Foreign students can bring their family members to Australia as dependents on their student visas. There are several options available for students who want to take their family with them during their study course in Australia.

For instance, students may apply with their family members at the same time when they apply for their student visas, or some family members may opt to apply after their partner/spouse has received their student visa.

Depending on the circumstances of the application for a student dependant visa, there are a number of criteria that should be considered.

Who Can I Bring With Me on a Student Visa 500?

As a student visa holder you can only bring immediate family members with you to Australia:

  • Your spouse or partner.
  • Your or your partner’s dependent minor child.

If your child is over 18, you cannot include them in your visa application- they must apply for a visa on their own.

The only exception to this is an adult child that is either financially or socially dependent on you. In this case, you have to provide evidence that your child is a dependent (medical report, bank statements, power of attorney, etc.)

Requirements for Australia Student Dependent Visa

Your family members must include the following on their visa application:

  • Identification Documents. Your dependent must provide a valid passport and valid identification records. This could include an identification card, a birth certificate, a family certificate, a recent picture, and fingerprints.
  • Health Requirements. Any family member you include in your visa application should be included in your student health insurance (OSHC). Your family members may also be required to submit health exams. This means that they have to present proof that they don’t require medication that might put a strain on Australia’s medical resources.
  • Character Requirement. Each visa applicant is required to present documents that support the good character visa condition.
  • Proof of Financial Means. The main student visa holder is in charge of any underage dependents financially. Moreover, if the child is a school-age child there have to be enough means to pay the school fees.
  • Evidence of Relationship. This is required in cases where you are bringing either your partner or your spouse with you to Australia. If you are not married then a certificate of registration will suffice.
  • Evidence of School Arrangements for Minors. If you are bringing a minor child with you, then you have to submit proof that you have made arrangements for their education during their stay in Australia.

All family members must be declared on your student visa application even if they don’t come to Australia with you.

Australia Student Dependent Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a student dependant visa is the same as for a student visa-approximately four months. This is applicable in cases where the student and the family member apply together.

Can I Take My Partner With Me on an Australia Student Visa?

You can take your spouse or partner with you on a student visa to Australia. In the case of a partnership, you must present evidence of your relationship. You can submit lease agreements, registration documents, owned assets, the birth certificate of a child (if applicable), and similar documents that prove your relationship.

Can My Dependents Work Under an Australia Student Dependent?

Your dependents can work in Australia but, they can only start work once your course begins. Family members of masters or doctoral students can work unrestricted hours. Dependents of visa holders 573 and subclass 574 can also work unlimited hours.

You must present evidence of your relationship to the student visa holder (visa grant letter, marriage, or birth certificate) and evidence that the student visa holder has begun their course of study (a CoE or letter from the education provider), to your employer.

Are My Dependents Allowed to Take Part in Study Programs?

Your family members can follow any study course or training provided the duration of the program is only three months.

What Is a Australia Student Visa Subsequent Entrant?

A subsequent entrant is a family member of a student visa holder who wants to join their family member in Australia at a later date. Subsequent entrants have to apply separately for their visa and they must provide supporting documents from their family members in Australia.

However, it’s important for the initial student visa holder to include their family members in their visa application so they can join them later as a subsequent member.

Australia Student Visa Subsequent Entrant Requirements

In addition to the other supporting documents (see above), for a subsequent entrant student visa you must also submit:

  • Form 919. This a nomination form that your family member in Australia must fill in and send to you so you can attach it to your visa application.
  • Subsequent Entrant Student Visa Form 157A. You have to use this form when you apply as a subsequent entrant for an Australian student visa.
  • A Letter from the Education Provider. You must attach a letter from the education provider of the student visa holder. This letter has to include information about the study course of your family member, their enrollment period, and their academic performance. Your family member must ask for this letter from their university in Australia and send it to you.
  • Proof of Financial Support. If your spouse/partner in Australia is financing your stay, then you have to provide their bank statements from the last six months and a letter from their bank confirming the status of their statements.

Where Do I Submit My Subsequent Entrant Student Visa Application?

You have to submit your subsequent entrant visa application at an Australian embassy or consulate in your home country or an office nearest to you.

What Is the Fee for Australia Subsequent Entrant Student Visa?

You have to pay AUD620 for the base application fee. If you are applying with other dependents, the visa fee will change.

What if I Get Married After My Student Visa Is Granted?

In case someone becomes your dependent after your student visa is granted, then you have to apply for a new student visa. In your new student visa application, you have to include your new family member and provide information on why they weren’t included initially.

What if I Have a Child After I Get My Student Visa?

If you have a child after your student visa is valid, then you can add your new baby as a subsequent entrant in your application. If you applied through the ImmiAccount, all you have to do is submit an application for a subsequent entrant on your visa.

In case you applied in person for your initial visa, then you have to submit these documents to your nearest office of the Department of Foreign Affairs:

  • Form 1022.
  • Your baby’s birth certificate.
  • Your baby’s passport.

You can send these documents by post or courier. Please remember that you still have to pay an application fee if you add your child to your current visa.

What if My Baby Was Born in Australia?

If your child is born in Australia while you have a student visa, then your child will automatically have the same visa as you or as your partner.

You must let the Department know immediately even if your baby doesn’t have a passport so they can determine whether your baby can be added to your existing student visa or any other pending visa applications you may have.