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Subclass 400 requirements, eligibility, application process and guidelines

A 400 visa is a work visa that you can apply for if you have a highly specialized skill that is in short supply in Australia. When you apply for this visa, you have to provide proof that you truly meet the eligibility requirements and that you will be working in an activity that is non-ongoing.

Requirements for a 400 Visa

You need to prepare the documents listed below for a 400 visa application:

  • Passport and identity documents. You must have a valid passport at the time of application, and you may be required to submit other identification documents such as an ID card or certificate of name change (if applicable).
  • Evidence of work. For a 400 visa, you have to provide evidence that you will be doing work during your stay in Australia. You can submit a letter of invitation, a job offer, an employment contract, or any other document that shows the employment period, the type of work you will be doing, the reason why you will be working in Australia and so on.
  • Proof of financial support. You have to provide evidence that you have enough money to support yourself and your family in Australia. You can submit bank statements or employment contracts.
  • Evidence of qualifications. You must show that you have the required skills to do the type of work you are applying for. You can submit your CV, licenses and qualifications, or a letter from your overseas employer detailing your responsibilities and current job position.
  • Evidence of your good character. The Department of Home Affairs will let you know when or if you need to provide character evidence.
  • Proof of genuine need for your employment. If you are being invited to work, then your employer must provide evidence that they have a genuine need to hire someone with your expertise and that Australian citizens and permanent residents won’t be overlooked for this position.
  • Documents for your partner. In case you bring your partner with you, then please provide their identification documents, character documents, marriage certificate or a registered relationship (if applicable).
  • Documents for children under 18. For your minor children, provide their birth certificate or other documents that show their relationship to you, a parental consent form 1229 or a statutory declaration.
  • Documents for children over 18 (dependent). If you have any adult children who are dependent on you for various reasons, provide their identification documents, character documents, dependency form 47a and other proof of dependency.

Who Can Apply for a 400 Visa?

You can apply for a 400 visa if:

  • You will benefit Australian businesses.
  • You have skills, experience and knowledge that cannot be found in Australia.
  • You will be doing short term work with no possibility of continuation.
  • You will be directing or producing a project that will not be shown in Australia.
  • You will be doing a promotional activity in Australia (a red carpet event, or a promotional tour).
  • You are a temporary genuine entrant in Australia.

You cannot apply for a visa if you work in the entertainment industry and you plan on performing as an artist or entertainer, or take part in any productions that will be shown or broadcasted in Australia.

How Do I Get a Subclass 400 Visa?

You can get this visa by applying online through ImmiAccount. You have to get your documents ready before you can attach them to your application. Keep in mind that if you are applying with your family members you can have your family applications processed together.

You have to apply from outside the country for a visa 400, and you must be out of the country when the visa is granted. The visa begins on the first day you arrive in Australia- you must enter the country within 6 months after your visa is issued or less than that, you will find this information on your visa grant letter.

Temporary Work Visa Subclass 400 Fees

A visa 400 costs AUD315. However, you don’t have to pay the fee if you are going to Australia as a representative of a foreign government.

You are required to pay additional fees for your family members who apply with you– your visa application won’t be processed until the full fee is paid.

Processing Times for a Visa 400

Visa subclass 400 is usually processed within 36 days. However, some applications may take only 13 days to be processed.

How Long Is a 400 Visa for?

This visa will last between 3 months up to 6 months. The validity of a 400 visa depends on the type of work you will be doing and how long it will take to complete your work.

Usually, you must have a very strong and compelling reason why you want to stay for more than three months.

Can 400 Visa Be Extended?

No, this visa is issued only for a short time.

Can I Include My Family Members With Me on a Visa 400?

You can include these family members for a 400 visa:

  • Your spouse or your partner.
  • Your minor child or your partner’s child.
  • Your adult dependent child or your partner’s child.
  • Your grandchild or your partner’s grandchild.

Your family members are not allowed to study or work under this visa, so please make sure you provide evidence that your family members can financially support themselves or you will support them.

Travelling With a Visa Subclass 400

You can travel with this visa only if you have a multiple entry visa. If you have a single entry visa 400, you cannot re-enter Australia after you leave even if your visa is valid.

If you have a multiple entry visa 400, you can travel as you wish while your visa is valid. Having a multiple entry visa does not mean that every time you enter Australia the visa restarts, your 400 visa will be valid for three months (or six) from the issue date, regardless of how many times you leave the country and re-enter.

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