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Subclass 191 requirements, eligibility criteria, the application process and guidelines

191 Visa is not open to applications until November 16 of 2022. More information about the application process for permanent residence visa 191 will be available later on.

What Is Permanent Visa Subclass 191?

This is a permanent visa that allows you to stay, work or study in Australia indefinitely. You can apply for visa 191 if you had a previous Australian visa and you lived, worked or studied in a specific regional area in Australia.

This visa allows you to apply for citizenship if you meet the eligibility criteria.

How Do I Apply for a Visa 191?

There is still no clear process on how to apply for a visa 191 yet, but you will most likely be required to submit an online application via ImmiAccount. You can apply for the visa either from Australia or outside the country, but you can’t be in immigration clearance.

Who Can Apply for a Visa 191?

You can apply for this visa if:

  • You already hold a valid Australian visa.
  • You lived in a specific regional area for at least three years.
  • You had a taxable income meeting or passing the income threshold for at least three years.
  • You and your additional applicants have followed Australian laws and met the conditions imposed on your previous visas.

Is There an Age Limit for Visa 191?

There is no announcement if there is an age limit for 191 visa. However, most skilled regional visas require applicants to be younger than 55 or 45 to be eligible for the visa.

For a visa 191, you will most likely be required to prove that you were under the age limit when you applied for your previous regional skilled visa, but the Department of Home Affairs will specify the age limit before opening the 191 visa applications.

Visa 191 Fees

The Department of Home Affairs hasn’t announced the visa fees for visa 191. However, you will most likely be obligated to pay an additional charge for every additional applicant that applies with you. Additionally, if your over 18 companions have less than functional English you must pay a second instalment charge.

How Long Can I Stay With a Visa 191?

Visa 191 permanent residence skilled regional is a permanent visa. It’s important to remember that this visa, like all permanent Australian visas, has a travel expiry date. After five years since your visa is granted, you must apply for a resident return visa to extend your travel facility.

Can I Include Family Members for a Visa 191?

Yes, you can include family members who belong to your family unit, i.e., spouse, registered partner, children, step-children, etc. You must include your family members who are eligible for this visa at the time of the application- you cannot include them later on.

If you have family members who no longer meet the criteria for visa 191, they can still apply for the visa if they hold another visa on the basis that they were your family member. For example, if a minor child you applied with you for a previous visa has now turned 23, they will still be eligible for visa 191.

Your family members must meet the health and character requirements- even family members who don’t apply with you for the visa.

New Addition to the Family

If (during the time you had a previous visa in Australia) you had a child in Australia, you must let the Department know before you submit your application for a 191 visa.

Please note that if the Department has not linked your child’s visa to their passport you cannot submit a visa application online for your children.

Processing times

There are no available processing times for 191 visa. The Department of Home Affairs will most likely post the processing time before 191 visa applications are open.

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