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Information about the GTE, how to meet the requirements and sample letters

Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements must be fulfilled by applicants who apply for an Australia student visa, student guardian visa, and training visas. The GTE requirement is also obligatory for other temporary visas, and providing a complete GTE will increase your chances of receiving a visa for Australia.

What Is a Genuine Temporary Entrant?

A genuine temporary entrant (GTE) is usually a written statement written by the visa applicant stating that they intend to stay in Australia only temporarily. GTEs are a form of assessment the Department of Foreign Affairs uses to evaluate whether a visa applicant is likely to overstay in Australia after their visa expires.

How Do You Prove That You Are a Genuine Temporary Entrant?

You can prove that you are a genuine temporary entrant by providing evidence that you have some type of incentive to return to your home country. This could include family members who are dependent on you, employment opportunities, a business you own, investments, and so on.

What Should I Include in My Genuine Temporary Entrant for a Student Visa?

You should include this information in your GTE statement:

  • Study experiences. You should include your transcripts, the name of the educational institution, how long you spent studying, and any certifications of attainment. If there is a gap in your education, it’s important to mention why that happened including reasons why you didn’t continue to study (if applicable).
  • Current employment. If you are currently employed, you should add information about your current employer, the company address, the time of employment, information about your position at the company, name and personal information of a person who can verify your employment.
  • Future employment opportunities. In case you have job opportunities in your home country or any other country, you should include information about the potential employment offers, the salary, and benefits.
  • Ties to your home country. This can include strong ties to family members, friends, or financial ties. It’s important to include a compelling reason that will affect your return to your home country.
  • Economic situation in your home country. You have to include the following:
    • Recent bank statements or income tax returns.
    • Proof of employment or business activities at least 12 months before applying for a student visa.
    • Future employment offers.

For a student guardian visa:

  • Proof of immediate family members in your home country.
  • Visa or residence status from your current country.
  • Real estate ownership or other assets in your home country.
  • A return flight ticket.
  • A letter from your employer.

How Is an Australia GTE for Students Evaluated?

The Immigration Office will assess your entire situation and not just the GTE statement you provide. It’s important for the Department of Foreign Affairs to know that you won’t be abusing your student visa deadline. Your reasons for seeking education in Australia will be assessed alongside your immigration history.

If you happen to have strong ties in Australia, those will be taken into consideration as a possible incentive for you to stay in Australia.

GTE Australia Approval Time

Your genuine temporary entrant will be processed alongside your entire visa application. The processing time for a student visa application is approximately 4 months. You should include as many details as you can in your GTE since it will take less time to process your application if the department doesn’t have to ask for other information missing from your GTE.

How Long Should a GTE Statement Be?

Generally speaking, a GTE statement should be one page long. However, the government hasn’t put a limit on how much you can write but, bear in mind that a short and concise statement with all the important information is most likely to be a success.

How Do I Write a Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter for a Student Visa?

You should write your GTE in the typical format of a letter. You have to begin with greetings and introductions. Then you can make your case on why you want to study in Australia and what your personal situation is. It’s important to back up your statements with evidence and not write generic statements. Finish the letter with salutations and add your address and phone number.

The tone should be polite with a simple understanding language. If English is not your strong suit you can write the letter in another language and provide a translated version with the original version.

Genuine Temporary Entrant for a Student Visa Sample Letter

Here is a sample of a genuine temporary entrant letter written for a student visa application:

Date: 15.06.2021

Australian Department of Home Affairs Immigration Office Address

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Advika Patel and I recently graduated from the University of Delhi with a Bachelor in Graphic Design with a 9 point GPA. I started my Bachelor’s studies right after I finished my high school education in 2017. There is a gap year between my studies in 2019 as I had to take a break due to a small intervention. I had broken my arm and I had to have surgery to repair the bone. My studies continued as soon as I was healthy and now I’m looking to expand my educational experience.

I have been working as a graphic designer for a year now. Since three months ago I am no longer working since I wanted to focus on personal projects to improve my design skills. The company I worked for is UK-based found at 88 St Omers Road, London. The company is called “Seneca Designs”- you can find attached some of my designs for the company I made.

During the time I worked there I was mostly in charge of two main projects for our company; designing Logos for local businesses and application icons for a telephone company in Oxford. 

I want to get a Master’s degree in business so that I can return to my country and open a small graphic design company focused on employing women. My sister and her husband already own a small fashion-based company and I plan on partnering with their cooperation while operating my own business. My company will be called “Evergreen Designs” as I want to focus on eco and environment-friendly work.

I want to study in Australia because of the great qualifications in higher education and business expertise. Moreover, I want to improve my English language skills and Australia is the ideal place for me to do both.

I truly hope you will consider me for a student visa.

Best Wishes,

Advika Patel                           

23, Keytuo Industrial Estate, Kondivitta Village Road, Andheri (e)

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400009

(insert email address)

(insert phone number)

Personal details of the previous or current employer (name, address, telephone number, and email).

Genuine Temporary Entrant for a Student Guardian Visa Sample Letter

This is a genuine temporary entrant sample for a student guardian visa application:

Date: 23.07.2021

Australian Department of Home Affairs Immigration Office Address

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Sarah Lestari, born in 1967 in Jakarta, Indonesia, and I’m accompanying my minor son Dimas who is applying for a student visa. He will be studying media and communication for three years in Australia.

I live with my husband and my two younger daughters, Sari who is 6 years old, and Noa who is 8. My husband is a veterinarian and we own a private clinic near our home. Since I have a veterinary nursing license I work part-time in our clinic. My husband will be financially supporting me and my son while he finished his studies (attached to this letter you can find our bank statement).

My two daughters will stay behind in Indonesia with my husband because I don’t want them to change schools temporarily. I plan on staying in Australia only for a year until Dimas turns 18, and then I will return home to my youngest children who still need me. Even after I return, we will continue to financially support our son.

I have provided you with a copy of my planned return date a year from now.

With respect,

Sarah Lestari

Jl Danau Semayang Bl B-IV/130,Bendungan Hilir Tanah Abang

Tanah Abang


(insert phone number)

(insert email address)

Will My Student Visa Be Refused if I Fail the Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement?

Your student visa will most likely be refused if the Immigration Office believes you have no genuine intention to remain temporarily in Australia.

Your visa application is evaluated as a whole component and if there is anything in your employment history, immigration history, or study purpose that shows an unwillingness to follow your visa conditions you won’t be granted a student visa for Australia.

What Is a Genuine Temporary Entrant Interview?

Student visa applicants for Australia have to sit for a GTE interview conducted by a case officer. The GTE interview is a further assessment of your genuine desire to study temporarily in Australia and is typically conducted through Skype.

The immigration officer will ask you questions about why you want to study in Australia instead of your country, what you plan on doing after graduation, do you have any plans in continuing your study program after your current program is finished, and similar inquires. Keep in mind to answer the questions in agreement with the information provided in your GTE.

Staying in Australia After Your Student Visa Expires

The genuine temporary entrant requirement does not aim to discourage students who,during their studies, have gained valuable skills and want to put those skills to use for Australia’s benefit. After your studies are completed you can apply for a work visa in  Australia.

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