Subclasses 101 and 802 requirements, application process, and guidelines

An Australia child visa is a family visa issued to children whose parents or legal guardians are living in Australia. To get this visa you have to sponsor your child so that they can apply, and to have a valid sponsorship you must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

When your child applies for the visa, you don’t have to be in Australia as long as you were issued a valid permanent permit.

Can My Child Apply for a Visa from Outside of Australia?

Yes, a child visa is issued in two subclasses:

  • Subclass 101, and
  • Subclass 802

Subclass 101 is for applicants who are outside of Australia, while subclass 802 is suitable for your child if they are in Australia under another substantive visa or a valid bridging visa.

Eligibility Criteria for a Child Visa

Your child can apply for this visa if they are sponsored by you or your partner and:

  • They are either your biological, adoptive or step-children.
  • They have no partner.
  • They meet the health requirements.
  • They meet the character requirements (if they are over 16).
  • They are either under 18 or full-time students between 18-25 (unable to work and financially dependent on you)
  • They are over 18 with a disability. They must have lost total or partial control of their physical and mental capacities and are unable to work full time.

Adopted and Step-Children

To get a child visa, you must have adopted your child before they turned 18 and before you became an Australian citizen, or permanent resident, otherwise you have to apply for an adoption visa 102.

On the other hand, your step-child can apply for this visa if:

  • They are under 18.
  • Your former partner’s child.
  • You have a parenting order that says your step-child can live with you.
  • You have custody of your step-child.

Document Checklist for a Child Visa

When they apply for this visa, your child has to prepare the following documents:

  • Travel document. The child has to provide a copy of their passport or travel documents, or any previous passports they had previously.
  • Child visa application form 47CH. The applicant must also fill in this visa form and submit it with the other documents for a child visa.
  • Your child might also be required to provide other identification such as their ID card or name change certificate- if applicable.
  • Four visa pictures. The applicant must submit four visa photographs with good quality and full-face view.
  • Sponsorship documents. As your child’s sponsor, you have to provide them with copies of your identity documents and fill in form 40hc.
  • Evidence of study. If your child is a full-time student, they must submit proof that they are enrolled in a full-time study program and provide explanations of any possible gaps for more than 6 months.
  • Disability proof. In case your child has a disability, then provide a medical certificate issued by a qualified practitioner stating the applicant has total or partial loss of body or mental capacity.
  • Proof of relationship. Your child must provide evidence that you are their parent or legal guardian- they could include a birth certificate, marriage certificate or an official family book.
  • Financial documents. The child has to submit proof that they are dependent on you for financial support, including necessities, i.e., food, shelter, and clothing.
  • Family members’ documents. If by any chance, your child applies with a child of their own for the visa, they have to submit their child’s identification documents, proof of their relationship, and character documents (if applicable).
  • Character documents. Applicants over 16 have to submit form 80, and they may be required to submit police certificates.

Application Process for a Child Visa

Your child has to submit a paper application for this visa. They must prepare all the required documents, fill in the visa form, and send the application either by post or courier. Your child cannot apply online for this visa or apply in person.

The applicant has to send the application to the Child and Other Family Processing Centre in Perth. The full address is written in the application form.

Can I Apply on Behalf of My Child for a Child Visa?

Technically, yes you can apply on behalf of your child. Usually, your child has to be under 16 years of age and unable to apply on their own, but sometimes your child may authorize you to help them with the application.

They can do this by submitting form 956a with their application, so they can let the Department know you will be assisting them with the visa application. However, it’s always best to contact the Department of Home Affairs and inquire whether you can apply for your child or not.

Australia Child Visa Cost

A child visa costs about AUD 2,710. If your child is bringing family members (their minor child), they are required to pay additional fees.

Child Visa 101 Processing Time

A child visa, subclass 101, is processed between 26 and 19 months. Because your child has to be out of the country when they apply for this subclass, the processing time takes a bit longer in comparison to subclass 802, which is processed between 16 to 13 months.

Applying With Family Members for a Child Visa

Your child can apply with family members for this visa only if they have a child of their own they want to bring to Australia. However, if they have other siblings, they cannot include them in the application and each sibling must apply separately for a child visa.

How Long Is a Child Visa Valid For?

An Australia child visa is permanent. This means that your child can stay in Australia indefinitely, work, study, and apply for citizenship if eligible.

Travelling With an Australia Child Visa

Your child can travel freely from Australia to other countries, but a child visa is issued with a travel facility that expires after five years. To continue travelling after five years, your child must apply for a resident return visa so that their permanent status won’t be affected negatively.

Subclass 101 and Covid Concessions

Because of the current situation with the pandemic, the Department of Home Affairs has been easing some requirements regarding applicants outside of Australia. For example, if they meet all the eligibility requirements, your child will be granted the visa if they are in Australia at the time of the concession period, even if they applied for the visa when out of the country.

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