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Subclass 190 requirements, points table, application process and guidelines

A 190 visa is a type of permanent work permit you can receive if you are invited and nominated to apply for the visa. To get a nomination, you must be an accomplished individual and meet the points requirement.

190 Subclass Skilled Nominated Visa Checklist

You need to prepare the following documents for your 190 visa application:

  • When you apply for a 190 visa, it’s very important to have a valid passport and submit a copy of your passport pages.
  • Identity documents. If you have a national ID card or any other type of identification, please submit a copy of your identity documents.
  • Evidence of a good character. You must provide several documents proving your character- this includes form 80 and form 1221.
  • Proof of English language proficiency. You have to have a competent level of the English language to get this visa- make sure you provide evidence of your English level.
  • Expression of interest documents. You need to provide evidence of the skills you claimed to have in your expression of interest. This means you must submit any document that proves your work experience, your educational qualifications, your professional experience in Australia, and so on.
  • Skill assessment documents. You are required to submit a copy of your skill assessment report (see below).
  • Helping forms. If someone helps you with your application, please submit either form 956 or form 956a.
  • For your partner/spouse include:
    • Their identity documents
    • Marriage certificate or divorce certificate
    • Proof of registered relationship
    • Proof of your partner’s functional English
  • For your dependents under 18:
    • Birth certificate or family book
    • Parental consent form 1229
    • Statutory declaration
  • For your dependents over 18:
    • Identity documents
    • Documents about other relationships
    • Form 47a
    • Proof of dependency
    • Proof of a functional English

Who Can Apply for a 190 Visa?

You can apply for a 190 visa if:

  • You are nominated by an Australian state or territory.
  • You are invited to apply for the 190 visa.
  • You have a positive skill assessment.
  • You are under 45 years of age.
  • You scored at least 65 points on the score table.
  • You are nominated in a profession listed in the occupation list.

190 State Sponsored Visa Application Process

Here is how the application process for a visa 190 goes:

  1. You submit an expression of interest.
  2. You score 65 points.
  3. You are nominated for the state sponsored visa.
  4. You are invited to apply for a 190 visa.
  5. You apply for the 190 visa.

You Submit an Expression of Interest

To get a nomination for a 190 visa, you must first submit an expression of interest (EOI). You can submit your EOI in SkillSelect by opening an account and providing your personal information, including work experiences and qualifications.

Your EOI will be stored for two years and you can update it before you are invited to apply if new work experiences happen or you gained new qualifications or awards.

You Score 65 Points

When you complete your EOI there will be an overall score according to the information you provided and you can see the number of points you reached. To get a nomination, you must have at least 65 points- each score is given to you based on the claims you make regarding your qualifications.

For example, if you spent a professional year in Australia you will receive a higher score in your EOI than those who did not have the same qualification.

You Are Nominated for the State Sponsored Visa

After you submit your EOI, state and territory government agencies can see your expression of interest and nominate you for the visa. Keep in mind that if your nomination is withdrawn, you cannot apply for the visa or if you already have applied, your application becomes invalid.

You Are Invited to Apply for a 190 Visa

After you are nominated, you will be invited to apply for the visa. Once you get an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs, you can submit a 190 visa application.

You Apply for the 190 Visa

When you get an invitation for a skilled nomination visa, you have 60 days to lodge a visa application. Since you are required to submit an expression of interest, you must first log in to your SkillSelect and chose the option “apply for the visa”- this will then direct you to an ImmiAccount page.

At the ImmiAccount page, either log in or create an account and you can submit your application. Please remember to prepare your documents for online submission.

How Long Does a 190 Skilled Nominated Visa Take To Process?

It takes a year and four months to process your application for a 190 visa. Some applications may be finished in fourteen months. It’s important to submit a complete application so you can get your visa faster.

How Much Does a 190 Visa Cost?

This visa is AUD4,115. For every family member you are required to pay two additional fees:

  • You pay a second instalment fee of AUD4,890 for family members over 18 who don’t have a functional level of English.
  • You pay extra charges for each family member (under 18 and over 18) you apply with for a visa 190.

See the detailed charges for Australian visas.

