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Australia declaratory visa requirements, eligibility criteria, application steps and FAQs

Australian citizens are encouraged to travel with a valid passport or travel document. However, some citizens may need to apply for a declaratory visa to use another passport while they’re travelling.

Since Australian citizens do not need a visa to enter Australia, this type of permit is not regulated under the Migration Act 1958. However, you still must apply for a declaratory visa at the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Here, you can read all the information you need about whether you can apply for a declaratory visa, how to apply for one, and when you might need to do so.

What Is Australia Declaratory Visa (ADV)?

A declaratory visa is a travel permit granted to Australian citizens who for some reason cannot travel using their Australian passports. Australian declaratory visa is technically not a visa but is issued in a similar form. You may also be eligible for an ADV if:

  • You are a minor travelling with a parent who is not an Australian citizen.
  • You are in urgent need of an ADV.

What Documents Do I Need to Submit for an Australia Declaratory Visa?

If you need a declaratory visa, then you must prepare these documents:

  • A copy of your valid foreign passport.
  • Declaratory visa application form.
  • Identity documents.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Current Australian Passport (if applicable).
  • Australian Citizenship (a birth certificate is not proof of citizenship).
  • Evidence of name change (if applicable).
  • Proof of any other citizenships you may hold.
  • A written statement showing why you need an ADV.
  • Any other supporting documents.
  • Evidence of the paid declaratory visa fee (if applicable).

Preparing Your Documents

For your ADV, all documents must be in English or translated by an accredited translator from the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). All copies of the documents must be certified by an authorised person or stamped on each page- in Australia, an authorised individual is:

  • A Justice of the Peace
  • A commissioner for Declarations
  • Commissioner of Affidavits
  • Solicitor
  • Registered medical practitioner
  • Bank manager
  • State or Public Service officer with at least 5 years of service
  • Another accredited individual

Outside Australia, this person can be an official with authority recognized by law. Please note that part D of the application form must be signed by both parents in case of minor applicants. If for some reason only one parent can sign, then you must include the following:

  • A court order granting custody to only one parent.
  • A death certificate, if the other parent has passed away.

How Do I Apply for an Australia Declaratory Visa?

You must apply by sending your application via post or courier. If you are in Australia at the time of the application, then send the documents and the visa form to the specified address within the application form. If you are out of the country, then you must lodge your application at a foreign Australian mission.

Please keep in mind that you must submit a separate application for each foreign passport you hold.

Australia Declaratory Visa Processing Times

There is no processing time for a declaratory visa application. The department will let you know when they receive your application and they will process your application as soon as possible.

What Is the Cost of an Australia Declaratory Visa?

A declaratory visa for Australia costs AUD240. This visa fee is chargeable to adults, whereas for children the fee is AUD185. There is also a difference in fees depending on if you are applying from outside Australia. See the full fees listed.

You must pay online via the payments section in ImmiAccount, but you must include a copy of your receipt if you submit your payment at an office of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in Australia.

How Long Is a Declaratory Visa Valid for in Australia?

A declaratory visa is valid for up to 5 years. This type of travel permit is connected to the foreign passport you provided at the time of application. If for any reason your Australian citizenship is invalidated, your declaratory visa stops being valid and you cannot enter Australia without a valid visa.

Is an Australia Declaratory Visa a Permanent Visa?

Generally speaking, yes, it’s a permanent visa. However, this visa is issued only for five years, and you can apply for one as long as your citizenship is valid.

Example When You Might Need a Declaratory Visa for Australia

Here is a brief example of a specific case where you might need to apply for a declaratory visa for Australia:

  1. You hold more than citizenship and have a valid Australian passport and another foreign passport.
  2. You changed your name on your Australian passport (marriage, divorce, new name, etc.).
  3. Your new name was not accepted by the other foreign country, therefore you travel with a foreign passport issued with your old name.
  4. Each time you travel between the two countries, you are stopped by Immigration patrol.
  5. You apply for a declaratory visa.
  6. This visa is attached to your foreign passport.
  7. You use your foreign passport (with your old name) to travel with an ADV.
  8. The immigration border patrol will recognize your Australian citizenship via your ADV and you can re-enter Australia without any issues.
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