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Australia Sponsored Investor visa requirements, eligibility criteria, application steps and FAQs

Visa 893 is a permanent visa issued for business purposes. This visa is only available for certain visa holders (see below) and you must meet a number of conditions before you can apply.

Who Can Apply for a Sponsored Investor Visa 893?

Persons who meet the following conditions can apply for a business visa 893:

  • You already hold a state or territory-sponsored investor visa 165 (provisional).
  • You’re sponsored by a state or territory where you lived for no less than two years during the 4 years preceding your visa 893 application.
  • You can prove that you are determined to continue your business activities and investments in Australia.
  • You’ve held your designated investment of AUD750,000 that you made when you applied for your 165 sponsored visa.
  • You haven’t been involved in any unlawful business.

Requirements for a Sponsored Investor Visa 893

You have to meet the following requirements for your visa 893 application:

  • You and any other family members who apply with you must provide identity documents that include:
    • Copies of your passport pages showing your personal information and passport details.
    • Copy of your national ID card (if applicable).
    • Copy of your driver’s license (if required).
    • Documents related to your name change (if applicable).
  • Your investor visa 893 application form.
  • Form 949. This form is required for your sponsorship.
  • You must include two pictures taken recently. The photographs you submit must follow the specific requirements of the Australian authorities, and each person who applies with you must provide you with their pictures so you can include them in your application.
  • Evidence of a functional level of the English language. This requirement is applicable for your other family members over 18 years old who apply with you for a visa 893. Your family members are excluded from this condition if they are either citizens or permanent residents from one of these countries:
    • United Kingdom
    • Republic of Ireland
    • United States
    • Canada
    • New Zealand
  • You must attach proof that you spend at least two years (out of four before you apply for visa 893) in the territory or state that nominated you for your previous 165 visa. You can include any of the following:
    • Your current home address.
    • Bills proving your home address.
    • Rental contract or lease agreement.
    • The deed to your property.
    • Any communication addressed to you.
  • You must also include proof that you maintained your designated investment while you had your provisional visa 165. The proof you provide has to demonstrate that you held your investment continuously either in your name or your partner’s name. Also, include any document from the state or territory corporation that confirms the date and the names of when and who made the original investment.
  • In case your investment has already matured, then provide the appropriate documents showing that.
  • A single page report of:
    • Your business dealings or investments in Australia.
    • Your future investment plans or business enterprises.
    • The space from where you operate your business.
  • Documents supporting your good character, including this form for your character assessment and form 1221 for additional information.
  • Proof that you meet the health criteria. You don’t have to submit any health examinations unless the Immigration Department asks you to do so- this is usually required some time after you lodge your application.
  • Sign Australia’s declaration regarding the country’s values and laws.
  • Family documents:
    • Identity documents
    • Marriage certificate
    • Divorce papers
    • Birth certificates
    • Adoption papers
    • Dependency forms
    • Statutory declarations
    • Relationship registration

How to Apply for an Australia Sponsored Investor Visa 893?

You have to send by post (correct pre-paid postage) your documents and the required forms at the Adelaide Business Skills Processing Centre. You can find the full detailed address written on the application form for your visa 893. Please make sure you send the application to the correct address, otherwise, your application will be invalid.

Don’t forget to translate into English any document that is in another language.

However, before you send your documents to be processed there are two important things you must secure:

  1. Nomination by an Australian State/Territory. You must receive a nomination by the state or territory where you were residing for two years. These years will be counted from the four-year timeline prior to your visa 893 application. Each state/territory has its own guidelines on how to receive the nomination, so make sure that you check this before your application is submitted since you cannot lodge a valid application without being nominated.
  2. The fee for your visa 893. You are required to submit the visa fee via your ImmiAccount. In case you don’t have an open account, then you must open a new one since the visa payment is acceptable only through the ImmiAccount. The Immigration office cannot process your application without completing the full payment.

What Is the Cost of a Sponsored Business Visa 893?

You have to pay a fee of AUD2,450 for visa 893. However, this is only the base application fee, additional charges may be required depending on your situation- see here for the complete fees.

For your family members, you are required to pay a second installment charge of AUD4,890. This charge is required in cases where your dependents over 18 cannot provide proof of their functional level of English proficiency. The Immigration Department will let you know when you have to submit the second installment fee.

How Long Does It Take to Process an Australia Visa 893?

Unfortunately, there is no set time limit for processing your visa 893 application. Keep in mind that if you fail to submit all the required documents and answer the request for more information, the processing time will be extended.

How Long Is a Sponsored Business Visa 893 Valid for?

A sponsored business investor visa 893 is valid indefinitely. This is a permanent visa and is issued without an expiration date- you only need to extend your travel facility.

Can I Travel With a Business Visa 893?

You can travel without restrictions under an 893 visa. However, five years after your visa is granted the travel facility will expire. A travel facility is a type of condition attached to Australian permanent visas that is only valid for 5 years and must be renewed regularly.

You can extend your travel facility by applying for a resident return visa (subclass 155, 157). If you leave Australia while your travel facility is invalid you might be at risk of losing your permanent resident status.

Can My Dependents Apply With Me for a Visa 893?

Your family members can apply with you for a visa 893 only if they are:

  • Your spouse
  • Your partner
  • Minor child
  • Adult dependent child

Family members can be included at the time of application or at a later date, provided they are added before your visa is granted.

Can My Sponsored Business Visa 893 Be Rejected?

Yes, the Department of Foreign Affairs can reject your visa for a number of reasons. However, if your visa is denied, you will be sent a letter explaining the reason for the rejection and information on whether or not you can apply for an appeal regarding their decision.

If you are eligible for a review request, you must appeal at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. The AAT will take your request into account and might waive the denial decision taken by the Immigration Office.

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