Point Test 190 Visa

To get a valid nomination by a state or territory in Australia, you must have at least 65 points on the points test for a 190 visa. Below you have a score table according to the Immigration Office on how your skills and qualifications are assessed:

You are between 18-25 years old25 points
You are between 25-35 years old30 points
You are between 33-40 years old25 points
You are between 40-45 years old15 points
English Proficiency
You have a Competent English level0 points
You have a Proficient English level10 points
You have a Superior English level20 points
Work Experience
You have 3 years of work experience (overseas)0 points
You have 3-5 years of work experience (overseas)5 points
You have 5-8 years of work experience (overseas)10 points
You have 8 years and more of work experience (overseas)15 points
You have 1 year of work experience (in Australia)0 points
You have 3 years of work experience (in Australia)5 points
You have 3-5 years of work experience (in Australia)10 points
You have 5-8 years of work experience (in Australia)15 points
You have 8 years and more of work experience (in Australia)20 points
Level of Education
You have a PhD from a recognized institution20 points
You have a BA from a recognized institution15 points
You have a Masters by research from a recognized institution10 points
Diploma or trade certification
(recognised institution)
10 points
Qualification or award for your relevant occupation10 points
A doctorate with two years of academic study (by an Australian institution)10 points
You meet the Australian study requirement (you have at least 1 degree, diploma or trade certificate from an Australian institution that meets the study requirements)5 points
You completed a professional year in Australia5 points
You have a recognised qualification in a credentialled community language5 points
You have studied for your degree, diploma or certificate in regional Australia for at least a year5 points
Marital Status
Your partner is under 45 years old, they have a competent level of English, have relevant skills, and are nominated in a profession registered in the skilled occupation list.10 points
Your partner has a competent level of English5 points
You are either single or if you are not your partner is an Australian citizen or permanent resident10 points

You may also use the points calculator here, to see the points you will receive.

Can I Change States on a 190 Visa?

Yes, you may change states with a 190 visa although you are nominated by a specific state to get this visa. However, when you are granted the visa you agree to work within that specific state for at least two years, breaking this agreement will affect your future visa applications and citizenship application- if you plan on becoming an Australian citizen in the future.

190 Visa Conditions

The 190 visa conditions will change according to the state that nominated you for the visa initially. However, most states and territories will require you to work for at least two years within that territory. Keep in mind that violating this condition might not affect your current visa status, still, you will most likely not received another Australian visa.

Skilled Occupation List and Skills Assessment for a 190 Visa

The skilled occupation list is a compilation of eligible professions you can work in with an Australian work visa. To get a nomination for a visa 190, your profession must belong to a category listed here. In this list, you will also find the official authorities that can conduct your skill assessment.

You are responsible for contacting the assessing authorities to get your skill assessment. Once your evaluation is done, you will receive your skills report. When you are ready to apply for a 190 visa, you must submit a certified copy of the report with your application. Keep in mind that each authority has its specifications on how they conduct their assessment.

Please note that your assessment report must be at least three years old when you apply for your visa, if your report was issued for a shorter period, then that period must have not expired.

190 State Nomination NSW

New South Wales is a region in Australia that can nominate you for a 190 visa. You must contact each territory to see what specific requirements they have when it comes to getting a visa 190.

For NSW, you must be currently living in New South Wales. NSW won’t take into consideration your EOI if you are currently living in another state within Australia, or offshore.

Can My Family Members Come With Me With a Visa 190?

If your family members belong to your close family unit, they can apply with you for a 190 visa. Close family members include your spouse/partner, children (minor or dependent adults), or grandchildren.

Your family members can apply at the same time as you, or they can join you at a later date. Keep in mind, that your dependents must meet the English language requirements, health requirements, and character requirements.

Please note that if for some reason your spouse and child are not applying with you, then state the reason at the time of application so that your application can be processed promptly.

Do I Need Another Visa To Travel on a 190 Visa?

Yes, since visa 190 is a permanent visa, after five years you cannot travel from Australia without a resident return visa- 155/157. A  RRV will grant you another 5 years of the travel facility attached to your 190 visa.

If you want to travel after five years are over, and you don’t have a resident return visa, you may not be allowed to re-enter the country as a permanent resident.

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