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Subclass 887 requirements, eligibility, application process and guidelines

887 visa is a permanent work visa that is issued only to those who had a previous temporary work visa. A visa 887 allows you to remain in Australia permanently, but only if during your previous visa you worked and lived in a specific region in Australia.

Moreover, if you meet the eligibility criteria you may apply for Australian citizenship after you’ve had your 887 visa for a few years.

887 Visa Checklist

Get ready to submit these documents listed below for your 887 visa application:

  • Passport. You cannot apply for a visa without a valid passport, so make sure your passport is up to date and you must submit a copy of the pages with all your important information.
  • Identification documents. You may be required to provide a copy of your national ID card (if you have one), or other proof of identification. You are also required to submit any documents that prove your name change (if you did change your name).
  • Evidence of work. You must provide evidence that you worked full time for at least 35 hours per week during one year period (under a valid visa). The work you did must have been in either a low-population growth area or a designated area in Australia.
  • Proof of residence. For your visa 887, you must submit evidence that you lived in an approved area for at least two years while you held your previous work visa.
  • Evidence of your character. Along with your documents proving your good character, submit form 80 and form 1221.
  • Proof of your English language proficiency. You are required to submit evidence that you have at least a functional level of the English language.
  • For your partner/spouse:
    • Any type of identification
    • Character documents
    • Marriage certificate
    • Proof of relationship (if applicable)
  • For your minor children:
    • Birth certificate or your family book
    • Parental permission form 1229
    • Statutory declaration
  • For your adult dependent children:
    • Identity documents
    • Character documents
    • Proof of relationship
    • Evidence of other relationships of the child (if applicable)

Who Can Apply for an 887 Visa?

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for an 887 visa:

  • You hold any one of the following visa categories or you held one for at least two years before you apply for an 887 visa:
  • You meet the residency requirements.
  • You meet the work requirements.

Please note that the bridging visa must have been one you received after you made a valid application for a visa 489, 495, and 487.

Application Process for a Visa 887

You can apply for an 887 visa online by submitting your documents to ImmiAccount. The ImmiAcocunt is an online platform for visa applications in Australia, and once you open an account you will be able to apply for the visa you want. In the account, you will find all the instructions you need to know to submit your application successfully.

It’s important to prepare your documents for online submission. Additionally, you are required to submit your visa fee before you complete your application to have your visa processed.

What Is the Fee for an 887 Visa?

This visa costs AUD425. There are additional fees for each family member that applies with you for the visa. Moreover, your family members are required to have at least a functional level of English, if they don’t, you have to pay a second instalment fee for each family member over 18 without proof of English language proficiency.

The second instalment fee is AUD4,890.

How Long Does It Take to Process 887 Visa?

It takes around 20 months to process your application for an 887 visa. However, some applications could only take 14 months. Momentarily, the Department of Home Affairs is assessing applications submitted before September 2020.

Bringing Family With an 887 Visa

You can bring your family members with you on an 887 visa. You should include all your family members at the time of application- you can’t add any family members after you apply for the visa.

Please note that you can only bring family members that belong to your close family unit, which includes your partner, you or your partner’s children (minor or dependent adult), you or your partner’s step-children (minor or dependent adult), or grandchildren.

887 Visa Travel Restrictions

This visa won’t allow you to travel after five years pass. This is because Australian permanent visas have a travel facility that expires five years from when the visa is granted. To travel freely under visa 887, you must apply for a resident return visa.

You don’t have to apply for an RRV visa if you are not planning on travelling, but if you leave Australia without an RRV, and an expired travel facility, you might not be allowed to re-enter as a permanent resident.

887 Visa Update

Because of the situation with the COVID-19 virus, there are a few concessions applicable to some Australian visas. For a visa 887, these concessions will depend on whether you are applying from within Australia or out of the country.

If You Are Outside of Australia

During the concession period, you are allowed to make an application outside of Australia and be out of the country when your visa is granted. In addition to this, you meet the work and residence requirements for a shorter period of time:

  • You have evidence that you worked full time for nine months (or less if allowed) in a specified region in Australia.
  • You lived in Australia for 18 months or less in a specified region in Australia.

If You Are In Australia

If you want to apply for an 887 visa during the concession period while you are in Australia, then you must provide evidence that:

  • You worked full time for 9 months in a specific area in Australia.
  • You lived for 2 years in a specific area in Australia.
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