The Coronavirus Crisis?

Now that travelling - at least in the traditional sense of the word - is off the picture for the foreseeable future (because we’re being responsible citizens and staying home), virtual travel may be stepping up. Ever since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization), the world appears to have hit the pause button. Because of the coronavirus lockdown, millions of people are forced to work from home (writer of this article [...]

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COVID-19: Trump Announces Potential Travel Restrictions to More Countries

US President Donald Trump has announced that the US may extend their current travel restrictions to even more countries, in an effort to halt the spread of COVID-19. “They’ll be staying, and we may add a few more. But the guidelines will be very much as they are, maybe even toughened up a little bit. But they’re having a big impact, they’re having a tremendous impact,” Trump said at a White House press conference on Monday, referencing [...]

Sri Lanka Has Extended Suspension of Visas Due to Coronavirus

The Sri Lanka government has extended the suspension of all visas issued to foreign nationals, as part of its measures taken to halt the spread of the COVID-19. The Department of Immigration and Emigration announced that all visas and entry permits that have been issued until now will be invalidated for entry to Sri Lanka until April 7, 2020, at 23:59 local time, reports VisaGuide.World. Previously, the suspension was supposed to last until March 31. Nationals of [...]

COVID-19: Dutch Universities to Help Int’l Students with Visa Issues

International students in universities across Europe are worried about what the spread of the coronavirus will mean about their student visas. The Netherlands international education bureau Nuffic is working with the immigration services and Dutch universities to come up with a solution for international students facing problems as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Students are worried about delays in their studies and visa requirements. Some want to go home but can’t because of travel restrictions. We [...]

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Ireland Suspends Visas for Non-EEA Nationals

Ireland has suspended visas for non-EEA nationals as a result of the coronavirus.  So, unless you are from an EU/EEA country - or considered a “Priority/Emergency” case - you won’t be able to travel to Ireland for the time being. In addition, anyone who does enter the country will have to undergo 14 days of self-isolation to minimize the risk of spreading the disease. “As part of the combined efforts to tackle COVID-19 and to ensure customer [...]

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Coronavirus: UAE Makes It Easier For International Workers to Renew Visas

International workers in the United Arab Emirates will be able to renew their work visas without the usual mandatory medical tests. The announcement came after the UAE closed down its medical fitness centres as it tries to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), along with the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP,) and the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) announced on Wednesday, March 25 that work [...]

US Offers Visas to Foreign Doctors to Help With Coronavirus Pandemic

The US government is offering visas to foreign medical staff as they seek to get help amid the coronavirus pandemic. The US Bureau of Consular Affairs has urged medical professionals to turn to their nearest U.S diplomatic mission so they can arrange a visa appointment. "We encourage medical professionals seeking work in the U.S. on a work or exchange visitor visa (H or J), particularly those working on #COVID19 issues, to contact the nearest US Embassy/ Consulate [...]

Japan Restricts Non-Essential Travel Abroad Due to Coronavirus

The Japanese Government has asked its citizens to avoid all non-essential travel abroad, as they fight to stop the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Japan’s Foreign Ministry has raised its travel advisory alert for the whole world to Level 2 (out of a four-level scale), marking the first time Japan has raised the travel alert so high. “The aim is to inform people who are planning to travel of the risks and prevent any trouble,” a [...]

Thousands of US Citizens Stranded Abroad Due to Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

More than 50,000 US citizens are stranded abroad because of the travel restrictions enforced due to the coronavirus pandemic. Ian Brownlee, head of the State Department’s repatriation task force, said they are working tirelessly to bring them back. “Our posts around the world have received requests for assistance for getting back to the United States from over 50,000 US citizens. And we’re committed to bringing home as many Americans as we possibly can,” said Brownlee in a [...]

Coronavirus: China Temporarily Bans Entry to Foreing Nationals

China has temporarily banned entry to foreign nationals in an effort to stop the return and further spread of the coronavirus. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that starting from March 28 all foreign residents holding a valid Chinese visa will be denied entry until an unspecified date. The decision also affects business travellers and anyone who does not normally require a visa to enter China, VisaGuide.World reports. “In view of the rapid spread of COVID-19 [...]