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Subclass 485 requirements, eligibility criteria, application steps and guidelines

The temporary graduate visa- subclass 485, is a migration program for students who finished their studies in Australia. You can apply for this visa if you want to continue staying in Australia after your student visa expires.

This visa is temporary, but you can apply for a permanent visa after you’ve worked for a few years in Australia. Keep in mind that you can work in a related field to your studies and you may be required to stay in a regional zone in Australia.

What Is a Temporary Graduate (TR) Visa Subclass 485?

Temporary graduate visa- TR 485 is issued to international students who finished their studies in Australia and wish to work there. This work visa will allow you to stay in Australia for a short time and work there, but you can only apply for this visa once.

Temporary Graduate Visa 485 Streams

For a 485 visa, there are two streams you can apply for:

  1. Post study work stream. This stream will allow you to stay between two to four years depending on your degree level. During that time you can work anything as long as it’s related to your field of study- you can also apply for a second post study work stream visa that will allow you to stay for up to two more years.
  2. Graduate work stream. You can apply for this visa stream if you want to work in an occupation that belongs to the skilled occupation list. To get this visa stream, your degree, diploma or trade certificate must be related to the job you want to work in.

485 Visa Checklist

Make sure you provide the documents listed here for your 485 visa application:

  • Make sure you prepare a copy of your passport pages with all the information details.
  • Proof of your finished studies. You will most likely need to submit a letter of completion including the dates when you started your studies and when you finished your study program.
  • School records. You are also required to submit a copy of your school transcripts will all your course grades.
  • Proof of English language proficiency. Unless you are from the United Kingdom, the US, Canada, New Zealand, or the Republic of Ireland, then you must submit proof that you have successfully completed an international English language test.
  • Health insurance. You must submit proof that you have valid health insurance during your stay there, or that you are a part of MediCare.
  • Your character documents. You have to provide proof that you applied for a National Police Check, and you must submit other documents that show you are not involved in criminal activities. Please make sure you also provide form 80 and form 1221 for additional information.
  • Skill assessment documents. You are required to go through a skill assessment for your nominated occupation-this assessment must be submitted with your application. However, you only need the skills assessment for a graduate stream visa and not for a post study work visa.
  • Partner documents. For your partner or spouse, you must provide copies of their identification documents, a copy of your marriage certificate (if applicable), proof of registered relationship and similar documents.
  • Minor children documents. If you are taking a minor child with you, you must provide their birth certificate or a family book, and either a parental consent form 1229 or a statutory declaration.
  • Dependent children documents. In case you have adult dependent children, you must submit proof of dependency, and form 47a. Don’t forget to include their identification documents.

Eligibility Criteria for a 485 Visa

You need to meet the following criteria for a 485 visa:

  • You are under 50 years of age.
  • You hold a valid student visa.
  • You held a student visa 6 months before you applied for a 485 visa.
  • You received one of these degrees:
    • Bachelor degree
    • Bachelor degree (Honors)
    • Master’s (course work) degree
    • Master’s (extended) degree
    • Master’s (by research) degree
    • PhD
  • You studied at an Australian university.
  • You did not hold a previous 485 visa or a 476 visa (for a graduate stream).
  • You meet the skills requirements (for a graduate stream)
  • Your occupation is listed in the skilled occupation list (for a graduate stream).

Please note that you must have gotten your student visa either on November 5, 2011 or after this date- anyone with a student visa issued earlier is not eligible to apply for a 485 visa.

Meeting the Study Requirements for Australia Visa 485

The study program you followed in Australia must meet the study requirement for you to be eligible for a 485 visa:

  • The course you took was a part of CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students).
  • You held a valid student visa.
  • You completed all the course requirements.
  • The course you studied was taught in English.
  • You studied for at least two years or 92 weeks in total.
  • You finished your study program in no less than 16 months.

How Can I Apply For a Temporary Graduate Visa in Australia?

You can apply for the visa by following these instructions:

  1. Open an ImmiAccount.
  2. Attach your documents.
  3. Pay the application fee.
  4. Submit your application.

Open an ImmiAccount

You have to apply online for a visa 485. To submit a successful application, you must have an ImmiAccount- if you don’t have one then you must open a new account. The online platform will give step by step instructions on how to apply, and you will also find a full list of the required documents you must submit for your visa application.

Please make sure you choose the visa stream carefully when applying, you cannot change streams after you apply.

Attach Your Documents

Once you have selected which visa 485 stream you are applying for, you can continue with the next part of the application- attaching your documents. For online applications, you must submit scanned copies of your original documents, or scanned photocopies. You have to prepare your documents so that the files can be uploaded.

Pay the Application Fee

To get your application processed, you must submit the application fee or your application is invalid. You must pay the fee online- you will see the option for payments in the ImmiAccount.

Submit Your Application

You submit the application as soon as your payment is finished. Please make sure you apply on time, and keep in mind that applications should be submitted according to the Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

How Long Does It Take to Get a 485 Visa?

The processing time varies depending on the visa stream:


Visa stream Timeline
Post Study Work Stream- subclass 485 8-9 months
Graduate Stream- subclass 485 10-9 months

485 Visa Fee

Visa 485 costs AUD1,680. If you apply for a second post study work stream, you have to pay AUD660. Keep in mind that for every other applicant you bring with you, there are additional visa fees.

How Long Is My Temporary Graduate Visa Valid For?

Your temporary graduate visa is usually valid between 2 to four years, this will depend on your visa stream and your qualifications. For your post study work stream, if you have a bachelor’s degree you can stay for two years, with a master’s degree you can stay for 3 up to five years.

This visa will last 5 years if you have a passport issued from Hong Kong.

Can I Stay Longer?

You cannot stay longer, nor can you extend your stay with this visa. Additionally, you can only apply once for this visa. However, if you had a post study work stream, you can apply for a second post study work stream visa.

A second post study work stream visa is valid for another two years and you must apply for the visa from the beginning and pay an application fee.

Visa 485 to Permanent Residency

You get permanent residency in Australia if you apply for a permanent visa. After you’ve held your visa 485, you can apply for a permanent work visa:

There are other several permanent visas you can apply for if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Can I Bring My Family Members With Me on a 485 Visa?

Yes, you can apply for a 485 visa will family members. However, they must be close family members such as your spouse, partner, children or grandchildren. Keep in mind that family members over 16 must also meet the character requirements.

485 Visa New Rules

Due to the situation with the COVID pandemic, some concessions may apply to this visa. For example, the time you spend during online classes will be counted as a part of your study requirements.

To prove that you were affected by COVID you must attach this completed form 1545– your education provider must complete the form.

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