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Australia Medical visa eligibility, requirements, application process and FAQs

You have to apply for a visa if you need to receive long-term medical treatment in Australia. The Medical Visa for Australia allows the holder to stay in the country for the duration of the treatment and can be issued for multiple entries.

Who Can Apply for a Medical Visa for Australia?

To apply for the Medical Treatment Visa (Visa 602), the main reason for your trip must be to seek medical treatment in Australia. You must also fulfil all the following criteria:

  • You have already made arrangements to receive medical treatment or consultation in an Australian hospital.
  • You have made arrangements to pay for said treatment and consultation.
  • You don’t have any medical condition which could endanger Australian public health.
  • You have sufficient funds to cover your stay in Australia and that of your companions.
  • You receiving treatment will not put any Australian citizen or permanent resident at a disadvantage.
  • You meet all Australian character requirements.

The Australian Medical Visa allows you to stay in Australia for the time it is necessary for you to receive medical treatment. During this time, you are not allowed to work but you can take up a short-term study course of up to three months.

Who Else Can Apply for a Medical Visa?

You can apply for an Australian Medical Visa in the following instances as well:

  • If you are a national of Papua New Guinea living in the Western Province, and you have to be medically evaluated to a hospital in Queensland or you are already receiving medical treatment there.
  • You are accompanying a person who needs medical treatment in Australia.

Australia Medical Visa Requirements

The documents you have to submit when applying for a Medical Visa for Australia are:

  • Your passport’s bio page, showing your personal details and ID picture.
  • A recent passport-size picture of yourself, meeting Australia’s visa photo requirements.
  • Your birth certificate.
  • A written confirmation from the doctor in Australia that will be giving you medical treatment, which states the following:
    • The type of medical treatment you will be receiving.
    • That they agree to treat you.
    • That you have already arranged payment for the treatment.
    • The date you will be admitted to the hospital.
    • The time you need to be in Australia for medical treatment.
    • That no Australian citizen or permanent resident will be negatively affected by you receiving this medical treatment.
  • Written approval from the hospital where you will be admitted (if it is a private hospital).
  • Statements from any person or organisation which will help finance your stay or medical costs.
  • If you will receive an organ transplant: Proof that there are arrangements for the travel and accommodation of the donor, and that these costs will not be a burden of Australia.
  • If a minor child is travelling alone or without one of the parents/guardians: Proof of custody and travel arrangements.
  • Any other documents as relevant to your circumstances.

How to Apply for an Australian Medical Visa?

You have to apply for a Medical Visa for Australia online, through an ImmiAccount. The process is as follows:

  1. Organize your health examinations and appointments. You must contact the nearest Australian Embassy to check whether you need any health examinations and how to arrange them. See the office responsible for your country here.
  2. Gather the required documents. You need several documents, such as a letter from your doctor, approval from the hospital, proof of funding, etc. See the full list of required documents below.
  3. Create an ImmiAccount. You must register through your ImmiAccount (here), the portal responsible for receiving all Australian visa applications.
  4. Complete the online application. Once registered, you have to select the type of visa you are applying for and answer the questions you are presented with.
  5. Attach electronic copies of the required documents. After completing the application questions, you have to attach electronic copies of all the required documents. The documents must be in PDF format.
  6. Wait to hear back. You will receive an email confirmation of your visa along with the visa grant number, the dates when it is valid, and any visa conditions.
  7. Travel to Australia. Once you receive your visa confirmation, print out the confirmation email and bring it with you when you travel. Keep an electronic copy as well. Your visa has been saved on an online database, which the immigration officers can check using your passport number.

Can I Apply If I Am Already in Australia?

Ye, you can submit a Medical Visa application even if you are already in Australia. You have to apply through the ImmiAccount but, unlike when applying from abroad, in this case, you would also have to pay a visa fee.

Who Issues Medical Visas for Australia?

The authority in charge of processing your Medical Visa is the Australian Department of Home Affairs. Regardless of how you submit your application (yourself through the ImmiAccount or through a visa application agency), it is always forwarded to the Department of Home Affairs.

How Long Does a Medical Visa Take to Process?

Most applications for a Medical Visa for Australia are processed within one month. Some can take less time (a few days to a couple of weeks) and others can take up to two months, depending on each specific case.

The situation that impact the processing time for your visa includes:

  • Whether you complete the application form correctly.
  • Whether you attach all the documents requested.
  • Whether the Department of Home Affairs requests additional documents.
  • Whether it takes a long time to verify the information you provided.

How Much Does the Australian Medical Visa Cost?

If you apply for a Medical Visa from outside Australia, then the application is free of charge. If you are already in Australia when you apply, the visa processing fee is AUD 320.

How Long Can I Stay in Australia With a Medical Visa?

The Australian Medical Visa is a temporary visa and it is issued only for the time it takes for you to finish your medical treatment.

Can I Extend My Medical Visa in Australia?

You cannot extend your current Medical Visa, but you can apply for a new one through the ImmiAccount, using the first process as when you first applied. This, technically, serves as a visa extension as it allows you to remain in Australia longer without leaving the country.

Make sure to apply at least two weeks before your current visa expires and remember that if you apply for a new visa when in Australia, you will have to pay an AUD 315 fee.

Note: If your visa has a “Visa condition 8503 – No Further Stay” then you will not be able to extend your visa and stay longer in Australia.

How Can I Check My Australian Visa?

You can check your visa validity and conditions through the VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) system. Once you receive your email with the visa confirmation, you will be able to register in VEVO and check the visa status, using one of the following:

  • Your ImmiCard.
  • The visa grant number (included in the email).
  • Transaction Reference Number – (you get this when you start your visa application.

Can I Bring My Family Members?

Yes, your family members can apply alongside you for the Medical Visa and your applications will be processed together. In this case, the following documents also have to be attached to the application:

  • Family Register Document
  • Your family member’s passport bio page and ID Card copy.
  • Documents proving they have accommodation and can sustain themselves financially while in Australia.

If you are not family with the person accompanying you (they may be a close friend or partner), they may also apply to accompany you. The person accompanying you – either a family member or friend – should come with you if they will provide you with assistance, moral support, arrange your accommodation and transport, etc.

Do I Need Health Insurance for a Medical Visa in Australia?

Yes, it is recommended that you purchase adequate health insurance to cover you for any unexpected medical conditions that may arise. As a medical tourist, however, it is unlikely that any health insurance company in Australia will cover the costs of your treatment, but you should still get an insurance plan for other unexpected circumstances.

Do I Have to Go to an Australian Embassy?

No, you do not need to go to an Australian Embassy to receive a Medical Visa. You submit the application online and will receive the decision via email. The visa is then saved on an online database, which can be accessed through your passport number when you travel to Australia.

You can check your visa status and conditions through the VEVO account.

In rare cases, the Department of Home Affairs may ask you to visit an Embassy if they believe your visa application requires further processing.

What If My Visa is Denied?

If your Australian Medical Visa is denied, you will usually receive an email explaining the reason for denial, whether you can appeal the decision (and how long you have to do so), or if you must appear at an Embassy for further processing.

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