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Australia aged parent visa requirements, eligibility criteria, the application process and FAQs

The 804 Visa is a type of parent visa, which would allow you to live in Australia permanently. To get this visa, you must already be in Australia and meet the pension age requirements.

Am I Eligible for the 804 Visa?

The eligibility requirements for the Aged Parent Visa (Subclass 804) are:

  • You must have a sponsor in Australia. In most cases, the sponsor is your child, who must be over the age of 18.
  • You have to pass the Balance of Family Test.
  • You must be of pension age in Australia (see the age limits below).
  • You have to be of good character.
  • Your sponsor must provide you with an Assurance of Support. This means that you have an assurance you will not depend on the Australian government for financial support.
  • You must not have had a previous Australian visa refused or cancelled.
  • You must not already have an 870 Parent Sponsored Visa. If you do, you must wait for it to expire before you can apply for the 804 Visa.
  • You must not have an application for the 870 Visa in processing.

Parent Visa Age Limit

There is a minimum age requirement to get the 804 as you have to be of pension age. However, Australia is increasing the pension age from 65 to 67, so depending on when you submit the application you have to be at least 66 or 67 years old:

  • Until 1 July 2021 – 66 years
  • From 1 July 2021 – 66 years and 6 months
  • From 1 July 2023 – 67 years

Aged Parent Visa (Subclass 804) Document Checklist

  • Your passport, which you used to enter Australia
  • Your birth certificate. Both your parents’ names must be included.
  • Birth certificates of all family members included in the application.
  • If someone cannot provide a birth certificate:
    • Family registration document
    • Document of identification (ID), which is issued by a government authority
    • A document, issued by a court, verifying your identity
  • Four recent pictures of each applicant. The pictures must have a white background, 45mm x 35mm dimensions, and follow the visa picture guidelines.
  • The Sponsorship for Migration to Australia Form 40, which your sponsor completed.
  • The Application Form for Parent Visa (Form 47PA), which you must complete.
  • Birth certificates of all your children, even those not living in Australia. Birth certificates must state the names of both parents.
  • Adoption certificate, for any adopted children.
  • Custody documents, if a minor is applying with only one parent.
  • If any of the applicants is or has been married: Marriage certificate.
  • If any of the applicants has had a divorce: Divorce documents.
  • If any of the applicants is widowed: Death certificate.
  • If any of the applicants has changed their name: Documents of name change.
  • If any of the applicants has finished military service: Proof of military service.
  • If the sponsor is not your child: Proof of your relationship.
  • Proof of payment for the first installment of the visa fee.

Remember: You have to certify the documents you submit for an Australian visa application.

Should I Be in Australia to Apply for the 804 Visa?

Yes, you must already be in Australia when you submit your application for the 804 Visa. You may enter with a regular Tourist Visa, and once you have submitted your application, you will receive a Bridging Visa, which will allow you to stay in Australia until your application is resolved.

How to Apply for the 804 Visa?

The process for applying for the 804 Visa is as follows:

  1. Your sponsor completes the Sponsorship Form (40). They must give you the form to attach to the rest of your required documents.
  2. You collect the required documents. See the document checklist below.
  3. Travel to Australia, if you are not already there.
  4. Pay the first instalment of the visa fee.
  5. Submit the documents at the Parent Visa Center (PVC) of the Department of Home Affairs.
  6. Wait for the visa to be processed. In the meantime, the PVC may ask you to submit any additional documents or information.

The process from the moment you submit your application, and until you finally receive an answer is as follows:

  1. Submit your documents and pay the first instalment of the visa fee.
  2. The Department of Home Affairs reviews your eligibility.
  3. If you meet the requirements, they queue your application for final processing.
  4. You wait until it’s your turn. This can take more than 20 years.
  5. Your application is released for final processing, and you receive your visa.

Can Other Family Members Apply With Me?

Yes, you can apply for the 804 Visa along with your immediate family members, which include:

  • Your spouse or partner.
  • Your dependent children under the age of 18. This also includes any of your partner or spouse and adopted children.
  • Any children between 18 and 23 who are dependent on you or your spouse.
  • Any children over 18 who are dependent on you or your spouse due to a disability.
  • The dependent children of you or your spouse’s children.

To be allowed to apply alongside you, your children must not be married or in a de-facto relationship.

How Long is the Processing Time for the Aged Parent Visa?

Because there is a cap on how many 804 Visas are issued each year, it can take up to 30 years for you to finally receive your visa. There are Aged Parent Visa categories which are issued quicker (the Subclass 884 and 864), but the processing fee is also much higher.

How Much Does the Aged Parent Visa (804) Cost?

The fee for an 804 Aged Parent Visa is AUD 6,415, paid in two instalments. There are going to be additional visa fees for each member of your family that applies alongside you. The pricing is as follows:

  • Initial fee for the main applicant: AUD 4,425
  • Initial fee for each dependent applicant over the age of 18: AUD 2,215
  • Initial fee for each dependent applicant under the age of 18: AUD 1,110

Once your application has been sent in for final processing, then you will have to pay another visa fee, which at the moment is set as approximately AUD 2,000.

Can I Work With an 804 Visa?

Yes, once you receive your 804 Visa, you will be allowed to work in Australia. You can also take a study course, if you wish, and even sponsor any other family members to come to Australia in the future.

Should the Sponsor Pay a Guarantee Bond?

While it’s not always necessary to pay a bond, your sponsor does have to agree to give an assurance of financial support. They have to be of age and meet the income requirements, in order to assure you. Sponsors can check whether they are eligible to give assurance of support to someone through the Services Australia website, which is where they have to apply to become an assurer.

For the application, they will need several documents, such as proof of their income, tax documents, identity documents, etc.

If requested, then your sponsor will have to pay a Guarantee Bond as well, to ensure that if the Australian government does need to give you financial support, the sponsor will be able to pay it back.

Can I Travel Outside Australia with the Subclass 804 Visa?

Yes, once you receive an Australian Subclass 804 Visa, then you will be able to travel in and out of the country as you wish, but only for up to five years. After that, you have to get a Resident Return (RRV) permit if you want to travel, or you have to apply for Australian citizenship.

Can I Receive Pension in Australia With an 804 Visa?

Yes, you can apply for Age Pension in Australia if you have an 804 Visa, but only after you have been a resident for at least ten years. During that time, for at least five years, there must have been no break in your residence.

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