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Subclass 445 requirements, eligibility criteria, application process and guidelines

If you have applied for a permanent partner visa and have a dependent child, your child can apply for a visa 445. A 445 visa is issued temporarily to allow your child to stay in Australia until a decision is made on your application.

Once this visa has been granted, your child has the right to apply to be added to your permanent partner visa application- only then they can have access to Medicare.

Who Can Apply for a 445 Visa?

Your child can apply for a 445 visa if:

Your child can apply for the visa either when they are in Australia or outside of the country, but if they are in Australia they can’t be the holder of a visa that has a “no further stay” condition. This condition prohibits your child from staying in Australia or extending their visa after their permit has expired.

Who Is Considered a Dependent Child in Australia?

For a visa 445, your child is considered dependent on you if they are a minor (under 18 years of age), or if they are over 18, but financially dependent on you. This dependency could be due to several reasons, for example, your child is a full-time student that you financially support, or they have a disability that makes them unable to work.

Child Visa 445 Document Checklist

If your child applies for a 445 visa, they will need the documents listed below:

  • Your child must have a valid passport at the time of application, and sometimes the Department of Home Affairs may request copies of their ID card, and proof of name change- in case your child did change their name.
  • Visa application form 918. The child must fill in the visa application form with all the required information and submit it when applying. The form must be filled in in English.
  • Proof of payment. The applicant must pay the application fee before they submit their 445 visa application, and they must include proof that the fee has been paid.
  • Four photographs. When applying for a child visa 445, your child has to provide four pictures that should be taken in the same format, with no busy backgrounds and neutral facial expressions.
  • Evidence of familial relationship. Your child has to provide evidence of your relationship with him, acceptable documentation includes a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, adoption papers, or an official family book.
  • Proof of good character. If the child is over 16, they must submit form 80 along with national police certificates from the last 12 months.
  • Evidence of financial support. If your child is over 18, they must provide evidence that they are financially dependent on you.
  • Proof of disability. Your child must submit a medical certificate proving that due to either mental or physical disability, they are dependent on you.
  • Parental consent. If the child is under 18, they must have explicit permission from anyone who has a say in whether or not they can travel to Australia. They can include a completed form 1229, or a statutory declaration. Alternatively, a court order will suffice.
  • Documents for dependents under 18. In case your child has a child of their own they want to bring to Australia, they have to provide travel documents, proof of relationship documents, and if possible character documents.

Sponsorship Documents

To get a visa 445, your child needs to be sponsored by the same person that sponsored you for the partner visa. The sponsor must provide a copy of their residence status to show that they are an eligible person. They may also be required to submit copies of their identity documents.

How to Apply for a Child Visa 445?

Here’s how to apply for a child visa 445:

  1. Pay the visa fee.
  2. Prepare the documents.
  3. Apply for the visa.

Pay the Visa Fee

Before your child can apply for a 445 visa, they must first pay the application fee. The fee is paid through ImmiAccount, which means your child must have an account to submit the application payment.

No other forms of payment are accepted, so to have the application processed, they must open an account and find the payment option- make sure they finish the payment with one transaction or the visa application is considered invalid.

Prepare the Documents

After the fee has been paid, your child must prepare all the required documents and send them by post or courier at the specified address in the application form. Civil status documents, i.e., birth certificates, marriage licenses, and similar papers must be verified by an authorized person. See document verification here.

Apply for the Visa

For a 445 visa, the applicant must submit a paper application. The visa application cannot be submitted online or in person but rather by post or courier. In the application form, there will be two addresses detailing the Child and Other Family Processing Centres where your child has to send the application.

Please keep in mind that if your child is applying for a visa outside of Australia, they must send the application to an Australian office nearest to them and not to the Australian address.

Australia Child Dependent Visa Fees

Child visa 445 costs AUD 2,710 for the application charge. However, for any additional applicants, your child has to pay an extra fee- see the full fees here.

Visa 445 Processing Time

The processing time for a visa 445 lasts between 19 months up to 14 months. However, keep in mind that the official processing time may take longer depending on your situation and how complete your child’s visa application is.

Applying With Family Members for a 445 Visa

Your child can apply only with their children for a 445 visa. If they have any siblings, they must make a separate application for the dependent child visa.

Can a Dependent Child Work in Australia?

Yes, if your child has a valid visa 445 they can work in Australia during their stay.

How Long Does a Child Dependent Visa Last?

A child dependent visa is temporary and it’s valid only until there is a final decision on your pending partner visa application.

COVID-19 Relief for Dependent Child Visa

In February of 2021, the Australian government began to implement the COVID concession period, which will continue until an undetermined time. Visa 445 is subject to COVID concessions and applicants who applied out of Australia can now be permitted to be in Australia at the time of the visa grant.

Helping With the Visa Application

In some cases, you may be allowed to apply for your child or help your child with their application. If the applicant wants to appoint you as a correspondent for the visa process, they must fill in form 956a and submit it with the visa application.

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