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Student guardian subclass 590 visa requirements, the application steps and FAQs

Students under 18 have to nominate a family member for an Australia student guardian visa so that they are able to study in Australia. A student guardian visa for Australia must be submitted at the same time as a student visa 500.

What Is an Australian Student Guardian Visa?

An Australian guardian visa-subclass 590, is a specific visa issued to persons who are in charge of a minor student or an adult student with exceptional circumstances. This visa is issued with the purpose of allowing future (minor) students or students with specific requirements to bring a guardian with them while they finish their study programme in Australia.

Who Can Apply for Australia Student Guardian Visa?

You can apply for a guardian student visa in Australia if you are 21 years and you are:

  • A student’s parent.
  • A student’s custodian.
  • A student’s relative.

Student Guardian Visa Requirements for Australia

For an Australia student guardian visa you will need these documents:

  • Identity Documents. You have to provide a valid passport and other identification documents when you apply for a guardian visa. This includes a national ID card, a driver’s license, and civil status documents (marriage certificate, divorce certificate, name change certificate, and so on.).
  • Student Guardian Application Form. Visa applicants must fill in the application form corresponding to their visa application.
  • Form 157N. This form must be filled by the student applicant and the selected guardian has to submit this form with their visa application.
  • Financial Evidence. As a student guardian, you have to submit evidence that you can support yourself and the student throughout your stay in Australia. You may submit proof that you have an annual income of AUD72,592, or that your partner (who is not coming with you) has enough funds to support you financially. In case someone else is financially supporting you, then you must submit their identity documents and demonstrate what relationship you have with this person. You can also hand in evidence that you have sufficient funds to cover:
    • Travel costs for you and the student.
    • A full year of classes fees for the student visa holder.
    • Costs of full-year living expenses for you (rent, food, bills, etc.).
    • Costs of full-year living expenses for the student visa holder and other family members.
    • Fees for school, in case there are school-age children with you.
  • Health Insurance. You have to provide proof of acceptable health insurance for at least the first year in Australia. All of your family members must be covered by health insurance.
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant Documents. You must write a statement where you explicitly explain your intentions to remain in the country only temporarily. You can include the following in your GTE:
    • Proof of immediate family members back in your country of residence.
    • Visa or residence status from your country of residence and your right to return.
    • Evidence of owning real estate or other assets in your country of residence.
    • A return flight ticket.
    • A letter from your employer.
  • Proof of Good Character. For a student guardian visa, you have to meet character requirements.
  • Parental Consent Form. For any person who has a legal right to minor applicants and is not coming with you to Australia, you must attach form 1229 or a statutory declaration giving consent for the child to travel to Australia.
  • Signed Values Declaration. Any applicant over 18 must read the “Life in Australia” pamphlet and sign a statement swearing to respect all Australian laws.
  • If someone is helping you. You can nominate someone to assist you with your application. If you are nominating an authorised representative you need to include form 956a while for a migration agent you need form 956. If none of these options apply, you can also submit a written declaration about who is helping you and the reasons why you need help.

Prepare Your Documents

The documents you submit for your visa application have to follow specific guidelines. If your documents are in another language other than English, then you must translate them through a certified translation service. Moreover, your documents must be certified by an approved individual.

How Do I Apply for a Student Guardian Visa?

For a student guardian visa you must apply online by following these steps:

  1. Create an ImmiAccount.
  2. Fill in the Visa Application Form.
  3. Attach Your Documents.
  4. Pay the Visa Fee.

Create an ImmiAccount

When you apply for a visa 590 you must have an ImmiAccount for the online application. In-person applications are not accepted for this type of visa. The ImmiAccount is an online service that allows you to fill in the visa application form and submit your completed application. You can follow the review process for your visa and you will be able to contact the Immigration Office through your ImmiAccount.

Fill in the Visa Application Form

Once you have an account you should start your application by filling out the visa application form. The ImmiAccount allows you to select the form which corresponds to your visa application.

Attach Your Documents

After you fill in the application form, you can attach the required documents to complete your visa application.

Pay the Visa Fee

You have to pay the required visa fee for your application. In case you don’t submit your payment, your application won’t be processed.

When Should I Apply For the Student Guardian Visa?

You have to apply for the guardian visa at least 6 weeks before the course starts for the student visa holder. You and the student must apply for your respective visa at the same time.

How Much Does a Student Guardian Visa Cost?

The base application fee for a guardian visa costs AUD 630. However, if you are taking other family members with you there is an extra charge you have to pay for each member.

Can I Bring Other Dependents With a Guardian Visa to Australia?

If you have other dependents, you can bring them with you on a guardian visa. However, if your dependents are younger than 6 years you must have very strong reasons why you want to bring them.

You have to attach to your visa application a written statement specifying why you want to take a young dependent with you or you may submit a letter of support from the government of your current country of residence.

In cases where dependents younger than six remain behind, you must attach proof that you have provided adequate care for your dependents while you are in Australia.

Adequate care for your dependents is acceptable if you’ve left them with another parent or guardian or a relative who is 21 years of age or older.

How Long Is an Australian Student Guardian Visa Valid For?

Your student guardian visa is usually valid for the same amount of time as visa 500 of the student. Sometimes, your visa may be valid until the minor student turns 18.

Can I Extend a Student Guardian Visa in Australia?

You can stay longer in Australia with a student visa if you apply for a further student guardian visa.

Can I Work With an Australian Student Guardian Visa?

You can’t work with a student guardian visa while you are in Australia. However, you may study English for less than 20 hours a week if your first language is not English. You may also attend training or another course for three months.

Australia Student Guardian Visa Processing Times

The processing time for a student guardian visa takes approximately 4 to 7 months. The processing time may last longer if you didn’t submit all the required documents or provided the wrong information. If you didn’t pay the required fee, the processing time for your visa will be delayed.

Does a Student Guardian Visa Lead to Permanent Residency in Australia?

No, you can’t receive Australian permanent residency with a guardian visa. You have to leave Australia when your visa expires.

Can I Travel Abroad With a Guardian Visa?

You can travel with a student guardian visa and return as many times as you want, provided your visa is valid. However, you can’t leave without the student you are in charge of unless you’ve made alternative welfare arrangements.

Alternative Welfare Arrangements for Students in Australia

In case you need to leave Australia without the minor you are taking care of, then you must provide proof that:

  • You have a compelling reason for leaving.
  • You have made alternative welfare arrangements until you return. You can nominate another student guardian (family member) or the education provider can issue a have an arrangement of a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW).

If your alternative welfare arrangements are not accepted, you can’t leave Australia without the minor student. Without proper welfare arrangements, your visa may be canceled.

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